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Dienstag, 26. Februar 2019

BF 1942: Dicord Server? We are arrived!

Seit einigen Jahren erobert ein Medium mehr und mehr die Gaming Community. Auch wir versuchen da mitzumachen, damit wir nicht hinten runterfallen. Das verbreitungs Medium, um das es geht wird jedem bekannt sein? Ja, Dicord, eine Plattform, bein der man Livestreams zu den spielen erstellen kann, praktisch seinen eigenen Fernsehsender mit eigenem Live Programm und eigenen Zuschauern schalten. Der franzose MaxR35 [fr] hat einen Battlefield 1942 Dicord Server in französischer Sprache für uns.

Battlefiled 1942 Dicord Server: https://discord.gg/RjxFREw

Movie Appetizer:

Source: team-simple.org

Freitag, 22. Februar 2019

Battlefield 1942 Modding Tutorial: From the community for the community!

Heute wollen wir den Tüftlern da draußen ein paar einblicke ins Battlefield 1942 modding bieten. Dies versuchen wir Anhand von ein paar Videos aus dem größten Videoportal der Welt für euch zu ermöglichen. Hierbei sticht uns angenehm das Video von der Interstate 82 Community raus. Leider sind da andere Mod Communities noch nicht auf die Idee gekommen. So kann man auf jedenfall Tüftler da draußen begeistern, sich mal an das Projekt Battlefield 1942 zu wagen oder sich in ein bereits bestehendes Mod Team einzufinden.

Battlefield 1942 Projekte gibt es noch zur Auswahl. Wenn ihr also  ein Team sucht, bei denen ihr eure Fähigkeit ausleben wollt, dann tretet bitte mit uns in Kontakt hier über unsere Kommentar Funktion, am Ende des Artikels.

BF 1942 - Interstate 82 Modding Tutorial:

How to make a map in ED42 - Battlefield 1942 Editor:

Battlefield 1942 how to patch and use mods:

BF1942 Tutorial Modding Level Patch:

Basic server modifications - Battlecraft 1942 tutorial:

Source: youtube.com

Montag, 18. Februar 2019

BF 1942: Gunner's Mod Release!

Hi, guys!
Your developer  from the "Gunner's" Battlefield 1942 Mod mangomango here! Here is my mod. Hopefully I'm not too late with it.

04.02.2019 UPDATE

This mod is range of experiments I've done to the game.

+3 submods, as promised.

Changelog small excerpts:
 I'm also announcing a range of sub-mods for this mod:
- HC mod - more damage for hand fire arms (one shot kill is more than often)
- No tank smoke - as it says, blow up immediately
- Driver's mod - different (more realistic) vehicle handling + tank telescopes (I have troubles though setting up AI for this mod)

Gunner's Mod Download now, you can get in contact there to the developer:

The campaign is still broken. I don't remove it because it still may be interesting to play it. It has glitches, but you can actually play it.

Additional stuff:

Artillery Maps - map previews with the stuff placed on them. 1 m per pixel. (I need to update them though)





 All guns and vehicles one map as special for you. I used this map to test the stuff

Autor: mangomango

Source: bfmods.com, moddb.com

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019

SuperDC mini demo release 2019

SuperDC v2.3 mini-demo
Intermediate mini version of the mod. He decided to share the progress.

-new weapons
-new vehicles
-new effects
-no France, EU, Serbia for now. (factions far from complete)
-weapons for all sides -not finished
-new sdc water system.
-mod has a random level crash problem

bbfplayer hope to can add Japan and Israel in future.

If do you can help or want to test, or get in contact with the developer bbfplayer: click here Feedbacks also important.

SuperDC v2.3 mini demo, contains the german Bundeswehr: torrent or torrent or Download

Making some changers in old levels.











Autor: bbfplayer

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2019

Desert Combat: Rain effect, Snow and nothern light effect!

Welp scratch the DC Nimitz Infiltration map idea, Jim2102 the developer, couldn't exactly get what I wanted for that map and I also found out that a player named Sephiroth made a Desert Combat map called Carrier Scramble. Essentially that map was the same thing I was going for, so I decided to scrap mine. But I got a better idea... will post some more updates soon

Rain and Thunder effect:

Snow and Nothern Light effect:

But anyways, wanted to show you guys something that I've been working on lately: Animated sky textures. I made a pretty cool lightning skybox that is perfect for rainy/stormy maps, and um oh yeah, an aurora/northern lights skybox perfect for maps that take place in the arctic/northern regions, or just winter night maps in general. I may make some DC maps for these... check out the clips below of these in action.

