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Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Battlefield 1942 Mod Download Pool 2024!

Battlefield 1942 Mod Download Pool 2024!

BF 1942 Online Patch 1.61b: Download

Download bf1942.exe modify for find back the Server on GAMESPY -> overwrite the old bf1942.exe in the Battlefield 1942 folder:

 bf1942.exe Origin (02/2022) or bf1942.exe CD Retail (02/22)


Datafield 42 v2.0 (get missing maps/mods/join the server) 01/24: Download

 Battlefield 1942 Plus 04/24 v1.3.2: Download


AI enhancement mod for BF1942: Download

Battlefield 1861 Civil War 0.11 Conquest 2006: Download

Battlefield 1861 Civil War 0.11 COOP 2006: Download

Battlefield 1918 3.1 (05/11)Download

Santaland XMAS Mod 2020 (BF1918 v3.1 request only): Download


Battlefield 1918 v3.3 Full (For new players, if do you don't got the previous last) (12/20): Download


Battlefield 1918 v3.4 (10/23): Download

Battlefield 1918 v3.4b (12/23): Download

Battlefield 1918 20th Anniversary Edition (03/24) PatchDownload

Battlefield 1918 v.3.4b 256 Bot Patch: Download


Battlefield 1918 20th Anniversary (03/24) Full EditionDownload


Battlefield 1918 Mauerfall 9.11.89 Custom Map Conquest (11/09): Download

Battlefield 1918 Christmas mini Mod kurz - XMas 2006Download    XMas 2008: Download

XMas 2017 (by vk1918 com): Download or Download

Battlefield 40k 8.0d Release Nov 2011 bug,crashes not fixed: Download

Battlefield 1941 v0.2: Download

Battlegroup42 1.8beta 2012: Download

Battlegroup42 RC4 Dec 2018 Release (five files): Download 

Battlegroup42 RC4 - Patch 1 Mar 2019: Download

BF Heroes 42 v.5.1 (03/14): Download or Download

BF Heroes 42 v5.2 update Conversion for BF 1942 (01/17): Download

BF Pirates 1.0 - Mirror 1: Download    Mirror 2: Download   Mirror 3: Download

Pirates Anniversary Mappack 2007: Download or Download

C://Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/Pirates/archives /bf1942/levels

BF Pirates 1.0 mini SP Mod - Mirror 1: Download   Mirror 2: Download

BF 242 Redux BF2 Conversion for BF 1942 (05/2014): Download or Download

Conflict in Somalia v0.3 with Iron Sights (Modern Warfare) 07/2004: v0.3 Download  v0.31 Patch: Download

Conflict in Somalia v1.0 no Iron Sights (Modern Warfare) 11/2005: Download

Desert Combat 0.7: Download 

Desert Combat Final (0.8): Download or Download

Desert Combat Realism (DCR) requesting Desert Combat 0.7 to play: Download or Download

Desert Combat Realsim Extended 0.21 (DCRX) (Desert Combat 0.7, DC Final, DC Realism requested to play) JPN 2016: read the Release Topic or Download  or Download

DC Global Front 0.2 D - 2013 (requesting Desert Combat 0.7 to play): Download

Super DC v2.2 (requesting DC 0.7 to play update Mar 2017): Download or  Download or Download

Super DC v2.4 (requesting DC 0.7 play update Oct 2019): Download or Download or Torrent (utorrent)

Desert Combat 2 v1.4 (DC2) 07.2018: Download

Desert Combat 2 v1.4 (reduced size 10/21) :  Download

Desert Combat Unauthorized v3.3 - 09.2010: Download or Download

Experience WW2 v2.6 - 08/2005:  Part 1: Download   Part 2: Download

Forgotten Battles v0.13 (01/24): Download

Forgotten Battles v0.13b 05/24: Download


Eve of Destruction 2.51 Vietnam 2012: Download

Fast Cars 08/2017 new Mod Release:  Download

Fast Cars 08/2017 update (not tested your feedback welcome): Download

1.) Finn Wars 1.82Download

2.) Finn Wars 1918 v0.1c (06/20): Download

3.) FinnWars Singleplayer 09/22: Download


FinnWars: 1.91a (11/23)Download

Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support, you have the choose between the only one installer or the old 3 Parts installer compatible to Win XP:   

Download (Win7/8/10/11) 

or Download  (Win XP only)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 -=PFC=- Maps 05/2018:

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Filefront Maps:

FH 0.7 Norwegian Resistance 0.86b full Version Add On: Download


FHSW 0.7 - 02/2024: Download or Download 

FHSW 0.701 - 02/2024: Download or Download

FHSW Mini Mod v1.0 New Armies (03/24): Download

FHSW 0.7 beta Sound and Textur Pack (02/24): Download


FHSW 0.3b2 included COOP (for COOP Fans only) 2009: Download


Forgotten Hope Revisited v0.18 COOP Mod requesting Forgotten Hope 0.7 to play (07/2018): Download 

