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Samstag, 30. Juni 2018

BF 1942 Mod: Desert Combat 2 by Jim2102


DC2, a total conversion mod for Battlefield 1942

Desert Combat 2 (or abbreviated as DC2) is a total conversion mod for Battlefield 1942 based off of the 2 mods created by Jim2102: Desert Combat and DC Final. The mod takes place during the First Gulf War with the U.S. vs Iraq. DC2 brings a whole new version of gameplay to the original Desert Combat, including over 200 new maps, a few made by our DC2 Devs, and most of them made by the community. It will also feature custom maps from DC Extended, Enhanced DC, and even a few maps from the 21st Century Warfare mod, a tournament DC mod that was popular when DC first came out. DC2 also has new weapons and equipment added, like portable sandbags and bushes for snipers to hide. DC2 will also have new weapons and soldier skins added soon. The main goal for DC2 is to create fully functional bot support for all maps in the mod, so far about 20-25% of the maps have finished bot support. Hopefully, with the help of the playtesters, we can release this mod in the near future.

If you would like to help playtest the mod, you can join the DC2 Discord server here: https://discord.gg/Sth5tBa

The mod has over 200 individual maps, if you want to see some screenshots and information for them, feel free to check out the Maps Section

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Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018

SuperDC dev work blog June 2nd 2018

Today we have some small developers work (bbfplayer) from the Super DC v2.2 about the overworked hand rifles.
Overworked are the AK 47GP, AK 74 GP, Dragunov (your know from the Vietnam Mod that famous rifle)  bbfplayer have the old models replacedforthe new one.

bbfplayer have still some problems with his mod.

He need some more sources from where he could get free or pay models???

l85A2 , l86A ,UMP45 for SAS Edited.

1.) Desert Combat + Final: Download

2.) Got the "SuperDC v 2.20" (March 2017) here (Link fixed 06/2018): Download

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018

Battlefield 1942 Custom Map Series #4

"Fields of the Fallen"

                                                         created by:

                                  LoÜ Cipher------[304]------Great Scott

This is the first of many [304] maps, and it's just me and Scott so it takes a while.

* Install by placing the "304 Fields of the Fallen.rfa" in your Battlefield 1942 levels folder.

* Level Description
Playable modes: Conquest / Capture the Flag / Team Deathmatch

* Seven Flags:
* The Church / The Creek / The Mound / The Graveyard / The Farm / The Pond / and The Windmill.

* You can Capture all 7 flags.
* Tickets start to drop when 4 flags are taken.
* Allied / America start at The Windmill.
* Axis / Germany start at The Church.
* Great spots for intense play, and great views for snipers.
* Nice Tree Stands with Mounted guns.
* Rafts / Motorcycles / Jeeps.
* Health and Ammo box sets at the Church / Creek / Farm / Graveyard /  Windmill and One set
   sunk in the creek near the stairs and rafts at the Church end.
* Parachute Spawns when "The Mound" is taken.
* note: In CTF mode The Windmill and The Chuch are the Capturable Flags, but the others can be taken for spawn points.

This map has taken awhile. We hope you like it, and there are more maps on the way. Including     The Sickest Plane Map Ever!!! [304]-Pilot School.

*Any questions/comments:

 email:  Skatan2366@hotmail.com

 [304]-LoÜ-Cipher      Aim: DJ E2daB                              
 [304]-Great-Scott      Aim: Scottallica7


Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018

FHSW: Tournement and "Standalone"


In 4 steps new players can join the campaign now!

1.) Get this Basic, it is ready up patched for you: Download

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 (Win 7/8/10 installer): Download

3.) FHSW 0.6: Download

4.) FHSW v0.61: Download

5.) FHSW mappack 1+2: Download

6.) Teamspeak 3: Download


Additional Guide: http://fhsw.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_Guide

More you didnt need, please share this solution for all the people who want to join this campaign. Get them Download the Compaign compilation! Share it please to everyone you can.


Author: buddydog

Source: forgottenhonor.nl

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018

Battlefield 1942: about Mod Tools 2018

Today we have a news about the favourite mod tool from the dev "duffman" used, and more some about the developing work in Battlefield 1942 for you. The following news content is created on the bfmods.com community:

I discovered this tool a couple of month back, and its really "bang on" and perfect for game development, and I use it for Battlefield map development.

This tool is awesome for anyone that is doing 3D models, textures, graphics and level/map building (pretty much everything except programming)! Anyway, the tool is a reference "thing", its a place holder for all images/photos that you would use as a reference to what you are trying to make!

In a nutshell its a keyboard shortcut pop-up with a screen where you can copy and paste any images, with endless size, zoom, position, and giant workbench size, and can be saved per project. It has no fancy gui, it was made with artist and reference in mind, but not as a primary tool but to support the tool you are already using (3D Max/Maya/Photoshop/Battlecraft etc).

Its free, got a tiny learning curve on the keyboard shortcuts. I used to copy and paste save images for inspiration into a seperate folder for that project, and look at that. But this thing is just another level above!!

Screenshot is copy and paste images from google image search of "related" stuff to my map idea, and screenshots from google earth for locations that I like, and the map I am working on.. basically the pureref screen helps me to reference the feel of things that I want, didnt mean to sound like an advertising poster, but I really like this tool..
Battlefield 1942  Mod Tool Download: https://www.pureref.com/about.php

Autor: duffman

Source: bfmods.com

Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

SuperDC: developers Blog June 2018

Now we have some new news about the SuperDC Mod, which is developing by "bbfplayer". Lets start with the first part of the news. At first there are some pictures about the Scud Model replacing for the russian rocket launcher. You can play the black russian rocket launcher soon in beauty camouflage, as special you cannot only move the rocket for aiming up and down, you can put it left and right from your position, without moving the car:


The second Part is about the replaced DCX T90 Tanks.


This Model looks more better:

But thats not all of the news, in the third part we have some about the T55 new model, T80 tank and helmets converted from bf3/4 to russian faction:






Here you can see the good Helmet results:

SuperDC v2.2: Download

A Server to play SuperDC online is temporary daily online.

Autor: bbfplayer

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com