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Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Battlegroup42 Final: commercial and transport vehicles

In Battlegroup42 there are a lot of vehicles, which are unarmed but possess properties that make them valuable assets on the battlefield. Trucks and ambulances replenish ammunition and heal soldiers, off-road vehicles and motorcycles allow for a quick travel to areas of operation. For us as a modding team those vehicles are as important as the fighting vehicles, and therefore we are pleased to be able to present you some additions for the final Battlegroup42 version.
Keep that mod alive. Wednesday and Sunday you are welcome to play on the: [MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta at 8pm CET! Server IP: Address: Port: 14568 Download the currently Battlegroup42 1.8beta, 5 parts + Hotfix: Battlegroup42 1.8beta + Hotfix Source of this good news: battlegroup42.de

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