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Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

FHSW custom Mappack: "Sniper Training Map" presentation!

Hello dear fans of FHSW mod and the modding.
Today we want to introduce the "sniper training map" for you.
These will be presentations here one of several maps.
The map was created by the Mapping artist "Nanntekottai".
In this map, it comes to take in two different separate fields with the main kit sniper rifle.
Involves creating a Nightmap in both areas are separated by a wide river, so that you can identify just as your opponent only with your sniper scope.
You must take no flags, it is to reduce your opponent's match tickets only.
Tricky is that you can run around with a Torch.
It is not possible to penetrate the opponent.
The map comes from the FHSW Mappack published recently on the 30.01.2015 from Japan.
There the download to do this only in the last map presentation, as a little treat for you.

(Mode: Comquest)

(Participating groups: German Empire: Soviet Union)

FHSW who become hot now is to play, can the mod download. You will find everything what you do this needs here in the: Download Pool
Writes a feedback times, whether you like the map?
Is there anything we could even forgot to mention? Then please write it.

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