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Samstag, 22. Juni 2019

BF1942 RF: Mamba's TDM Slaughterhouse Event - June 30th, 2019 - 4pm CET

Time has come to host another of these ridiculous events again. This time I am making the event more open and less competitive than previous events.




This is a fun event that anyone can join. It will be hosted on my Raised Fist mod. Here is a brief summary of the event:
- Room for up to 20 players. Registration is done on a first come, first served basis.
- Two 20 minute rounds per map
- Four maps in total will be played: rf_labyrinth, rf_arabian_nights, rf_cut and rf_pitch_black
- The game mode of the event will be TDM. The player with the most frags at the end of the event wins it. Friendly-Fire will be on at 100%.
- No eliminations from one map to the other. Even if you scored the least amount of frags, you move on to the next map.
- In the event of a draw in the last round, a knife round will be held between the players with the same amount of frags to determine the winner
- One player will be a designated event recorder (possibly me, but anyone can do it)
- No hacking/glitching/bugging is allowed. Content-check will be on.



The event will be held on the {SoH} Soldiers of Honor server. The IP:Port combination to join the server, in case you can't see it in the server list, is Send me a private message to receive the server password.


The event will be held on Sunday, June 30th, 2019 @ 16:00 CET (10:00 AM EST GMT -5 for Americans/Canadians). The event will last for 160 minutes (2 hours 40 minutes).


To be able to join this event, you will need to download the Tournament Edition of my Raised Fist mod. It is currently under revision to correct a few bugs. Once the mod has been updated, a download link will be added to this post.
You will also need to register on this thread to confirm your spot on the event. You can also reach me via Discord or PM on the SiMPLE forums to do so. Remember that spots are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
Registration form
a) Your nickname
b) Country of origin
c) Is the date of the event good for you (Yes/No)
d) Do you want to volunteer yourself to record the event (Yes/No)


1) {SoH} Raketenhorst
2) {SoH} Black Mamba
3) Jim2102
4) harryold
Spots left: 16


Check out the ModDB page for more information,  Raised Fist v0.61 Download and media on Raised Fist: https://www.moddb.com/mods/raised-fist-v06

Autor/Dev: Black Mamba

Source: team-simple.org

Montag, 17. Juni 2019

Warfront 3.51 Patch Release

The 3.51 Patch for Warfront is now available in the Downloads section.   THIS IS A PATCH.  WarFront_3.5_FULL is needed to play this mod. This patch contains the WarFront_BOTCOUNTFIX files. This file will now be archived. 

Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. Overwrite/replace files when prompted.

      Bug Fixes:    

Removed ships from GuadalCanal in Single Player that were causing CTD    
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Battle of Coral Sea after carrier is sunk    
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Corregidor (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)    
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Battle For Ortona (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)     Fixed ticket bleed issue on Budapest (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)    
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Santa Cruz (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)    
Fixed control flags on Corregidor (Japanese flag was represented as Russian)    
Fixed vanilla Zero spawn on Santa Cruz (replaced with A6M3)    
Fixed ammo type on K98 sniper rifle (can now reload magazines from ammobox)    
Fixed ammo type for vehicle coaxial and hull MGs (can now reload MG magazines from ammobox)    
Fixed missing ammo icon for IS-2 (122mm AP)    
Fixed missing ammo icon for Ho-Ni (Type 90 HE)    
Fixed missing ammo icons on Fletcher-class destroyers    
Switched pilot kits on Khalkhin Gol (now spawns correct kits for correct teams)    
Fixed alpha settings for M8 Greyhound cockpit view    
Added new/missing vehicles to repair points    
Fixed ammo reload for Japanese planes on Tinian airfield    
Fixed torpedo launcher on Fletcher-class destroyers    
Fixed missing 20mm Oerlikon sound    
Fixed issue with players recieving damage from jumping on ships    
Fixed error with torpedo AI code    
Fixed reload animation for Type 100 SMG (magazine now detaches on reload)     

General Changes:    

