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Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

Eve of Destruction: 1st Charlie don't Surf Event 2017


Hi Freunde der Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, es ist Neujaaaaaaaahr 2017! 

Gesundes neues Jahr an euch Leser und Spieler da draussen!

Nun schlagen wir ein neues Kapitel Battlefield 1942 Mod Geschichte auf, Auch 2017 soll es auf dem hslan Eve of Destruction Mod Server rund gehen.. Charlie ruft: es ist "Charlie don't Surf Zeit"!
Leuten wir dazu die Runde 1 des Jahres ein. Neues Jahr, neue Schlacht neues Glück.
Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen dabei zu sein, egal ob Euer Betriebssystem Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 oder 10 heißt, "kommt zahlreich auf den hslan Server angereist"!

Movie appetizer aus 2016: 

Freitag Abend, den 06.01.2017 um 20 Uhr geht es los, streicht es dick in Eurem Kalender oder Handy Oragnizer an.
Macht mit uns das 1. Event in diesem Jahr gemeinsam auf dem HSLAN Server zum Erfolg!

     Server Name: [hslan.de] EoD Classic 2.51


     Port: 14567

Darüber hinaus bemühen wir uns täglich abends ab 20 Uhr mit ein paar Mann.
Also bitte nicht nur starr ans Event halten, welches monatlich jeden ersten Freitag stattfindet, sondern einfach mal abends spontan dazu kommen.

Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, it's Januar 2017! Happy new year to you reader and players.

2016 is over, a new year is comming, Charlie calls: "Charlie don't surf time"!

Are you ready for the 1st Event in 2017 of this year.

Her since being invited in regardless of whether your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 means!

Friday night, the 06.01.2017 at 08:00pm CET o'clock we go, coat it on thick in your calendar or mobile Oragnizer.
For this new year let's rock that 1th Friday mainevent on hslan. We wish you a good start into 2017. And we will hope to collect the power of the community.

In addition, we visit the server daily in the evening from 08:00pm CET! If do you want, you can meet us with some guys there.
So please not only hold the date on the event, which takes place every first Friday monthly, come one evening you can spontaneously.

What you need to play?

1.) Basic for the new Fans: http://sh.metrica.se/static/sh/bf1942sh.zip

2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one: http://team-simple.org/download/bf1942-v1.61-retail-patched.zip

3.) Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod, got the 5 Parts + 2.51 Hotfix (don`t forget this small one): http://www.bf-games.net/downloads/category/56/eve-of-destruction.html

How i install a mod? In which path of the folder i install a have mod? Click this picture:

So, this must then look at you.

Writes some comments, if it worked for you? And if You were be there? Your Comment or Feedback is always welcome on hg-clan.blogspot.com!

Come on, peak the visits on the Server up!

There we play:

Source: hslan.de

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