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Montag, 18. November 2013

BF 1942: Modding: first train made!

First fully functional train in Battlefield 1942: Features: Forward + backward Cornering Tracks are passable as before on foot or with vehicles stable in multiplayer 6 Cars as in the video seem to be no problem have not yet tested where the maximum is on and disconnect individual wagons theoretically possible It was simply known by the loyal FHSW-europe group, a spare-time project by endless nameless. When he's done with the train, he does this each who would like to provide? Has anybody interested? Here your can contact the creator of turn "Endless Nameless": Discussion Topic He could offer also a "map-mod" for vanilla, Could he offer also a "map-mod" for vanilla? If one provides a suitable map of you. (Created from a quote by: endless nameless)

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