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Dienstag, 30. August 2016

Battlefield 1942 Custom Map Series #3

This map pack consists of five maps, made by Basic of
the Internet Warzone.  We play these maps on our server
every Wednesday all night, and by special request.  Our server
is named "bf1942.internetwarzone.org".  Feel free to join up
and ask for one of them to be played!

The included maps are:

Canyon Fodder (CONQUEST/CTF) - British forces invade a small worker town at the beginning of a large
canyon that leads to the most secret of German bases.  There's only one way through the canyon, and a
lot of firepower to get them there, but the Germans are ready for them with firepower of their own. 
This is an incredibly fun map in either conquest or ctf mode, and features many vehicles not found
in most maps, such as the Kettenkrad or the Lynx..And, sorry pilots, no planes.  Prepare for some really
heavy tank battles, especially through the Axis tunnel.  I guarantee that you will enjoy this map as
I have yet to meet someone who has played it that didn't like it.

Canyon Fodder 2 (CONQUEST/CTF) - This map is exactly the same as Canyon Fodder 1, except it's at night,
has a few more pathways, AND, contains the experimental German Flettner single seater hellicopter.

Bottleneck (CTF ONLY)- The Americans have taken over a small farm and are using it as their base of operations
against the Germans.  This map features assault rafts and mobile APC spawn points for each team, as well
as various armor, vehicles and planes.  Capping the flag should be easy.. that is, if you can get over the bridge.

Shima Senjou (CTF ONLY)- This map is a very small and intense island ctf battle.  The thick, jush jungle provides
a lot of cover.  So much so, that people can be right next to each other in some cases, and never
know it!  The distance to get the flag back to your base is short, but can you really do it?  All you
have to help you is a jeep, an apc, a raft and each other.  Good luck soldier!

Durchlauf (CTF ONLY) - This map centers around a large hilltop that will be essential to winning the
game.  Not only do you have to capture the only airport to get a plane, but to get AA, you have to
capture the hilltop.  On top of all of this, you have flags to cap, soldier!  Get moving!

A lot of care and effort went into these maps to make them the best quality maps possible.  Our players
LOVE these maps, and always request to play them. I hope you find the same from your users.

If you want to play them, but can't find a server, come to the bf1942.internetwarzone.org server and
mention that you grabbed the maps here, and we'll throw them up for you!  There will almost always
be several people on that already have them, so come on by!  If you want to visit our website, and
get ahold of any other maps we release before we submit them elsewhere, feel free to stop by at


Installation is a snap.  The IWZMapPack.exe file will go through auto-installation for you, however, there is one thing to know. 
If you installed Battlefield into the default directory, then it is set to go, just accept the default
options.  If you installed it into a different folder, then you will have to change the install path
to the levels directory.  You can use the default path that it shows you to help you find the levels folder.


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