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Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

Under Construction - BF4 '42 - A Battlefield 1942 Mod

Today we are happy to show you a new mod in the Battlefield 1942 Series. It is a mod about Modern Warfare.
Now we give the floor to the developer:

The development started from an idea that discocreeper101 had a couple weeks back.

Disclaimer: This mod is still being created. There will be no download until I can justify that enough has been done. (Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section.)

BF4 '42 is a mod where you can play on the BF4 multiplayer levels. My twist to the levels is that they will all be WW2 themed (Because he is horrid when it comes to weapon and vehicle modding).
Features include the standard multiplayer game modes and COOP (I hope).

Below is a rough design for Lancang Dam (Its nowhere near finished, Just he wanted to show some pics):

Start of the Project, early Landscape Picture:

The Dam (Ripped from BF4):

As well as the logo:

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
If do you want join and support the one men Team, please Contact discocreeper101: bfmods.com Forum

Also if you were wondering,  discocreeper101 is beeing recreating the levels by hand (no height maps he could import)

As you can see from the pic above, one building is missing. he will probably change this to make it look like it collapsed as he is not willing to spend another 3 hours searching through 600+ ripped models.

More stuff to come!
(Also thanks for the praise)

Original "Battlefield 4 '42" Mod Wallpaper :


Juni 2017: Actually news about the development of the BF 4'42 mod is, it stops for the moment. But maybe later the development would be start again.

Source: bfmods.com 

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