Re-configured AI for Corregidor    
Re-arranged spawns on Faid Pass:    
-- Moved Allied airfield spawn to prevent bots from crashing on take-off   
 -- Moved Priest spawn to prevent explosion on spawn    
-- Moved several player spawns to prevent bots from getting stuck on nearby meshes    

Re-introduced flak explosion effect to all flak projectiles    
New model of Yorktown class US Carrier (Enterprise, Hornet, Yorktown), based on BF1942 mesh     Increased loadout of Japanese planes on Pearl Harbor (for human pilots, so they don't need to reload as much):    
-- Bomb loadout increased from 2 to 6    
-- Torpedo loadout increased from 1 to 3    

Reduced hit points on all Pearl Harbor objectives:    
-- Hangars reduced from 8000 to 6000   
 -- Ships reduced from 12000 to 9000    
Increased hit points of carriers on Coral Sea from 8500 to 15000    
Increased splash damage material of Shokaku and Zuikaku to match American carriers     Spawn points modified on The Seige of Tobruk (Allied airfield spawns now attached to Allied Base)     Removed battleships from Battle of Midway     

Pending Issues:    
Bots on Santa Cruz still act erractically. I have pin-pointed the problem, but have not solved the issue yet.      New/Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer/Co-op mode):    
Battle of Stalingrad (Warfront map by takiwa, with AI)    
Expanded Invasion of the Philippines into 2 battles:    
-- 41/12 Philippines Campaign - Japanese Navy attacks American bases    
-- 44/10 Return of MacArthur - American Navy attacks Japanese bases

Warfront v3.5 Full Version 04/19: Download

Warfront 3.51 Patch 06/19 Download

Autor/Dev: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Dienstag, 21. Mai 2019

Warfront 3.51 Patch Update coming soon!

Warfront 3.51 Patch Update 

Today I share with you the contents of the 3.51 patch, as well as the unveiling of a new map for the 'Front... 

The Battle for Stalingrad  

This map is my attempt to copy the Stalingrad diorama located in the Stalingrad Museum. Although some of the paths have been changed, and some areas added for gameplay, this is about as close as you will come to the real thing...

Warfront v3.5 Full Version 04/19: Download

Warfront Bot Count Patch (for the Singleplayer needed) Download

 Currently there is a Multiplayer COOP Server online for you:

The Germans begin in the Northwest corner, with a formidable fighting force. Their objective: to capture at least 1 base to stop their ticket bleed, and 3 bases to bleed the Russians.

Their first target will most likely be the Worker's Housing area, which was the first area of Stalingrad to fall to the Germans in early '43.

After the advance through the maze of destruction and rubble, the City Park is next. An open area, it is best to let the armored vehicles fight this one out, as any infantry caught in the open make prime targets for snipers.

Heading south through the city will bring you to the Communist Party Square, home of the famous "Children's Khorovod" fountain. Although I have not modeled this fountain true to life, it is represented by a fountain that can be used for concealment.

To the east of the Communist Party Square is the Factory area. This was historically not in this part of the city, but I included it to pay homage to the savage fighting around the real Tractor Factory in Stalingrad.

Finally, south of the Communist Party Square is the Railroad. The broken down T-34's left here by the Russians led the Germans to believe that they did not have a formidable fighting force left in the city to defend it. I have paid homage to this with my own row of destroyed T-34s...and maybe one that isn't broke.

This map is in testing at the moment, with full AI support, and is currently getting all of it's lightmaps generated. Look for it in the 3.51 Patch!

