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Freitag, 22. März 2019

Warfront: Version 3.5 Update!

Hey y'all...it's been awhile since I did a full news update on the progress of the 3.5 release, so I though I'd take some time and show you some pics of a new map that I just finished.

I give you the Battle of Khalkhin Gol...a pre-war engagement between the Soviets and Japanese in 1939.

This map has 7 bases, 3 belonging to the Japanese and 3 to the Soviets, with a neutral center flag. Each side starts with an airfield, an artillery base, and a command center.

Although there are a few forested areas, the map is mostly open, with very little vegetation. This is similar to most of the pictures I saw of the Khalkhin Gol area when researching for this map. So prepare for some very nice long distance tank engagements, open aerial encounters, and plenty of opportunities to utilize the artillery to it's fullest potential.

Warfront: Download

I'm getting closer to a release every day. There are still some things that need to be done, but rest assured I am hard at work :) Until next time, here's a look at the content in 3.5...Enjoy!
Warfront 3.5 Changelog:
Bug Fixes:
Fixed hull gunner view in the M4A3E8 (missing aiming reticle)
Fixed collision issue with M18 Hellcat (missing faces on turret rear)
Fixed missing AI code for Riverboat
Fixed error in AI code preventing He-111 from dropping SC-1000
Fixed missing gunbase mesh on 25pdr Battery
Fixed missing ammo icon for Defgun
Fixed collision issue with 25pdr Battery
Fixed coding error with the 4German_Eng_Mine_Desert class
Fixed missing gun & turret sounds for S.75/18
Fixed ammo icon for S.75/18 (changed from AP to HE)
Fixed turret cam offset for M11-39
Fixed turret position (height) on T34-76
Fixed AI coding errors with the ShinHoTo Chi-Ha
Fixed gunbarrel position on T-26
General Changes:
Replaced all map thumbnail pics with map info (factions and SP max players)
Tested all maps, assigned new SP max player numbers to each*
Rewrote AI weapon code for all land/air/sea weapons
Removed unused weapon AI code in Conquest versions of the following SPGs:
--- Grille, Ho-Ni, Hummel, Marder II, Priest, Sexton, Wespe
Decreased Hummel reload speed (by 1.5s)
Decreased IS-2 reload speed (by 2s)
Decreased T34-76 reload speed (by 2s)
Decreased T34-85 reload speed (by 2s)
Decreased 25 pounder reload speed (by 1s)
Increased BM-13 Rocket Launcher reload speed (by 5s)
Decreased BM-13 Rocket Launcher rocket magazine from 12 x 5 (60 rockets) to 12 x 4 (48 rockets)
Increased F4U1 take-off speed
Increase Hurricane/Hurribomber take-off speed
Added OT-130 to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added OT-34 to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added Flammpanzer III to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added M4A3R3 "Zippo" to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added M3 "Satan" to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added E7-7 Mechanized Flamethrower to mod (equipped with flamethrower)
Added M16 Half-track to mod (equiped with four .50 caliber M2 Browning MGs in a M45 Quadmount)
Added Stationary .30cal MG to mod
Added Stationary Type 92 Nambu MG (pole mount and tripod mount) to mod
Added sFH18 to mod (single & battery)
Added Sd.Kfz. 4/1 (Panzerwerfer 42) to mod
Added T26E3 (early model M26 Pershing) to mod
Added Bedford OY to mod
Added Type 97 Chi-Ha to mod (orginal BF1942 Chi-Ha model was the 47mm ShinHoTo version, this is the 57mm version)
Added Type 4 Ke-Nu to mod
Added Type 89 I-Go (Chi-Ro) to mod
Added Type 92 Armored Car to mod
Added T-18 w/ 37mm M1930 to mod
Added BA-6 to mod
Added BA-64 Armored Car to mod
Added ZiS-6 (with BM-13 rocket launcher) to mod
Added Ki-27 to mod
Added Type 96 Howitzer to mod (single & battery)
Added 152mm Howitzer-Gun M1937 (ML-20) to mod (single & battery)
Remodeled M2A1 105mm Howitzer
Remodeled M4 tracks (new .skn/.ske files) used by the following VVSS variants of M4 tanks:
--- M4A1, M4A2, M4A3, M10, Achilles, M36, Priest
Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer/Co-op mode):
Battle of Nancy (downloaded from gamefront.online, author unknown)
Battle of Stalingrad (conversion of a BG42 map)
Omaha Beach - Fox Green Sector (from D-Day mappack compiled by iCe, author unknown)
Crossing the Oder (conversion of Vuoski from a Forgotten Hope Fan Pack, aurthor unknown)
The Seige of Tobruk (conversion of the map "The Fall of Tobruk" by KWK-Sleeper)
St.-Mere-Eglise (conversion of an XWW2 map)
Khalkhin Gol (map by takiwa, with AI)
Kharkov (original BF1942 map conversion)
* SP max numbers were decided by map size, number of objects on the map, game play, and lag. Some maps just arent big enough, or have too many objects, to support 255 bots and you without lagging out the game (even on a newer computer) and on some maps, having too many bots made game play worse.
Single player max (total) number of players is decided by the slider in SP mode. 1600% will give you the max number of players listed on the thumbnail of the map. Adjust the slider to a smaller percentage to choose less total players. Team numbers are decided by map specific .con files, however. For example, if the map .con specifies Team 1 = 120, Team 2 = 80, and you choose 1600% percent on a 128 map, then Team 1 will have 77 players, and Team 2 will have 51 players.
Later, takiwa

