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Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

BF 1942 surprise: Galactic Conquest 8.0 update comes soon!

Neues Galactic Conquest update 8.0 am fertig werden! Ein Traum wird wahr für alle Fans des Galactic Conquest für Battlefield 1942. Hab Euch das Video zur Weltall Star Wars Schlacht verlinkt: click the MOVIE
1.) Balanced Gameplay is coming to the force, the galaxy awaits filled with great adventures in DEEP SPACE!! Help spread the word all over the universe, The greatest Multiplayer Star wars game ever made, is back and more FUN and better then ever! The game required to play it (Battlefield 1942) and the Galactic Conquest 8.0 MOD are BOTH FREE to download! GC release 8.0 is not out yet, but very soon it will be! Look forward to an awesome preview of the gameplay in action! We will be featured in a series of videos produced with a youtube partner showcasing Galactic Conquest Release 8.0!!! Every space fighter pilot in this solar system is welcome to attend that event, and you WONT want to miss it! Watch For it! 2.)Maybe I will have to upload my over 2 hours of sweet GC footage I have filmed. Though I used to use a video camera with S video out from my video card to capture gameplay footage. The problem is its only 640x480 res when I did that to record footage. I look forward to seeing your GC release 8.0 movies with a more modern video capture process like FRAPS so yours are even higher res then mine are! 3.)There is currently no support for COOP or singleplayer in Galactic Conquest Release 8.0 GC has never had these modes as part of the GC mod itself. However, there is a new version of GCX in the works, that does have special support for single player. I think it still does not have COOP as part of GCX, but I have not tried it in years.
Big 2nd surprise to you Fans, please Download the Public Beta 7.3 and have fun. Did you find some bugs or errors or other ideas, please post it to the FACEBOOK GC Group!? GC 7.3 Download: Download it Source and contact: follow Facebook

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