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Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

Battle INF 1942 new Release Mod!

============ BATTLE INF 1942 v0.1 ============ Download: click here! ------------------------ Table of contents: 1. Mod presentation 2. Features 3. Anticheat optimization 4. Mod files ------------------------ 1. MOD PRESENTATION This modification is an infantry only mod which was made in order to revive the dying infantry scene in Battlefield 1942. It is a ''pure infantry'' mod, meaning all grenades and other explosive devices (except in Objective Mode) have been removed. The maps have been created to allow for maximum action: small in size with scenarions varying from urban to thick jungle terrain, players frag eachother in mayhem! The mod has the particular feature of being unpure, meaning it can be hosted on an Internet server with Content-Check turned on. With PunkBuster enabled, this allows for maximum protection against hackers. A special game mode, Objective Mode (based on the map Battle of Britain and the Secret Weapons expansion pack), has been coded for the competitive clans and teams. It requires acute teamwork and communication to win. Regular players will enjoy playing the TDM and CTF game modes, which have been designed for intense Internet matches. --------------------------------------- 2. FEATURES (v0.1) - Added HandWeapons (Bren LMG, Breda, Sten, Fallschrimjager Gewehr 42, Commando Knife) - 5 different assault weapons for all classes - Removed grenades - Smaller crosshairs for all SMGs - Added Objective Mode GPM from XPack2 - Disabled minimap for TDM and Objective GPM - Disabled in game map - Disabled proning to eliminate bugging - Strategic infantry environments allowing for maximum action - Custom mod icon - Contentcrc32.con file generated for unpure servers - Created one map, ''Labyrinth_Pro'', with TDM and Objective support --------------------------------------- 3. ANTICHEAT OPTIMIZATION As previously mentionned, the mod has been built to prevent hackers and glitchers to slip in. As such, server hosts will have the ability to turn on Content Check while running the mod. This can be done by selecting the ''UnPure'' option in the BFSM or by selecting the ''Content Check'' option with the DedicatedServer.exe. As of right now, the Content Check feature for unpure servers works only for the map Labyrinth_Pro in the TDM and Objective GPM exclusively. ---------------------------------------- 4. MOD FILES When the final build of the mod will be released, complete modding files for those that would like to create their own custom map packs and modifications of the mod will be released. This includes LST (.lst) and CFG (.cfg) files for Battlecraft 1942 as well as a bfdev folder complete with the 4 default Arhives folders (bf1942, Objects, standardMesh, Texture) for the modders that prefer using Editor42. For any questions, inquiries, bug reports or other information related to BattleInf 1942, please contact me at thomlabelle@yahoo.com or by Xfire (wickedarsonist). Source: click

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