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Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

SuperDC v2.065 beta - Members ready to test!

It's February and we have new facts about the modern warfare Mod "SuperDC v2.065 Demo" for you. New cool facts waiting for you created by "bbfplayer". Dropping Artillery, mobile stationary AA, stationary MG, mobile ladder to climb a rooftop for example and shoot there. You can call chemical and nuclear Bombs with your sight glass. It has effect to your soldier health.

The developer of the mod "bbfplayer" planing to add airstrike from binoclus (sniper kit) and kit with ability to build static at\aa guns.

1.) So, much work to do. He dont know can he finish it ore not, but any workable versions of the mod will be upload there.

2.) He is making a engineer special kit and general kit (only for humans, and not for Bots or KI).
Engineers will be able to build aa, at, mg objects and ladder. Objects will be with spawn points for bots.

Generals kits will be not for all teams. From general kit you can call artillery, nuke strike(for USA,Russia,China) , chemical bomb (isis, iraq,mec) and ...... (not finished yet)

Little test of some abilities.

3.) New version of the mod- 2.065. Its only for Testers and DEMO. The Demo contains only 14 maps, many little fixes.

We want to give you access to see what is comming soon. For this test we have play the SuperDC 2.065 Demo "Blackmantis Takeoff" Map in the Singleplayer Modus, Because COOP didn't works at the test.

Here we load in to the map for the SuperDC v2.065 Demo test.


You can see here the details on the map. All spawnpoints have got a name.

Here you can see the green smoke. This smoke is like a gasattack, your Soldier lost health in the smoke. Its an effectfully weapon for building to building fights.

You have got a mobile ladder kit. You can drop it where do you want?!  For the test we have got drop it on the Mainbase Airfield. Do you see behind us the plane? There are on the floor the three different kits about dropping stationary weapons, vehicles and Commander station. You can pick up there.

If do you have got drop a stationary weapon, it looks in that way. After then your selected weapon pop up like a gift.

Here is the gift pop up.There is a AA Canon, what you can use on the rooftops or on the floor, where do you want it?

This here is the Artillery, what we have got drop there and test.

Here you have got see what you can choose for different vehicles to drop.

We have got selected here for example a Apache Chopper. This drop function works not perfectly, but it makes fun and it brings more tactical feeling in this game.

This droping vehicle we have attack and destroy. After then you can see that nice wreck animation.

That is funny. We have drop a Abrams battle tank and it is in a bad postion, do you see it?
We go into. And after then....

... we go out and we glitch through the wall. Testing is really funny.

Here is the dropping Commander station. You can go inside and choose two different UAVs to fly. 

Select your favourite UAV via right or left click.The different is......

....one UAV can bomb at that postion you click, or drop supplies (ammo, medic box) You know this box and feature from the Battlefield 2 game.........

The second UAV can attack position to that aims you control it. 

On the Test we have drop all three differnt Tanks, Bradly, Abrams and the Rocket organ.

Here you see the effect of the Nuclear Bomb. To catch that effect in pictures is not easy, we have choose this one for you. The rest you can test self, when its done.

There we have got call Artillery Fire. And there we go.

And last but not least is this specially AA gun. By the test we cannot drop it on the floor. But it is possible to drop it at the rooftop of the buildings.


What we have to test? 

-minigun (US mercinaries)
-smokegranade effect
-flametower, flame effect (MEIteam)
-sandstorm,snowwind, snow,clouds
-special kits

Special kits (you can find near main flags ) :

General kit (looks like scout radio): call tank, mobile aa, mobile artillery, helicopter, call Artillery ,Artillery_Nuke (ore chemical)

Command Engineer Kit (looks like big box): ability to build ladder, static aa,at,mg. (all objects have spawpoints for bots for each team)

Aircontrol_Kit ability to build aircontrol center (tower) (looks like pilot helmet). It can only spawn UAV's two types- UAV with at rocket, supply UAV (can call supplybox and sneakey (bomb) strike)

Squad_Leader_kit (looks like vss or m4): can call Supply On Position, call help from air ( spawnpoint with paratroopers near the requesting player)

Look at the movie:

SuperDC Map "Blackmantis" test movie you can download or look at:

At last comes the "pomornik sea unit" in mod. The last part of making mod and most difficult for "bbfplayer", the developer of the SuperDC Mod 

Look at the second movie:

- adding sea units:

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

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