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Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

BF Heroes 42 is 2014 back!

Do you think Apache retired the BF Heroes 42 project? No, he does not. A news update is comming, and it brings a remote-controlled tank with in. Release Target for the v5.1 update is Summer 2014. Now I give the word to Apache. He can better imagine, what he has create there for us:
Apache describes the new upcoming features in the new BF heroes 42 version: v5.1 is coming some time early 2014. Most likely in January. At this point I'll forgo any updates to the AI and make 5.1 the final build of the mod. I already found a couple potential bugs like the rc minitank widget. If it's spawned while aimed at the ground or while prone, it could cause a CTD. I noticed this while working on a map for a different mod. I will have this fixed in v5.1. ;) I've also brought in a couple hand weapons from GoldenEye 007. The Moonraker laser gun and the proximity/remote mines. Complete with sound and effects! You'll be able to find them in Captain Shop with the rest of the new kits. I've also revamped the Troop Traps to my new APMine system so that they can be projectiles instead of PCOs. This means that the explosion effects for them will work in multiplayer and thus make it behave like the vehicle landmines and the APLandmine from DC back before the 1.45/1.5 patch that disabled landmines going off on soldiers. They aren't team specific any more though, so be sure not to have your team mates trip your mines. ;) I've also enabled sticky on them so you can stick them to vehicles or walls if you want. :D EDIT: I was able to get a decent rip of the meshes from a similar F2P game called "Avatar Star" and got one working in BF1942: Avatar Star is a infantry only map so the maps are small. But it would add some variety to the mod and the art style fits right in for the most part. I plan on maybe doing one or two more maps judging how easily I got this one working.
Battlefield Heroes'42: Belfry Square: Did we have wake your interest? Then you can get the Download and test the last update?! BF Heroes v5.0 + Antifix against trouble (Release Date: 4.8.2013): Download Part 1 Antifix against trouble: Download Part 2 Do you want an Event? Please start a discussion here in the Forum. If enough people there, i think its possible to real it. Thats for now, stay tuned, because you make the difference! Thank you for your attention! Source: Klick for visit the source! Please post your feedback here in the blog!? You can as register User or anonymous, it is your choice??

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Please post your feedback here in the blog!?
You can as register User or anonymous, it is your choice??

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