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Samstag, 12. März 2016

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Portable Release!

We are proud to present to you today the Release of the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Poratable a fully working version of FH 0.7 including Battlefield 1942, all patches and tweaks to help fans enjoying this game. "We can’t hold these all people problems with the installation, there is too much work for newbies... , they said"

It's made together by the [PFT] Team and Promotion of the last Forgotten Hope Server Community Pixel-Fighter.com.

The new video screen texture feature better your performance "sun direction" in compare to the usually maps.

Pictures to the light, water and sky effect (Map Fall Weiss):


To make this project real, they had helping tools like 010 Editor, Gimp and Winrar!

The Fogotten Hope 0.7 Portable Project isn't a buisness. It's a way to beware a good community, which is estabilished 14th years ago.
The Way of the installation is as simply as possible. The one folder – the one game. Just copy on your disc and play.

You do not need to install bf1942 with patches, not a masterserver fix, not a widescreen fix, not an HD menu patch, not the plenty of mappacks. You have even the best of soundpacks and texturepacks mixed here all in one Package.

FH Portable contains:

1) FHSW Soundpack for FH 0.7
2) Historical Textures Pack for 0.7 by Mr Cheese v2
3) MAPPACKS: FH FANMAPPACK v1,3,4,5,6, and PFC No1, No2, No3, No4, No5
4) Forgotten Hope VERSION 0.70
5) Battlefield 1942® patched to ver.1.61b by EA DICE
6) HD MENU ( 1920x1200 for example)
7) Masterserver shutdown FIX (searching all online servers)
8) High Resolution FIX (selecting in menu)

Download two parts and follow the readme file in the 1st part.

Part 1: Download

Part 2 (Optional Mappacks): Download

SEE YOU ON THE Forgotten Hope Pixel-Fighter.com SERVER!

Source: Polish FH 0.7 Community on Facebook

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Skele Joop hat gesagt…

THx to the Devs,making this Awesome USB FH Release.

And THx for Sharing it HG Clan !!

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