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Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Interstate 82 Deathrace 4 in progress + Ratchet 6 Release!


A few weeks have passed, as we show you the previous IS 82 news about event included the new summer Map "Swimming Shores"
Do you remember? 
Now we want to give you a view into the work from the "Interstate 82 Mod".
The people there have new ideas for made new custom maps for us the players. 
They called it "Deathrace 4 DTMRACER" and is made by "SIR Runaway".  
He made the update from the previous Custom map Series.
For the new map, he has create new cars and buildings.

 BMW M3 E46:

Audi Concept Car White:

BMW M3 E46 american style:

BMW M3 E46 from the top:

The actor's ingame:
 Toyota Supra GT:

 Dirt Race Jeep/Ketcar:

Formula 1 80's Design:

Formula 1 80's Design 2: 

 A home or Start Grid for your Vehicle:

 Rollout gate, looks like a Kingdom:

 Car Saloon:

Audi Concept Car red:

You don't know what the hell is Interstate 82?

Watch this "Sublime Crime Part 1+2 movie" uploaded by POSITRON, made by (Posi & Gooddaytodie!) the interstate82.com munity:  

For the moment, there are no Downloads, but if there something, we give you the link to got it.

Topic/conversation/Source and community of the IS 82 Mod: click


Interstate 82 complete 2014 Package: Download
Ninja Ratchet VI Map: Download 

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\IS82\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Sometimes it's not so important where the path leads you.
The fact that you took the journey is what matters.
Enjoy the ride. Grab the cookie.

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