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Montag, 17. September 2018

Warfront 3.3 Patch: Released!

Warfront 3.3 Patch Changelog

This is an incremental patch.

The following files are needed for this patch to work correctly:

Install orders: Warfront v3.1 Full - after then install the Warfront 3.3 Patch!

You can download it here:

Warfront 3.3: Download


Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. Overwrite or replace files if prompted.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed K98 Rifle Grenade projectile damage (added missing splash damage value)
Fixed incorrect blade projectile matId
Tweaked AI code for APC/Trucks
Fixed 2 objectspawn names on Battle of Britain
Removed crosshair icons from Washington, Yamato
Fixed alpha setting on Sturmovik rear gun sight
Fixed seat position & hand positions on 25 pounder (Battery)
Fixed top MG ammo icon on M3 Lee
Fixed missing vehicle icon on M3 Stuart
Fixed weapons icons on FW 190 F Trop
Fixed shared texture issue with FW190 F
Fixed Grenade material1 collision issue with WF armor matIds
Removed grenade icon from German Desert Officer kit
Fixed Wake Island spawn (village_2) that was causing bots to be stuck

General Changes:

Increased SP bot count up to 255 on select maps
Increased HPs of objective buildings on BoB to offset larger splash damage from bombs (introduced with 3.2)
Added explosion/toss effects to all AT guns
Adjusted speed/torque of all cars & trucks
Added new sounds for 20mm & 30mm cannons
Increased the damage effect hit points for all aircraft
Increased damage from 37mm M1939 (61-K) AA gun
Changed out the incorrect Flak38 on Guam with the correct Type96 AA gun
Added Pak43 to mod
Added Flak 36 AA Battery (3 guns, AA only)
Added Polikarpov I-16 to mod
Added L6/40 Tankette to mod
Added Zis-5 to mod
Added FuMG Radar Bunker to mod
Added Hafthohlladung to mod
Added Hafthohlladung crate to mod (for reload and class change)
Created Haftholladung class (German_AT_Haft)
Added AA Machine Cannon Carrier Truck to mod
Added deep wading snorkels to mod (on M4A3(75)W, M4A3(76)W, M4A3(105))
Added LCT to mod (can carry up to 3 vehicles)

Autor: takiwa

Quelle: moddb.com

Donnerstag, 13. September 2018

Battlefield 1942: WarFront 1.0 Reminder

Heute berichten wir euch über die Warfront Mod, welche um 2005 erschienen ist. Leider erlebte die Mod nie ihren durchbruch, da schon früh probiert wurde auf Battlefield 2 zu wechseln. Dies scheiterte kläglich, wie bei den meisten versuchen. Die Warfront Mod hat einen Bloodpatch integriert. Auf deutscher Seite gibts die Original Flagge spendiert. Die Mod bietet neben Conquest auch den COOP Mode an, sodass man es auch auch alleine spielen und testen kann.

WarFront 1.0 WW2 Mod: 

Mirror 1: Download    Mirror 2: Download  

 WarFront 1.0 WW2 Mod "Server Files" for open a Server:Download

game.rfa changelog:

added/changed the following weapon damages:
8mm Cannon
13mm Cannon
15mm Cannon
20mm Cannon
23mm Cannon
30cal MG
30mm Cannon
37mm Cannon
50cal MG
57mm Type97
75mm KwK37
75mm KwK40
75mm KwK42
75mm M3
75mm M3
76.2mm 17pdr
76.2mm F-34
76.2mm M5
76mm M1A1
85mm D-5
88mm 25pdr
88mm KwK36
90mm M7
60kg bomb
100kg bomb
250kg bomb
500kg bomb
1000kg bomb
H.V.A.R. Rocket
RS-82 Rocket
RS-132 Rocket
Smoke Grenade
AA Guns
All Handweapons
AP Shell Splash Damage

added/rearranged Global Spawn Groups for:
USS Iowa
USS Fletcher
USS Anderson
USS Morris
USS Enterprise
USS Yorktown
USS Lexington
USS Hornet
USS Gato
menu.rfa changelog:

