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Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Forgotten Hope: "Gloria Victis" New Tank PANZER Ib

  New Tank PANZER Ib

After a period of absence we are proud that we can return with new messages from the "front"! To a wide gamut of vehicles in FH 0.7 we add a new vehicle, the "father" of the most famous Tigers and Panthers - tank Panzerkampfwagen I.

It was the most numerous member of Panzerwaffe during the September campaign 1939. The workhorse of the German armored forces was built between 1930-1936. It was a small light tank – two-men crew were armed with two machine guns MG13, protected by armor thickness up to 13 mm , and the vehicle was powered by Krupp M305 engine with a power of 57 horsepower.

In our our mod we faithfully reconstruct the appearance and characteristics of this vehicle. We gave it a typical of German armored vehicles painted in 1939 - gray color “panzergrau” with white crosses of Panzerwaffe.

This photo is a small spoiler of the next map, ready for release. (poor horse...)

The model was made by Remo PL with a historical reverence. You can even see 3D modelled tools on hull.
The shape of the turret is specific for version B.

Tom PL was responsible for coding - placement of all wheels, turret, smokes and mg config or the animation of treads. While Shayman textured our tank.

Soon more news! And maps!

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