Galactic Conquest 8.5 (11/22): Download

Galactic Conquest Redux 0.96 (SP only) Sep 2015: Download

Galactic Conquest Redux Patch 0.96a Nov 2015: Download

Gunners v1.0 Mod 2019: Download

Gunners v1.1 Mod (08/19): Download

Gunners v1.1 Mod (08/19) Content PDF: DownloadPDF

Highpower v0.93 (JPN) 2010 (Desert Combat mini Mod): Download

Highpower Mappack (not tested) 2010: Download

Htroop v1.2 beta Multi Mod COOP Mod (11/20): Download

Homefront 42 v1.5 Sci-Fi Mod 2007: Download

Interstate 82 Mod Full installer 2014:  Download 

Metal Gear Solid (JPN) v0.175 2007 Desert Combat (Fun Custom miniMOD)Download

Metal Gear Solid (JPN) 1 (01/20) + 2 (02/22) Mod: Download or Download

Project Reality PR1942 v18a DRKEdition Launcher 2016: DownloadDownload

PR1942 v18a DRKEdition "without a Launcher", only the mod 22.06.2016: Download or  Download

Radio Controlled Car Mod 08/10: Download or Download

Raised Fist v0.64 Infantery Tournement Mod (12/22): Download

Recruit Snyder's Mod 1.43 (WW2) 08/2004: Download

Sengoku 5.1 (Samurai Mod) 12.2004: Download

DC Sengoku v0.15A 2014 (JPN): Download

Siege v0.32 Medieval Mod + v0.33 SP, please seperate this folder like different mods: Download or Download

Silent Heroes 1.2 - 2008: Download

Silent Heroes 1.2a Win7 Fix against crashes Nov 2015: Download

Silent Heroes 1.2 All in One (Win7/8/10 Kompatibel) 2016 Apr:  Download

Soccer Mod 2023 (12/22): Download  


Stragate BFM 0.32 Beta (12/11): Download or Download

Swaffy's Mod v0.34 Aug 2015: Torrent  or  Download

The Great War v1.15 (WW1) 07/2004: Download

Transformers 2.003b (Auto Bot Mod) 10/2007: Mirror 1: Download Mirror 2: Download

Wasteland 2042 SP + Conquest v1.96: Download

Warfront v1.0 (WW2) 2005 old Version (not required): Download

Warfront 3.5 Patch (04/19): Download

Warfront 3.51 Patch (06/19): Download

Western War "Cowboy und Indianer" Mod 2006: Download

Western War Final v1.21 JPN 2021: Download

Who Dares Wins v0.23 (Modern Warfare) 2006: Download

21st century "What Even Is This Mod"  ("WEITM v1.5") 2015: Download

BF 1942 - 1080p user interface mod July 2015: Download


Pimp your Forgotten Hope 0.7 up! (2015)



Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download


Battlefield 1942 Mappacks

Fear Clan Mappack 10/2003 (4 Maps)  Download

DC Final Maps 5/2017 :


"Desert Combat 0.7" NFA (3 Maps) Mappack 2005: Download

Friedhofsjodla.de (FhJ) Mappack v1.4 (Desert Combat) 12/2011: Download

Joe's Mappack 06/2007: Download

Joe's Next Mappack 10/2007: Download

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Anonym hat gesagt…

The best Download Pool ever! Thank you for this compilation comrade! You are mate!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Best mod site ever! Thankx for!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Good work!

Rapha e Nina !!! hat gesagt…

Brothers ! Because of your work I ve played again bf1942 online, also, GC...and now I will try Interstate (all my old school games that I love). I will put them all into my old notebook ! Congrats from Brazil ! Thx again

[HG] - Administrator hat gesagt…

If do you need help, tell us buddy ok? Please share our Community to the spain friends?

AnneBausL hat gesagt…

It's been years now and I can finally play my beloved Battlefield 1942 again .
Thanks a lot ....i am so happy :-))))))

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you for your Feedback GUN| BausL, i remember on the great clan battles we made 6 years ago on the Pirates and Eve of Destruction Mod. I will hope to beware this Website Long as i can. Please share it to intérest oldschool gaming fans. Modern games most of boring.;-) I will hope we see us on any mod Server FH, FHSW, BF 1918, EoD, DC,(BG 42) on one of this usual played mods. Best regards to you and the |GUN Clan.

Anonym hat gesagt…

echt super das sich noch einer mühe mit bf42 gibt

Anonym hat gesagt…

heho die hauptgefreiten hier is OberGefreiter Blumenteufel.
hab probleme beim saugen von super dc 2.10 und fhsw 0.6 .liegt das an meinem betriebssystem? (xp) laux ich hab dir auf deine i.mehl adresse was geschickt vielleicht kannst du mir da helfen ... bitte ...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Sehr geile Sache, du hast das geschafft was ich all die jahre schon vor hatte. Sehr gut.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Fast Cars is out and available, a mod for BF 1942

Anonym hat gesagt…

Fast Cars a BF 1942 MOD is out and available to download now

[HG] - Administrator hat gesagt…

Thank you comrade. We had make a news about it.;-)The DOwnload for your creating Mod is linked in our Public Battlefield 1942 Mod Download Pool 2017. Thumps up and Top Stars for your work.

Anonym hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello, this site is simply the best, thank you so much! ;-) zeb

ThoniBulletti hat gesagt…

Krasse Seite. Immmerhin ist das Spiel inzwischen volljährig. Ich habe es meinem Sohn installiert, jetzt muss er mal gegen mich antreten!

Anonym hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

谢谢你的评论! 希望查看其中一个MOD服务器。Hoffe man sieht sich mal auf dem Server liebe Leute. Danke für eure Unterstüzung ThoniBulletti und alle anderen.

Moss hat gesagt…

hello, is ridgeraiser/buschaans here? can you message me on Discord Moss#0832.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Better at moddb.com Moss. Discord is too much. I prefer the classic way, because its the best way. Find me same called name. Please contact me. Battlefield 1918 v3.4 Release is coming at september.

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