changed loading bar
changed repair icon
changed reload icon
changed aiming icon

added new icons for the following ammo:
-15cm rocket
-16in. shell
-20mm oerlikon
-20mm british
-20mm german
-20mm japanese
-20mm russian
-25pd. shell
-30mm german
-37mm german
-37mm russian
-75mm allied
-75mm german
-76mm allied
-85mm shell
-88mm german
-105mm shell
-40mm bofors
-howitzer shell
-HVAR rocket
-plane bullets
-tank bullets
-smoke grenades
-rs-82 rocket
objects.rfa changelog:

adjusted reload time for all ammoboxes
ammoboxes will no longer re-arm vehicles
airplaneammo will now repair planes
added allied ammo box
added axis ammo box
added allied hangar
added axis hangar
added allied landrep
added axis landrep
added collision mesh to bclas_m1
added nazi hanging banner
added nazi posters
added e52 b-1 radio transmitter model
added fr_stwall_m1 model (french stone wall)
added wallmap (of Normandy region)
added barbed wire fence
added clouds
added empty barrel
added hayrake
added haystack
added oil tanks
added pacific barrier
added woodshed
added interior to factories (original idea credit to Realistic European Frontline mod)
added panzerfaust crate
added wagon

coded 20mm effects
coded Me262 engine effects
coded 30mm explosion effects
coded wrecksmoke effects
coded/added ExplBig effects
re-coded buildingsmokeidledark effects
re-coded explani01 effects
re-coded expldrysand effects
re-coded explgas effects
re-coded fire effects
re-coded shellair effects
re-coded tigersmoke effects
coded MuzzArty effects
coded 37mm explosion effect for planes
re-coded bazooka/panzershreck blast effects
added PIAT fume effect
added Panzerfaust fume effect

set all velocities to RL spec
set all magazine capacities to RL spec
eliminated fov zoom for all handweapons
adjusted damage of all handweapons
adjusted magazines carried for all handweapons
adjusted damage of bazooka/panzershreck

Handweapons - Allied:
   M2 Browning .50 machine gun (deployable) - adjusted ROF, 360° rotation, adjusted recoil, added iron sight aiming when stationary
   M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, adjusted recoil
   M9A1 Rocket Launcher ("Bazooka") - adjusted projectile propulsion, adjusted DoD
   Bren Mark II - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, bipod added, adjusted recoil
   M1911 Colt .45 - adjusted DoD
   DP 28 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, bipod added, adjusted recoil, added iron sight aiming when stationary
   M1941 Johnson - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, bipod added, adjusted recoil
   M1 Garand - adjusted DoD
   Lee-Enfield No.4 - adjusted DoD
   P.I.A.T. (Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank) - adjusted projectile propulsion
   Browning Auto-5 - adjusted DoD
   Sten Mark II - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, adjusted recoil
   M1928 Thompson - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, adjusted recoil

Handweapons - Axis:
   FallschirmjagerGewehr 42 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, adjusted recoil
   Walther Gewehr 43 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD
   GewehrPanzerGranate 40 - adjusted DoD
   Mauser Karabiner 98 - adjusted DoD
   Type 98 Military Sword
   MG 42 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, bipod added, adjusted recoil, added iron sight aiming when stationary
   MachinePistole 18 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, adjusted recoil
   MachinePistole 40 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, adjusted recoil
   Panzerfaust 60m - adjusted projectile propulsion
   Panzerfaust 100m - adjusted projectile propulsion
   RaketenPanzerbuchse 43 ("Panzerschreck") - adjusted projectile propulsion
   SturmGewehr 44 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, adjusted recoil
   Type 5 - adjusted DoD
   Type 99 - adjusted ROF, adjusted DoD, bipod added, adjusted recoil, added iron sight aiming when stationary
   Walther P38 - adjusted DoD