The current changelog (with several bugs still in testing):

Warfront v3.51 Patch Changelog

Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. Overwrite or replace files if prompted.
Bug Fixes:
Removed ships on GuadalCanal that were causing SP CTD
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Corregidor (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Battle For Ortona (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Budapest (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Santa Cruz (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed flags on Santa Cruz (Japanese flag was represented as Russian)
Fixed vanilla Zero spawn on Santa Cruz (replaced with A6M2)
Fixed ammo type on K98 sniper rifle (can now reload magazines from ammobox)
Fixed ammo type for vehicle coaxial and hull MGs (can now reload magazines from ammobox)
Fixed missing ammo icon for IS-2 (122mmAP)
Switched pilot kits on Khalkhin Gol to correct team
Fixed alpha settings for M8 Greyhound cockpit view
General Changes:
Changed AI for Corregidor
Increased loadout of Japanese planes on Pearl Harbor (for human pilots, no need to reload as much):
-- Bomb loadout increased from 2 to 6
-- Torpedo loadout increased from 1 to 3
Reduced hit points on all Pearl Harbor objectives:
-- Hangars reduced from 8000 to 6000
-- Ships reduced from 12000 to 9000
New/Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer/Co-op mode):
Battle of Stalingrad (Warfront map by takiwa, with AI)

Until next time, takiwa

Autor/Developer: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2019

Forgotten Hope: Pixel-Fighter D-Day 2019 Event!

PFC Forgotten Hope Mod D-Day for the 10 time 2019!!!

we prouldly present it at:  

D-Day Event  on Thursday 6th of june 2019 at 18 GMT+1

Because the past two years we had too few slots availabe,   
we offer you this time     
in total 128 slots.  
There is no need to enlist yourself for this exciting event , or signing up in forum for it !  

All you need is the: 

-=PFC=- D-Day Mappacks  

which U can download here:

1.) The Basic: Download

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7:  Download

 Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Server: Pixel-Fighter.com FH/RANKED
Server IP:


of course the best way to get the D-Day Mappack is using the FH 1 Toolbox which U can download here:

Following servers will be available for the D-Day Event, on which we run the same D-Day maps by chronological order: including brand NEW! maps!

If the download is broken please try it manual: put it in your Searchline into your Browser + Map.rar!

Your Server IP to join:

Pimp up your good old FH 0.7 Mod with a bloody screen effect or Sound and Texture Pack for a more WW2 realism experience!


 Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst ♫ + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download

Additional Maps for the Mappack Events:

PFC Custom Maps:

Filefront Custom Maps:

Autor/Dev/Leader: -=PFC=- Grabbi

Montag, 6. Mai 2019

Warfront: This is a patch for the bot count issue with Singleplayer mode!

Bot Count Patch  

A patch is available which fixes the bot count in Single Player mode. The slider will now correctly control how many bots are spawned in the map.  When selecting a map, the thumbnails show the suggested max number of bots for that map, but all maps can spawn up to 255 bots with the slider at 1600%. On some maps, setting the bot count to 255 will cause severe lag, so it is recommended that the suggested bot max on the thumbnail be used.

Warfront v3.5 Full Version 04/19: Download

Warfront Bot Count Patch (for the Singleplayer needed) : Download

 Currently there is a Multiplayer COOP Server online for you:


This patch also adds the Flammpanzer III to a few maps...Check the Eastern European maps after Feb 1943 to play it ;)

Autor/Dev: takiwa

Source: moddb.com


Montag, 29. April 2019

Warfront 3.5 Full Release!

The newest release of Warfront is upon us!. This is version 3.5, and is the full, final version of this mod. I will continue to update this version for awhile, and will certainly release patches for any bugs, but this will most likely be the last FULL release. It has been a long ride to get to where this mod is today, all the way from it's humble beginnings in 2005. Thank you for taking that ride with me. I hope you enjoy playing.

I am currently working on 2 brand new Warfront maps, as well as a background movie for the menu. These will by uploaded as a map pack and an add-on when I complete them. I will also introduce a few more vehicles and weapons as I get the time, either as add-ons or in map-specific updates. I am working on some AI updates as well for some of the older maps, but this will take some time. This mod isn't dead after this release by any means, but development has slowed considerably since I started my job. I will update when I get the chance, but I work a lot of hours so please be patient.

