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Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

BF1942: New Mod "All Out War" Released

A couple of days ago at 9.october a new WW 2 fictional mini Mod have been released. It's made by discocreeper101. He have been working a mod called "All Out War" for BF1942.
This mod only contains 3 levels on three different theatre of war, so far and they are:

-The Alps


-Palm Island

The new update contains some exciting features. New  BF 1942 wreck Animations:

The Mod's only game mode as of yet is conquest but he want to add proper TDM and CTF support. discocreeper101 would also like to add COOP support but he cant get that working himself so if you know how to, contact him.

All Out War - Version 1.1 Trailer:

As always, feedback is appreciated. You can report bugs and suggest level ideas as well. This is his first mod and this is early in development so keep that in mind .

Contact & Conversation: here

Where you can Download this Mod?

Previous Version - All Out War Version 0.1: Download

or the actually All Out War Version 1.1: Download

Source: bfmods.com

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