*DoD = Distance of Damage

Extensive Class work done
added 6th class to spawn menu

set all velocities to RL spec
set all magazine capacities to RL spec
added bow_browning template for tanks
added bow_mg34 template for tanks
added coaxial_mg34 template for tanks
added commander_binoculars template for tanks
adjusted overheat time for mg42
added stationary DP
added stationary Type 99
added 20mm flak battery
added 40mm flak battery
added MG81Z_Air

adjusted cullradiusscale for jungle_tree15c_m1
adjusted geometry scale for jungle_tree15c_m1
adjusted billboarddistance for jungle_tree15c_m1
added Bocage vegetation


set all weapon velocities to RL specs
set all weapon loadouts to RL specs
adjusted HP's for all planes
adjusted timetoliveafterdeath for all planes
re-coded physics for all planes
added HVAR rockets (new model)
adjusted firing time/speed/aiming of HVAR rockets
added RS-82 rockets (new model)

added the following plane templates:
A6M2 - 2 Type 97's (cowl mount), 2 Type 99 cannons (wing mount)
B17AP (auto-piloted) - 500lb bombs auto-dropped
BF109 E-3 - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 3 MG-FF/M cannons (2 wing mount, 1 spinner mount)
BF109 E-4 - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 2 MG-FF/M cannons (2 wing mount)
BF109 F-2  - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 1 MG-151/15 cannon (spinner mount)
BF109 F-2 Tropical  - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 1 MG-151/15 cannon (spinner mount)
BF109 F-4  - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 1 MG-151/20 cannon (spinner mount)
BF109 F-4 Tropical  - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 1 MG-151/20 cannon (spinner mount)
BF109 G-6  - 2 MG131's (cowl mount), 1 MG-151/20 cannon (spinner mount)
BF110  - 4 MG17's (nose mount), 2 MG-151/20 cannons (nose mount)
C-47 "Air Train"
D3A1 - 2 Type 97's (cowl mount), 4 250kg bombs (underwing mount)
D3A1-T - 2 Type 97's (cowl mount), 1 Torpedo (fuselage mount)
F4U - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount), 6 HVAR rockets (underwing mount)
F6F-3  - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount)
F6F-5  - 4 Browning M2's (wing mount), 2 Hispano Mk II cannons (wing mount)
FW190-A  - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 4 MG-151/20 cannons (wing mount)
FW190-D  - 2 MG131's (cowl mount), 2 MG-151/20 cannons (wing mount)
Hellcat  - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount)
Ilyushin-2M - 2 ShVAK cannons (wing mount), 4 RS-82 rockets (underwing mount)
Ju87 - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 4 250kg bombs (underwing mount)
Ju87-G  - 2 MG 81Z's (wing mount), 2 BK 3,7 Cannons (gondola wing mount)
KI-61  - 2 Ho-103's (cowl mount), 2 Ho 3 cannons (wing mount)
KittyHawk  - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount), 1 250lb bomb (fuselage mount)
Me109e-3 - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 3 MG-FF/M cannons (2 wing mount, 1 spinner mount)
Me109e-4 - 2 MG17's (cowl mount), 2 MG-FF/M cannons (2 wing mount)
Me262  - 4 MK 108's (nose mount)
P-40  - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount)
P-40E  - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount), 1 250lb bomb (fuselage mount)
P-47  - 8 Browning M2's (wing mount), 10 HVAR rockets (underwing mount)
P-47D  - 8 Browning M2's (wing mount), 1 1000lb bomb (fuselage mount)
P-51 - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount), 6 HVAR rockets (underwing mount)
P-51D - 6 Browning M2's (wing mount), 2 500lb bombs (underwing mount)
SturmVogel  - 2 MK 108's (nose mount), 1 500kg bomb (fuselage mount)
Thunderbolt  - 8 Browning M2's (wing mount), 2 500lb bombs (underwing mount)
Tony  - 2 Ho-103's (cowl mount), 2 Ho 3 cannons (wing mount)
Zeke - 2 Type 97 (cowl mount), 2 Type 99 (wing mount)

set all weapon velocities to more realistic specs
set all weapon loadouts to more realistic specs
adjusted HP's for all vehicles
adjusted timetoliveafterdeath for all vehicles
re-coded physics for all vehicles

