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Samstag, 17. Juni 2017

BF 1942 + RTR "Strasbourg" Map Release by Black Mamba


A couple of weeks ago we have been present to you the Battlefield 1942 Custom Map Strasbourg made by Classical Modder (aka Black Mamba), springs from the bfmods.com Community. After a time of work on this fantastic map the release is during. Highlight of this Map is the moveable Armored Train, which you can move up and down for tactical defend or attack movings. For all Battlefield 1942 Vanilla Custom Map freaks more than a must have to get. After Western War, Eve of Destruction, FHSW, FinnWars it is the 3rd "Mod" where you can use a Train or Armored Train in action.

Developer statement:
A vid showcasing the modded Controllable Train for Battlefield 1942. This train was made by exe/eYe.ris, and is officially in the Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons mod, but Black Mamba/{SoH} -=Diamondback=- ported it to vanilla BF1942, and added in the custom map Strasbourg. The train can only go 2 directions: front or back, and players can ride and man the guns in the back train cars.

Got the currently Strasbourg Map for your Battlefield 1942 road to Rome Add On: Download

Installation: ....Battlefield 1942/Mods/x-pack 1/Archives/bf1942/levels  

Battlefield 1942 Version the password for the map is "headshot9678": Download

Installation: ....Battlefield 1942/Mods/bf1942/Archives/bf1942/levels

Thats he said:

Lots of things have changed since he first made the thread for this map. Currently he painting the ground textures on ED42, 

There is a little sneak peak for you

Before it was ready:

Outside of the action:


A few stats:

- 631 hand placed static objects
- 4 flags in League version, concentrated in the city. 6 for default version
- At least 150 hours of work so far on the map, maybe another 100 hours ahead


A few things I added in the map:
- AT25 artillery piece which spawns for the French
- Sturmgestchutz tanks for Axis (2 spawn in city)
- 1 Hanomag APC for Axis in city
- M3A1 Grant tank for Allied
- Smaller combat area, 5 flags to capture instead of 6
- Salerno Skybox
- AAs on rooftops, ladders to building roofs
- Beefed up Strasbourg Cathedral defense
- New loading screen
- Map description @ start up
- XPack1 server mod icon apparent when selecting map in "Create Game" menu
A lot of things concerning the map he has been changed, such as the flag layout, the number of vehicles, the heightmap and many other things. Once the texturing of the ground is done He will release the final version of the map.

You want to see the huge Strasbourg Map? Look at here Armored Train + Map extended Preview:  

 Armored Train:

 Map extended Preview:

The Mod development of the Battlefield 1942 Game all over the years is awesome. We, the players and news creators are happy to have and know you guys! You make our life with your Mod development more complete. Thank you Black Mamba for this awesome map!

Contact and more: 

{SoH} Clan Leader // http://sohclan.forumotion.com/
See his Strasbourg map project here.
GSC: diamondback67
Steam: diamondback67

Source: team-simple.org, bfmods.com

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Fantastic im lovin' this move able ammo train! There is something share for the Community: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/112150/wo-ist-nochwas-los-in-der-bf-1942-mod-welt/p1?new=1 I will just hope any server upload this Strasbourg map to play it online!

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