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Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

BF 2' 42 Redux: Operation Harvest Movie and more!

"Apache Thunder": Ok. Just got done "enabling" team switching in Instant battle mode. (or Skirmish mode as it's referred to in the code) This is a major change to the menu since I had to completely re-organize how the "tabs" are coded in the meme file in order to make it work. So I will probably release a beta for testing once I'm done and satisfied with Operation Harvest. After that I will release the first beta and then continue to work on porting more maps/improving other things in the mod. Thus far I've done the following: 1. Ported meshes for Eryx and Predator anti tank handwepaons. The original BF242 ones didn't match BF2 very well, so I fixed that. I also fixed the reload animation of the USATP Predator while I was at it. 2. Changed HUD near minimap. See previous posts on details 3. Added some alpha to the top/back black bars in the loading screen. Now the load screen looks nearly identical to the BF2 one. The only thing not matching is a few font colors and the lack of a text status on the bottom indicating which files it's loading while it loads. But that is a engine limitation in BF1942 as you can't really display that information. There's no menu hook for it. 3. Overhaul of the Kit selection menu while in Instant Battle mode (or Skirmish mode). You can now switch teams while in Instant Battle! You no longer need to start a local COOP server for this luxury! BF2 lets you switch teams in this mode, so I saw no reason not to do this. I likely need to redesign the Instant Battle main menu to reflect this fact............ just finished Operation Harvest. So thus far the mod has 3 maps done. I plan on doing Dalian Plant next. Once that's done I'll do the first public release of the mod. But for now I may do a closed beta of the mod as it is now to make sure there's no major issues. As you can see in that map, I got the road meshes process figured out so all future maps will have something like this.
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