added the following vehicle templates:
25pdr MkII Field Gun
Achilles IIC
GAZ-67 Russian Fieldcar
Hanomag (added deployable ammo crates)
Harley Davidson XA
M3A1  (added deployable ammo crates)
M3 Grant
M4A2 76mm
M4A3E8 "Easy Eight"
M7 Priest
Panther Ausf. A (added smoke grenades, commander position)
PanzerIV Ausf. D
PanzerIV Ausf. F2
PanzerIV Ausf. H
Tiger I Ausf. E (added smoke grenades, commander position)
Sherman Firefly IC
T34-85 (added commander position)


added the following ship templates:
Akagi (IJN carrier) - added 4 20mm AA gun positions
Akizuki (IJN destroyer)
Hatsuzuki (IJN destroyer)
Hiryu (IJN carrier) - added 4 20mm AA gun positions
I-168 (IJN submarine)
Shimozuki (IJN destroyer)
Shokaku (IJN carrier) - added 4 20mm AA gun positions
USS Anderson (USN destroyer)
USS Fletcher (USN destroyer)
USS Enterprise (USN carrier) - added 4 40mm bofors AA positions
USS Hornet (USN carrier) - added 4 40mm bofors AA positions
USS Iowa (USN battleship)
USS Lexington (USN carrier) - added 4 40mm bofors AA positions
USS Morris (USN destroyer)
USS Gato (USN submarine)
USS Yorktown (USN carrier) - added 4 40mm bofors AA positions
Zuikaku (IJN carrier) - added 4 20mm AA gun positions
Kasserine Pass - by takiwa
Petrenkov - by takiwa
The Coral Sea - by takiwa
Villers Bocage - by takiwa
Wake Island - by takiwa


Battle of the Bulge
El Alamein
Omaha Beach
New Sounds
New Textures
All Original Vehicles
All Original Handweapons
All Original Stationary Weapons

 •  takiwa - Overall Development, Coding, Textures, Mapping, Modeling
 •  The Hail of Nails - Modeling
 •  cees - Sounds/Sound Coding, Research
 •  felix - Research
 •  Woody - Head of Beta Testing

 •  Striker
 •  YamaLlama
 •  [TeamFHA] members
 •  [1stVCav] members


 •  psychoslaphead
 •  DuNeHaZarD
 •  FourCentsShy
 •  Phantom
 •  quazi
 •  OggMonstah
 •  greenbud

 •  Phantom (cloud code)
 •  psychoslaphead (some AI coding, some plane coding)
 •  Inusaba DogFight Mod (FW190-A, FW190-D, F6F Hellcat, KI-61 models)
 •  Sam "Snerdley" Fischer (P-47 Thunderbolt model)
 •  FourCentsShy (some AI coding, some general coding)
 •  greenbud (some AI coding)
 •  XWW2 (Panther Ausf. A model)
 •  The Lost Battalion (P-40 model)
 •  -=Killah=- (some pacific textures)
 •  Orbis Factor (some player skins)
 •  Jingo (some player skins)
 •  Realistic European Frontline (factory interiors idea)

 •  Anyone else that was forgotten/overlooked, please forgive me! Contact me for inclusion in the next updated changelog...

 •  Thanks to EA Games/Digital Illusions, C.E. for the original Battlefield 1942 game.
 •  A very special thanks to Eric M. Isaacson and Gary Novak of Kronos Recording West (http://www.kronosrecording.com) for the custom Menu, Win, and Lose music that they composed for this mod.
 •  A special thanks to TeamFHA for the use of their #2 server (IP:, both pre- and post-release.
 •  Also, thanks to the members of TeamFHA and 1stVCav for their help in beta/play testing this mod.
 •  Thanks to BF1942Files.com for hosting our team website and forums.
 •  Thank you to all the other server-side mods (BG42, DC, FH, XWW2, and others) that influenced the coding and gameplay of WarFront in one way or another. This is a community mod, and (hopefully) reflects a community effort to make Battlefield 1942 a better game for all who play.

Gerade macht sich ein neuer Entwickler an der Mod, wir werden dran bleiben, ob es was wird. Hier ist der.....

Kontakt und News Bereich der Mod verlinkt: click here

Sonntag, 9. September 2018

FHSW: Yubari sighted!