Al Khafji Docks challenge:

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019

Battlegroup42 RC4 Patch in works + Strasbourg Map Event!

Hi guys,
since the release of BattleGroup42 Final RC4 on 9th of December 2018, we’ve already received some bug reports. In order to keep you informed about bugs that have already been fixed, this post will be continuously updated with a list of reported and fixed bugs. This way, we hope to avoid the same bug being reported over and over again. The first patch for RC4 will include at least all of the bug fixes mentioned in the list below. Important fixes that remove game crashes or major impacts on the gameplay are highlighted!

31st of January 2019 – fixed bugs and code/map changes

  • vehicle fixes
    • fixed OT-34/85 missing engine sound
    • added missing right side road wheel on Kangaroo
    • fixed the misaligned suspension on Sturmpanzer II
    • fixed missing recoil on gunbarrel of Semovente 75/18
    • fixed faulty first person view on bow mg of M3 Light (all variants)
    • moved the gunner seat of the Wespe to a better position
    • fixed wrong soundscript for engine of ISU-152
    • fixed missing sound for rear machine guns on He-111 torpedo bomber
    • fixed game crash when destroying the ZIS-3 gun (both stationary and mobile version)
  • map fixes
    • added missing static object on 4006-dunkirk_perimeter
    • fixed faulty soldier spawns on 4208-jiangxi
    • changed the US soldier kits to US Marine kits on 4410-clash_on_surigao
    • added missing textures for some tree meshes
    • fixed wrong texture for Flak 36 on 4005-montherme
    • fixed wrong spawn of B-4 howitzer on 4108-uman_pocket
    • changed US Rifleman Springfield kit to M1 Garand kit on 4204-fall_of_bantaan
    • fixed floating fences on 4307-prokhorovka
    • switched Serbian Soldiers on 4405-raid_on_drvar to new Yugoslavian Partisans (thanks to Laufer for the content)
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4406-fox_green
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4411-operation_infatuate
    • fixed typo in map description of 4501-operation_matador
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-pounding_the_rock
    • fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-royan_outskirts
    • added missing effect soundscript to 4504-royan_outskirts
  • various fixes and additions
    • changed the Italian Navy flag to the correct one
    • fixed soldier kits using the wrong “Assault” description (machine gunners for example)
    • fixed size of some soldier helmets (thanks to Laufer)
    • fixed damage of Breda 42 anti tank grenade
    • reworked Soviet “Pilotka” hat (thanks to Laufer)
    • added Valentine III and IX to Russian repair depot
    • started damage system overhaul. This was necessary due to some values being too low or too high.

Movie Appetizer:

Battlegroup42 RC4 have Cows on the farms (bf1942.sk):

This list will be updated as soon as there are new fixes available

Autor: Sarge31FR

Source: battlegroup42.de  and forum.bf1942.sk

The famous Battlefield 1942 developer and BF 1942 League Member Black Mamba will hosting a fun map event on Saturday, February 16th, starting at 18:30 CET.
The maps to be played will be Strasbourg SW and Strasbourg Airborne, plus a few other other possible custom maps which I am still trying to figure out.

The event will be held on the BF1942 Mini League [GER] server in Germany.

https://www.gametracker.com/server_info … 231:14568/

Download link and pictures below.

http://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic. … 51#p125951

Autor: Black Mamba

Source: team-simple.org

Samstag, 2. Februar 2019

SuperDCv 2.3 Preview 6: Challenger to Challenger 2 tank update!

Schaut euch die fünfte preview zur SuperDC v2.3Mod, created by "bbfplayer" Modern Warfare setzt neue Massstäbe. Die ganzen neuen neuen Scopes werde nauch unsere Sniper Freunde da draussen lieben und auch wir finden die Scopes zu den Handfeuerwaffen super. Auch auf die Deutsche Bunndeswehr freuen wir uns total. Ein Glück, dass es so ein Modbares Spiel wie Battlefield1942 gibt, sonst wäre die Welt um wunderbare Mods wie SuperDC Ärmer.

Wer genauso wie wir nicht genug von "bbfplayers" SuperDC bekommen kann, der sollte sich die aktuelle Version herunterladen und spielen.  

SuperDC v2.2 ist unter dem Abschnitt Desert Combat zu finden: Download

Quelle: battlefieldsingleplayer.com