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Montag, 19. Mai 2014

DC: Kenny's movie wish! & BF 1941 action!

Thats my Community movie for YOU! Yesterday i have made it! "Kenny" a Lan a BF 1942 Lan Party Player, wish his favourite Mod Desert Combat included these played music. And i have done it for him. If do you have a wish, please tell me? Leave a message in the blog on one of the post or contact me? I made it for you.;-) Desert Combat action: Liberation of Caen If do you like my movies, please subscribe it!? :-) And if do you have a little bit time, please leave your feedback, in my comment area here?;-) Thats one of my 4 Live action movies from the BF1941 event. Battlefield 1941 Event, Sunday 18.05.2014

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