Many of the models in Warfront were downloaded from free 3d model sites. Some are my models, unwrapped to an existing texture that came from these sites, while others are the original model with a new texture by me. Some were used exactly as they were downloaded, with only the required work done to convert them to BF1942, and specifically, Warfront. To any mod team that sees their models or textures in Warfront, I am more than happy to give you full credit for the work, and I will share the site URL with you if you wish to speak to them about taking your models down. Any map that was originally made for another mod has been credited by me to that mod (with whatever information I had), and only necessary changes to convert the map to Warfront were made. All credit goes to any original map makers.

Warfront v3.5 Full Version 04/19: Download

Warfront v3.5 Changelog
This is a full, stand-alone release. No other previous releases are needed.
- takiwa, April 2019
It is recomended that you delete any existing Warfront mod installation from your Mods folder before extracting this archive.
Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. If you have not deleted a previous Warfront installation, overwrite or replace files if prompted....although if you install over an existing version of Warfront, this mod may not work correctly.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed hull gunner view in the M4A3E8 (missing aiming reticle)
Fixed collision issue with M18 Hellcat (missing faces on turret rear)
Fixed missing AI code for Riverboat
Fixed error in AI code preventing He-111 from dropping SC-1000
Fixed missing gunbase mesh on 25pdr Battery
Fixed missing ammo icon for Defgun
Fixed collision issue with 25pdr Battery
Fixed coding error with the 4German_Eng_Mine_Desert class
Fixed missing gun & turret sounds for S.75/18
Fixed ammo icon for S.75/18 (changed from AP to HE)
Fixed turret cam offset for M11-39
Fixed turret position (height) on T34-76
Fixed AI coding errors with the ShinHoTo Chi-Ha
Fixed gunbarrel position on T-26
Fixed AI coding issue with 20mm Dual Oerlikon
Centered aiming point for Ha-go
General Changes:
Replaced all map thumbnail pics with map info (factions and SP max players)
Tested all maps in SP, assigned new SP max player numbers to each*
Rewrote AI weapon code for all land/air/sea weapons
Removed unused weapon AI code in Conquest versions of the following SPGs:
--- Grille, Ho-Ni, Hummel, Marder II, Priest, Sexton, Wespe
Decreased Hummel reload speed (by 1.5s)
Decreased IS-2 reload speed (by 2s)
Decreased T34-76 reload speed (by 2s)
Decreased T34-85 reload speed (by 2s)
Decreased 25 pounder reload speed (by 1s)
Increased BM-13 Rocket Launcher reload speed (by 5s)
Decreased BM-13 Rocket Launcher rocket magazine from 12 x 5 (60 rockets) to 12 x 4 (48 rockets)
Increased F4U1 take-off speed
Increase Hurricane/Hurribomber take-off speed
Added OT-130 to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added OT-34 to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added Flammpanzer III to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added M4A3R3 "Zippo" to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added M3 "Satan" to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added E7-7 Mechanized Flamethrower to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added M16 Half-track to mod (equiped with four .50 caliber M2 Browning MGs in a M45 Quadmount)
Added Stationary .30cal MG to mod
Added Stationary Type 92 Nambu MG (pole mount and tripod mount) to mod
Added Deployable Type92 tripod to mod
Added sFH18 to mod (single & battery)
Added Sd.Kfz. 4/1 (Panzerwerfer 42) to mod
Added T26E3 (early model M26 Pershing) to mod
Added Bedford OY to mod
Added Type 97 Chi-Ha to mod
--- vanilla BF1942 Chi-Ha model was the 47mm ShinHoTo version, this is the original 57mm version
Added Type 4 Ke-Nu to mod
Added Type 89 I-Go (Chi-Ro) to mod
Added Type 92 Armored Car to mod
Added T-18 w/ 37mm M1930 to mod
Added BA-6 to mod
Added BA-64 Armored Car to mod
Added ZiS-6 (with BM-13 rocket launcher) to mod
Added Ki-27 to mod
Added Type 96 Howitzer to mod (single & battery)
Added 152mm Howitzer-Gun M1937 (ML-20) to mod (single & battery)
Remodeled M2A1 105mm Howitzer
Remodeled M4 tracks (new .skn/.ske files) used by the following VVSS variants of M4 tanks:
--- M4A1, M4A2, M4A3, M10, Achilles, M36, Priest
Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer/Co-op mode):
Battle of Nancy (downloaded from gamefront.online, author unknown)
Omaha Beach - Fox Green Sector (from D-Day mappack compiled by iCe, author unknown)
Crossing the Oder (conversion of Vuoski from a Forgotten Hope Fan Pack, aurthor unknown)
The Seige of Tobruk (conversion of the map "The Fall of Tobruk" by KWK-Sleeper)
St.-Mere-Eglise (conversion of an XWW2 map)
Kharkov (original BF1942 map, new conversion)
Khalkhin Gol (Warfront map by takiwa, with AI)
Battle of Tinian (Warfront map by takiwa, with AI)
* SP max numbers were decided by map size, number of objects on the map, game play, and lag. Some maps just aren't big enough, or have too many objects, to support 255 bots and you without lagging out the game (even on a newer computer) and on some maps, having too many bots made game play worse.
Single player max (total) number of players is decided by the slider in SP mode. 1600% will give you the max number of players listed on the thumbnail of the map. Adjust the slider to a smaller percentage to choose less total players. Team numbers are decided by map specific .con files, however. For example, if the map .con specifies Team 1 = 120, Team 2 = 80, and you choose 1600% percent on a 128 map, then Team 1 will have 77 players, and Team 2 will have 51 players.
Autor/Developer: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Samstag, 13. April 2019