Autor: takiwa

Quelle: moddb.com

Montag, 18. März 2019

BF 1918 cmp-gaming Tournament - Outbreak of Chaos

Long time we have no news about a Tournament in Battlefield 1942. But Granate from the Battlefield 1918 Community tell us, there are starting a new Tournament battle at Saturday 23.March.  At the moment 25 players actually register. You can be one of the part in that regiment you like to play Triple Entente or German Empire?  Battlefield 1918, Forgotten Hope 0.7 and FHSW during a lot of Tournaments over the years in the past in the old forgottenhonor.com community. On this way they want to plug-in the new cmp-gaming.com community in the future. The during Tournament people want to bring you back the good old Tournament experience you like.
One big of the reason of the long silence about during public Tournaments was the forgottenhonor.com change the website and grow up in a new community it calls cmp-gaming.com.

Summer 1914, the whole of Europe is falling deep into the Chaos of war, a conflict unknown by its new nature; a gigantic, brutal conflict involving millions of men fighting a senseless war.  Soon, iron will rain heavily and the corn fields of Western Europe will be flowing in blood.  On this day, the most wonderful summer of the century will turn into Hell.  From the small Belgian towns to the large fields of the east of France, passing by the narrow streets of Ypres,   relive the year when the old world died for a new one, which changed everything.    Which side will you choose ? Will you fight for The Triple Entente to defend Belgium and France against the German appetite for new territories to conquer? Or for the German Empire to exert it's full power over the old continent?    Whichever side you fight for, join us in our new Battlefield 1918: Outbreak of Chaos. What is a campaign?  A campaign is a series of connected battles, where we recreate the timeline of the war.  Campaigns are played over 8-10 weeks and every Saturday we will have a 3-hour battle with multiple rounds.  All battles are counted towards the final score which determines the army that won the overall campaign.  Battles will take place every Saturday evenings at 18:00 UTC.


How much Campaigns will be played?
8-10 planned

How long runs a Saturday Night battle?
3 hours

Which side i can join?
Triple Entente or German Empire

How much players register now?
25 players

When starts the Saturday Night battles?

18:00 UTC (19:00 Uhr Berlin Time)

What i need for Downloads to be one of the part?

You see under the point "Requirements"

Where i can register for this Tournament?

Join a Regiment: click here

For what i need Teamspeak 3?

You need it for the Tactical movements and orders in game.

Saturday 23. March starting the first Tournament battle.


1.) The Basic - for new PlayersDownload

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1: Download

3.) Teamspeak 3 64bit: Download

Autor: Granate

Quelle: facebook.com, vk.com/bf1918

Donnerstag, 14. März 2019

BattleGroup42 RC4 - Patch 1 Release!

Dear BattleGroup42 fans,
since the release of RC4 in December 2018, we’ve received quite a lot of bug reports from our players and team members. All of the reported bugs up to 27th of February 2019 have been fixed. The reworked damage system introduced in RC4 still needs some fine tuning, and we’re still working on that.
You can find the patch files: here

Other download links:

1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler: Download
2.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - 1 - 5 Part: Download
3.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - Patch 1: Download

Files Für Server Hoster:

Für Server Hoster die Battlegroup42 Patch 1 Server Files: Download
Alle Battlegroup42 Server Files und Entwickler Tools - im unteren Abschnitt zu finden: Download



Train Raid At Mill:

Halfaya Pass:

Kalinin Front:

Donets Defense:

There are also mirrors available on our moddb site, please check the links listed below