Yubari Performance - Test

Kürzlich haben die Japaner von FHSW das überarbeitete Japanische Kriegsschiff Yubari getestet. Dabei ging es darum, die 120mm Kanone des 1944-Typs korrekt schiesst. Und das die erzeugten Effekte um das Schiff herum korrekt angezeigt werden.

Quelle: fhsw.forumatic.com

Mittwoch, 5. September 2018

Experience WWII v2.6 Reminder

Im Jahre 2005 veröffentlichte das Experience World War II Team ihre Finale Modversion für die Battlefield 1942 Engine. Es gab 4 neue Maps, allerhand neuer Waffen, Panzer, Flugzeuge und mit den Chinesen auch eine neue Armee an Bord. Lange Zeit war ein COOP Server geschaltet, auf dem auch wir uns ab und zu eingefunden haben. Das besondere der Mod ist der Fokus auf das Kimme und Korn zielen. Damals war die Mod ihrer Zeit vorraus, was das ein oder andere Feature betrifft. Durchgesetzt haben sich die Mods in Sachen 2.Weltkrieg von Forgotten Hope 0.7 mit ihrer Schwester Mod FHSW und Battlegroup42. Um die Experience WW2 Mod ohne Probleme zu zocken, braucht ihr den aktuellsten Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.61 sowie beide Teile der XWWII v.2.6 Mod. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim ausprobieren und spielen ;)

















Experience WW2 v2.6 (2 Parts):  Download

Or seperate Download Links

Mirror Experience WW2 v2.6 (Part 1): Download    Mirror (Part 2): Download

 XWWII Final v2.6 BETA Change Log: (^=Tested)

# ^01. Added JagdPanther.(BA)
# ^02. Added Chinese Army.(Zz)
# ^03. Added KI61.(Zz)(TLB)
# ^04. Added New M1 Carbine.(BA)
# ^05. Added RGD-33.(BA)
# ^06. Renamed Millsgrenade1 to Millsgrenade.(Zz)
# ^07. Added ThompsonM1928.(DD)(Sean)(BA)
# ^08. Added Type99Arisaka and Type99ArisakaBayonet.(Zz)
# ^09. Added Smokegrenade and AxisSmokeGrenade.(Buko)
# ^10. Added Cromwell.(BA)
# ^11. Added Vickers.(TLB)(Zz)
# ^12. Added LSboot.(MS)
# ^13. Added Ha-Go.(TLB)(MS)
# ^14. Added Beaufort.(TLB)(MS)
# ^15. Added Greasegun.(Sean)(Zz)
# ^16. Added TommyM1928_LOD.(BA)
# ^17. Added ground kits Greasegun/28Tommy.(BA)
# ^18. Added Matilda_II.(TLB)(BA)
# ^19. Added new corrected weapon meshes for Tommygun, no4, k98.(Liberation mod)(J05)
# ^20. Added new German Hip pack.(Liberation mod)(J05)
# ^21. Adjusted ROF of all semi autos.(BA)
# ^22. Removed Pistol and hoslter from German_hippack.(BA)
# ^23. Added/created German_hippack_officer w/pistol & holster.(BA)
# ^24. Added new Us_hippack.(Liberation mod)(J05)
# ^25. Removed Pistol and hoslter from Us_hippack_m1.(BA)
# ^26. Added/created Us_hippack_officer w/pistol & holster.(BA)
# ^27. Added USS Texas.(MS)
# ^28. Added Lumberjack spawn kit.(Zz)(TLB)
# ^29. Added stationary_type99.(MS)
# ^30. Added Fallshirmjagerlate.(Zz)
# ^31. Added PIAT.(Zz)
# Bugs Fixed: ^01. Grant 37mm cannon crosshair removed.(BA)
# Bugs Fixed: ^02. Renamed PPSh43 to PPS43.(BA)
# Bugs Fixed: ^03. Fixed Panther colo1 issue that was causing it to get stuck on bridges.(BA)
# Bugs Fixed: ^04. Adjusted All sniper rifle mindev down.(BA)
# Bugs Fixed: ^05. Fixed Stuka net code Bomb issue.(Zz)
# Bugs Fixed: ^06. Fixed Kt Left Tread Animation.(BA)
# KNOWN ISSUES: 5. Camera Continues to Shake in Aircraft after Ammo is spent
# KNOWN ISSUES: 6. Tiger Tank Slides Up Hill
# KNOWN ISSUES: 7. Iron Sights show up in Artillery Call
 Changelog Copied from: bf-games.net

