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Dienstag, 21. Mai 2019

Warfront 3.51 Patch Update coming soon!

Warfront 3.51 Patch Update 

Today I share with you the contents of the 3.51 patch, as well as the unveiling of a new map for the 'Front... 

The Battle for Stalingrad  

This map is my attempt to copy the Stalingrad diorama located in the Stalingrad Museum. Although some of the paths have been changed, and some areas added for gameplay, this is about as close as you will come to the real thing...

Warfront v3.5 Full Version 04/19: Download

Warfront Bot Count Patch (for the Singleplayer needed) Download

 Currently there is a Multiplayer COOP Server online for you:

The Germans begin in the Northwest corner, with a formidable fighting force. Their objective: to capture at least 1 base to stop their ticket bleed, and 3 bases to bleed the Russians.

Their first target will most likely be the Worker's Housing area, which was the first area of Stalingrad to fall to the Germans in early '43.

After the advance through the maze of destruction and rubble, the City Park is next. An open area, it is best to let the armored vehicles fight this one out, as any infantry caught in the open make prime targets for snipers.

Heading south through the city will bring you to the Communist Party Square, home of the famous "Children's Khorovod" fountain. Although I have not modeled this fountain true to life, it is represented by a fountain that can be used for concealment.

To the east of the Communist Party Square is the Factory area. This was historically not in this part of the city, but I included it to pay homage to the savage fighting around the real Tractor Factory in Stalingrad.

Finally, south of the Communist Party Square is the Railroad. The broken down T-34's left here by the Russians led the Germans to believe that they did not have a formidable fighting force left in the city to defend it. I have paid homage to this with my own row of destroyed T-34s...and maybe one that isn't broke.

This map is in testing at the moment, with full AI support, and is currently getting all of it's lightmaps generated. Look for it in the 3.51 Patch!

The current changelog (with several bugs still in testing):

Warfront v3.51 Patch Changelog

Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. Overwrite or replace files if prompted.
Bug Fixes:
Removed ships on GuadalCanal that were causing SP CTD
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Corregidor (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Battle For Ortona (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Budapest (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed ticket bleed issue on Santa Cruz (a team must cap 3 flags to cause bleed to the enemy)
Fixed flags on Santa Cruz (Japanese flag was represented as Russian)
Fixed vanilla Zero spawn on Santa Cruz (replaced with A6M2)
Fixed ammo type on K98 sniper rifle (can now reload magazines from ammobox)
Fixed ammo type for vehicle coaxial and hull MGs (can now reload magazines from ammobox)
Fixed missing ammo icon for IS-2 (122mmAP)
Switched pilot kits on Khalkhin Gol to correct team
Fixed alpha settings for M8 Greyhound cockpit view
General Changes:
Changed AI for Corregidor
Increased loadout of Japanese planes on Pearl Harbor (for human pilots, no need to reload as much):
-- Bomb loadout increased from 2 to 6
-- Torpedo loadout increased from 1 to 3
Reduced hit points on all Pearl Harbor objectives:
-- Hangars reduced from 8000 to 6000
-- Ships reduced from 12000 to 9000
New/Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer/Co-op mode):
Battle of Stalingrad (Warfront map by takiwa, with AI)

Until next time, takiwa

Autor/Developer: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2019

Forgotten Hope: Pixel-Fighter D-Day 2019 Event!

PFC Forgotten Hope Mod D-Day for the 10 time 2019!!!

we prouldly present it at:  

D-Day Event  on Thursday 6th of june 2019 at 18 GMT+1

Because the past two years we had too few slots availabe,   
we offer you this time     
in total 128 slots.  
There is no need to enlist yourself for this exciting event , or signing up in forum for it !  

All you need is the: 

-=PFC=- D-Day Mappacks  

which U can download here:

1.) The Basic: Download

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7:  Download

 Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Server: Pixel-Fighter.com FH/RANKED
Server IP:


of course the best way to get the D-Day Mappack is using the FH 1 Toolbox which U can download here:

Following servers will be available for the D-Day Event, on which we run the same D-Day maps by chronological order: including brand NEW! maps!

If the download is broken please try it manual: put it in your Searchline into your Browser + Map.rar!

Your Server IP to join:

Pimp up your good old FH 0.7 Mod with a bloody screen effect or Sound and Texture Pack for a more WW2 realism experience!


 Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst ♫ + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download

Additional Maps for the Mappack Events:

PFC Custom Maps:

Filefront Custom Maps:

Autor/Dev/Leader: -=PFC=- Grabbi

Montag, 6. Mai 2019

Warfront: This is a patch for the bot count issue with Singleplayer mode!

Bot Count Patch  

A patch is available which fixes the bot count in Single Player mode. The slider will now correctly control how many bots are spawned in the map.  When selecting a map, the thumbnails show the suggested max number of bots for that map, but all maps can spawn up to 255 bots with the slider at 1600%. On some maps, setting the bot count to 255 will cause severe lag, so it is recommended that the suggested bot max on the thumbnail be used.

Warfront v3.5 Full Version 04/19: Download

Warfront Bot Count Patch (for the Singleplayer needed) : Download

 Currently there is a Multiplayer COOP Server online for you:


This patch also adds the Flammpanzer III to a few maps...Check the Eastern European maps after Feb 1943 to play it ;)

Autor/Dev: takiwa

Source: moddb.com