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Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

Galactic Conquest 8.1: Invites you weekly to the Event!


After an overwhelmingly-positive response to our event held last Saturday, we have decided to start weekly events on our GC 8.1 server, similar to the ones held every weekend by other BF1942 mod servers. Join us every Saturday starting around 12 PM est / 5 PM cet on “1942mods.com GC 8.1”!
We will also be starting Custom Map Sundays in the near future; you can expect to see a unique map rotation consisting of converted vanilla BF1942 maps (Midway with cruisers, anyone?), additional gamemodes like CTF, and fan-made GC 8.1 maps.
We invite you to join our Community Discord here to stay up-to-date on everything-BF1942. Modders and server owners: we’d like to advertise YOUR events and information, too!


What do you need to play? 

1.) As a new player got the basic game: Download

 2.) Galactic Conquest 8.1: Download

Go to this Server to play:

Make this Star Wars Event successfull! Share it to your Community.

Source: 1942mods.com

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