Quelle: gamewatcher.com

Samstag, 1. September 2018

Applying aX Fix To A Warserver And Add Server To Gametracker


Battlefield 1942 Download and install Tutorial, create by bf-league.eu: https://www.bf-league.eu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=711&Itemid=362

17. Applying aX Fix To A Warserver And Add Server To Gametracker

Ax Fix League Topic here.

Gametracker League Topic here.


What/how to do:

On Linux: you just have to this line: master.gamespy.com

to /etc/hosts file.


On Windows, you need to write the above line to:

(Or You can use the fixes)

Finally, you have to restart the Battlefield server(s) From the BFSM(s), same for all other servers on the same IP.

You can check here if your server is on the list:


2. Adding your server to the gametracker server database is strongly recommended to be visible also in GSC!

What to do:
go to gametracker website, then register. If you have GSC account, use that.

Once you have registered and logged in, go to Servers then scroll down a bit.

Game type: Battlefield 1942
Type in your ip or domain name.
Type in the join port.
Type in the Query port.

Query port of the server can be found in BFRM / BFSM - GAMESPY INET PORT.
Add server.
If there is any problem, then contact the admin team. Last Updated ( Sat, 22. April 2017 )

Thanks to "fearofthedarkhu" from the is82.com Community for the advice to check out!

Source: bf-league.eu

Dienstag, 28. August 2018

Battlefield 1942 and BFV Modding Tutorial wiki started!


Did you need some help in Battlefield 1942/Vietnam modding Questions?
If do you have the wish to change this game in your way or idea, you are here right.  You think about the question, "why Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam in one Tutorial"?

 Explaining the Botinator Strategic Area problem by DNMARO:


BF42 Adding AI - Part 1
Based on Tutorials by Arc D'Wraith


 It is because this two games are not far away from. You can adapt some features from BFV to BF42 and versa. We will just hope to wake the modding experience up in you.

BF42 Understanding the AI - Part 2 - Strategic Areas on "Operation Aberdeen"



There you can go to the bf1942 and BF Vietnam wiki: klick hier

Follow your experience be a modding artist for Battlefield 1942! Fresh blood welcome!

Mittwoch, 22. August 2018

Interstate 82: meets the add on "Road to Rome"

We have some more News for you from the Interstate 82 Modding side. The guys really active to create some new exciting racing maps. Last week they make a 24 hours Event on the Server, with a specially Mappack which contains new Maps to play. Now there is a new Map, what come to the family, its one of the "Road to Rome"(x-pack 1) Add On Maps from the Battlefield 1942 game.
The new Map is created by "GoodDayToDie" for is82.
Name of the new Map is Baytown (X-Pack 1) a BF 1942 Add On Landing Zone Italy vs GB Map Converted to the Interstate 82 Mod!!


Baytown Races: Download

By the way, all this cool new Maps which Released in 2018 need a new full upload in a big all in Interstate 82 giga Package like the 2014 one here:  

Interstate 82 Mod Full installer 2014Download

Some more Pictures for you:


And the winner is? 


Looks like a result from a exploding bomb in the garage, Oh no, my beautiful cars.


Look into this dream car garage. Which is your favourite?

Who is the fastes one? The yellow or the white with the stripes one?


Gimme a beer.


Smoke like in China from the roof view.

WEB LINK TO ORIGINAL NEWS: http://is82.com/news.php?item.599


Blackmedal jeep
German Motorcycle thing
Willy Jeep
Lynx Armor
Lancia Stratos
Snow mobiles
Monster Trucks




Don't let the the Interstate 82 cars and beautiful race tracks waiting, show your race skills to us!

Autor:  GoodDayToDie

Source: bfmods.com and  is82.com