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Samstag, 29. September 2018

BF 1942: Die Lustige Seite des Spiels! #3

Am heutigen Tag stellen wir euch den dritten und vorerst letzten Teil der Lustigen Illustrationen vor. Die Charlie Hebdos der BF 1942 Community waren wieder fleißig.
Der Nutzer XkonjinaX wollte Battlefield 1942 mal von der Illustren Seite beleuchten, dazu veränderte er die Ingame Bilder zum lustigen. Wir würden Vorschlagen ihr genießt den dritten Band der Serie:







Posted by: XkonjinaX


Wir hoffen euch hat de dritte und vorerst letzte Teil der Lustigen Illustrationen über Battlefield 1942 gefallen? Sollte es eine Fortsetzung geben, dann führen wir den Band für euch hier weiter. Also bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass wir Band vier hier bald vorstellen können.

Quelle: forum.bf1942.sk

Dienstag, 25. September 2018

Pimp up your BF Server from 64 Slots up to 256 Slots!

Today we want present to you the possibility to up your Server Slots from 64 Players up to 256 Players. This open the possibility to create more larger maps.

Like Lotte the developer from the Eve of Destruction v2.51 (Vietnam) Mod do. Name of the large EoD Map was Infinite. The Map is also included in the 2012 Final built Release too. This map bet you action for maybe 256 Bots. We tested and play the Infinite Map for 50 Bots.

Two times "Infinite" to land and air:

Here the Original summary of

As for the executable binary, here's my modified .exe as well as the necessary .rfa files which allow to play against 256 players/bots in coop mode:

Download for your map or mod:

or here


The .exe is the current file from -=[aX]=- and team-simple as the old binaries provided by FH team (indicated by this public tutorial  post in ModDB)http://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-1942/tutorials/increase-max-bots-in-bf1942-co-op-and-mods-255-max

and FHR developer ziba128 still requires a BF1942 disc inserted in optical drive while gaming, as well as no widescreen support and unpatched master server.

Please let me know if it works (Source and discussion Thread): click here

Author: Swaffy, al13326

Source: bfmods.com