Changelog - first patch for BG42 RC4

  • vehicle fixes
    • fixed OT-34/85 missing engine sound
    • added missing right side road wheel on Kangaroo
    • fixed the misaligned suspension on Sturmpanzer II
    • fixed missing recoil on gunbarrel of Semovente 75/18
    • fixed faulty first person view on bow mg of M3 Light (all variants)
    • moved the gunner seat of the Wespe to a better position
    • fixed wrong soundscript for engine of ISU-152
    • fixed missing sound for rear machine guns on He-111 torpedo bomber
    • added improved tank track animation speed settings made by al13326
    • fixed missing tank tracks sound on early KV-1 tank
    • added missing crosshair on Sexton (Coop version)
    • resized SU-152's idler wheel to better fit the tank track
    • removed unused crosshair from Ha-Go rear turret machine gun
    • fixed offset railings on Hilfskreuzer hull mesh
    • fixed game crash when destroying the ZIS-3 gun (both stationary and mobile version)
    • removed crosshairs in BV-138 cockpit view
  • map fixes
    • added missing static object on 4006-dunkirk_perimeter
    • fixed faulty soldier spawns on 4208-jiangxi
    • changed the US soldier kits to US Marine kits on 4410-clash_on_surigao
    • added missing textures for some tree meshes
    • fixed wrong texture for Flak 36 on 4005-montherme
    • fixed wrong spawn of B-4 howitzer on 4108-uman_pocket
    • changed US Rifleman Springfield kit to M1 Garand kit on 4204-fall_of_bantaan
    • fixed floating fences on 4307-prokhorovka
    • switched Serbian Soldiers on 4405-raid_on_drvar to new Yugoslavian Partisans (thanks to Laufer for the content)
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4406-fox_green
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4411-operation_infatuate
    • fixed typo in map description of 4501-operation_matador
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-pounding_the_rock
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-royan_outskirts
    • added missing effect soundscript to 4504-royan_outskirts
  • various fixes and additions
    • changed the Italian Navy flag to the correct one
    • fixed soldier kits using the wrong "Assault" description (machine gunners for example)
    • fixed size of some soldier helmets (thanks to Laufer)
    • fixed damage of Breda 42 anti tank grenade
    • reworked Soviet "Pilotka" hat (thanks to Laufer)
    • added Valentine III and IX to Russian repair depot
    • started damage system overhaul. This was necessary due to some values being too low or too high.

We want to thank all of our team members and fans for their continued support of the mod, and hope that you'll have a lot of fun with the new version

Autor: truth_hun

Source: moddb.com, battlegroup42.de

Sonntag, 10. März 2019

Interstate 82: Gold Mappack Release 2x Event!

Gleich zwei Interstate 82 Mod Events erwarten euch jeweils zweimal Sonntags, am 17.3 und 24.3, bei dem Ihr mit den Interstate 82 Entwicklern gemeinsam den Release des Gold Mappacks mitfeiern und Testen könnt. Motto des Events ist March Madness! Weitere Informationen entnehmt ihr einfach dem Einladungsflyer unten drunter. Lasst die March Madness beginnen....

1.) The Basic - for Newbies and Testers: Download

2.) Interstate 82 Full Installer: Download 

3.) Interstate 82 - Part 1 and Part 2 of the Gold Mappack Maps:: Download and Download

C:\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\IS82\Archives\bf942\levels


Autor: Reegad

Quelle: is82.com

Mittwoch, 6. März 2019

Battlefield 1918 v 3.2: News In Sight!

Heute haben eine Knaller News für alle Battlefield 1942 erste Weltkrieg Shooter Fans. Nach einem ganzen kompletten Jahr News Pause melden sich 2019 die Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler zum Stand des kommenden v3.2 updates zurück. In kleinen aber feinen schritten haben sie die Mod weiterentwickelt. Zu den zahlreichen Neuerungen, wie Maps, Fraktionen, Fahrzeuge, kommen jetzt zwei weitere Highlights hinzu. In der neuen Version werdet ihr eure Lieblingshandfeuerwaffen mit Kimme und Korn bedienen, genau wie ein echter Soldat im ersten Weltkrieg Anfang des 20.Jahrhunderts, als es noch keine Computer, Fernsehen, Internet, Passagierflugzeuge etc gab. Damit nicht genug, einhergehend mit der neuen frohen Botschaft zum stand der Entwicklung werdet ihr und eure Freunde alle zu einer Battlefield 1918 open Beta eingeladen. Sagt es allen weiter! Des weiteren werdet ihr ein neues, effektives, mobiles Taktisches Stilmittel an die Hand bekommen, Mobil verlegebare Drahtzäune, womit ihr euch vor dem herannahenden Feind einigeln oder schützen könnt.

Um auch ein Mitspieler zu werden benötigt ihr:

1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler oder Tester, die sich von der Magie des Spiels und der Mod anstecken lassen wollen: Download

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1 Part 1-3: Download

Soviel heute von uns, nun zur Original News aus moddb.com, verfasst von dem Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler  ACE191418:

Today the Battlefield 1918 development would like commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Verdun with news regarding the German and French factions in the game. In addition, expect more news on the Tsar tank and a few other things.

Greetings and welcome to the latest news update regarding the development of Battlefield 1918. It has been a long time since the last update but we are still making slow but steady progress. In light of the fact that today is February 21st, the anniversary of the Battle of Verdun between France and Germany, we are proud to announce new features that will affect both factions as well as the Commonwealth factions. As requested by many, Battlefield 1918 3.2 will introduce iron sights!

The new iron sights will be available to the MG class when prone and will be available to the Chauchat, the Lewis, and the MG 08/15!

While this news will certainly please many, this is not the only new feature on display today, as players will also have the opportunity to deploy defenses such as barbed wire using new pickup kits!

Finally we would like to showcase the new Tsar tank trailer that was released earlier this month. We hope you all enjoy this news and have a good day!

Autor: ACE191418

Source and Contact: moddb.com

breaking news..... 


You need some files for be one of the part of this event!

1.) The Basic (for newbies only): Download

2 a.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 + b.) FHSW 0.6 + c.) 0.61 Patch + d.) Fanmappack, in that steps it works: Download

Quelle: fhsw-europe