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Montag, 28. Juli 2014

BF 242 REDUX Release for You!

I give the word to our Mod Hero APACHE THUNDER: You'll find the re-release version of Dalian Plant for DesertCombat in the DesertCombat section of the download section in this forum. ;) But on to the topic on hand: Been too busy with other things right now so haven't worked on BF242 mod in nearly a month. However I did finish Strike at Karkand and tied up all the loose ends in the mod, so there's nothing incomplete in it that I know of. So I went ahead and uploaded it as it stands now. It's only got 4 or 5 maps I think, but they look really good, so have fun! :D

Client Archive: BF242 Redux Download

Server Archive (only for use on remote dedicated servers): Download the Server Data for BF 242 Redux as Host Snippet of ReadMe file:
This mod features the following maps: Dalian Plant Midnight Sun Operation Harvest Operation Road Rage Strike at Karkand Features: 1. Commander UAV trailer for commander assets similar to BF2. 2. Full Bot support on all available maps. 3. Fixed more bugs that were present in original BF242 mod. 4. Stripped out unused assets. Old BF242 maps will NOT be compatible with this mod! 5. Ported new stationary weapons from BF2. Stationary TOW and Stinger weapons replace the old ones. 6. Wasp Carrier object (present on Dalian Plant) now have the Anti-Aircraft minigun and missle launchers present in BF2. 7. All maps now use DDS DXT1c format textures for lightmaps. This should improve game performance on low end graphics hardware. 8. Revamp of main menu to look more like BF2. 9. Rebuilt loading screen. Now looks more like BF2. 10.Replaced the "Ready" screen at the map's round start with a copy the loading screen. There is now no transition from the load screen and the ready screen so it's even more like BF2's load screen system. 11.Menu mods to singleplayer menu enable more then 64 bots in Instant Battle mode. No EXE hack required! Just set the slider to something above 400% to get more bots! (exe hack still required for more bots in multiplayer) 12.Replaced meshes on Anti-Tank handweapons. Now use the BF2 weapons with matching shell ejection effects. 13.Replaced all dropped kit geometries with those from BF2. 14.Mod uses Ragdoll animations. A couple animations were redone just for this mod. 15.Maps have CTF game mode. However note that currently the capture radio prompts are all in English currently as BF2 doesn't have them localized in the MEC/China languages. 16.Made changes to ingame HUD including the ability to have more then 6 handweapons on a kit and a revamped minimap area. 17.Many other improvements/additions I can't recall at the time of writing this document.
 "Midnight Sun" Map:

Artillery Commander Bridge:

Artillery Fire:

Abrams Fire on target

"Dalian Plant"  Map drop Kits and fly a drone:

Weapon Selecet Menu by the Chinese Team:

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