Battlefield 1918: Bots incoming v3.2!

Today the Battlefield 1918 dev team is proud to announce that 3.2 will not only be adding new maps with bot support, but we will also be adding bots to some of the existing maps as well!

Um auch ein Mitspieler zu werden benötigt ihr:

1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler oder Tester, die sich von der Magie des Spiels und der Mod anstecken lassen wollen: Download

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1 Part 1-3: Download

Original News aus moddb.com, verfasst von dem Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler  ACE1918:

Greetings and welcome to another news update regarding Battlefield 1918. We are happy to announce that we will indeed be adding more bot support to Battlefield 1918 in the form of new maps! Today we will have a look at 2 of the new maps that will include this much requested feature! A special thanks to Andrey15 for taking the pics you will see today!
The first map to look at today is one of our newest, the Battle of Cer! Inspired by the historical Battle of the same name, the Battle of Cer sees the Kingdom of Serbia and the Empire of Austria-Hungary fight in one of their first major battles in 1914. This engagement would ultimately see the first notable victory for the Entente powers during the war.




The other new map that we will have a look at is none other than Galician Fields. Set during the Battle for Galicia, also known as the Battle of Lemberg, this map features the Russian empire against once again Austria-Hungary in the first year of the war. The Battle for Galicia would see the Tsar's army claim a victory against the forces of the Dual Monarchy.


That is all the news for new maps, but for players wanting more I am also happy to announce that due to public demand the 1918 dev team will also be adding bot support to some existing maps as well. The first of the returning maps we will showcase today is Masurian Lakes. Set during the 2nd infamous battle of the same name during the bitterly cold month of February 1915, this map features the Russian Empire defending against the might of the Kaiser's armies. Players may notice that in addition to the bots, this map now features new weather effects in the form of snowfall.




Of course this isn't the only returning map to receive the upgrade of bot support, fans may now also look forward to news regarding another beloved map today, as Monte Piana will receive bot support in the 3.2 update as well! Set amidst the scenic Dolomite mountains in Italy, Monte Piana was hotly contested between the Kingdom of Italy and Austria-Hungary throughout the war.


We hope that you found this news to be to your liking, but before we end this news update we are pleased to announce that a new trailer has also been uploaded to announce this news as well. We may have slipped a few other features into it as well. In any case please stay tuned for further news!

Autor: ACE1918

Quelle: moddb.com