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Dienstag, 23. September 2014

BF 1942: 21st century "Dis MAH" v1.0 Fun Mod release!

There is a new 21 century fun Mod release made by "Mirage521" for you. Find out what all the weapons done. One another game play experience awaits you. 21st Century Mod movie
moddb.com: Anarchy! Mayhem! Holy crap, look at the size of that turret! "What Even Is This Mod?" teaches a very old dog new tricks. Cars will fly, The Force will be used, and that thing with the really big head will get flung across the map with the slightest touch. Be crazy! Be creative! Be the dumbest Battlefield player you've ever seen!

You want to download that cool stuff?

Here is the Link to the WEITM v1.5 Mod, Hit it: Mod Download

Have lot of fun with this mod!

 Source: Moddb.com

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

FHSW 0.552 released!

After a long wait the FHSW devs have finally released version 0.552. There was also 0.55 and 0.551 but I skipped them because they were very buggy and laggy and the devs said they would release a bugfix very soon.
I'll list all the news since the last release to give you an quick overview of what has been added: T28/T95 GMC Super Heavy Tank M24 Chaffee + T24E1 Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind + T77MGMC Tiger remodelled + Sturmtiger + rare Tiger variants Aichi E16A1 + Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa Japanese handheld AT weapons Huge landing crafts for the IJN and US Navy But there are also a lot of things added which haven't been mentioned in any news yet or we didn't cover properly on moddb like the new Panzer II late variants or Japanese tankettes. Also see the pictures below for some examples. FHSW_0.55_Changelog (thanks to MinefieldJoe for the translation)
New level bombing mechanic One huge gamplay related addition is the new bombing sight which allows proper level bombing for heavy bombers. On the minimap you can see two new icons which show the current position of your plane (reticle) in relation to the horizon (half blue/black circle).
If you go for a bombing run both indicators you have to be aligned which means your plane flies level.
Use then the bombing sight (left mouse click) to aim at your target. The center of the reticle is where the bombs will approximately hit.
Be aware that bombers with this new bomb sight can't be used as dive bomber anymore. Because of a built-in game mechanic you'll always miss the target. Practice and stay over the clouds! Then flak and fighters will have a hard time shooting you down. Original News and Source get: here click

Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

BF 1942 Origin: My way back to the front!

Dear Guys, I have find a way to play BF 1942 again. My BF 1942 CD problem was, i cannot join the server like before. My load times was too long 7 Minutes an more, i think my BF 1942 Mods freezed. But BF 1942 regular runs via CD fine. It doesnt help me the Host Patch or the Slovakia Patch, that wasnt a solution for me. I use BF 42 Origin for play my Mods. FH and FHSW works back again fine. My connect to the server time is now back fine. These are my steps: 1.) You have to got BF 1942 Origin as torrent (Copy and past the text into a new window): torrent 2.) I have download FH Origin: Download Area 3.) Then i have install the Patch: Download 4.) Tutorial for install the patch: Tutorial for the Patch After then it runs like the good old times.

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

Battlegroup42 Final: Mehr neuer Inhalt & Testphase demnächst

Auf der Battlegroup 42 Webseite ist die Final Countdown Release News zur Version (1.8) für Euch. Das wird nicht mehr oft vorkommen, dass ich über sowas großes zu BF 1942 berichten kann. Deshalb tue ich es jetzt für Euch. Quote: "Soviel für heute mit unseren News. Wie gesagt - das Release, auf das nicht nur unsere Fans sondern auch wir schon sehnsüchtig warten, rückt in greifbare Nähe, also bleibt am Ball und klickt regelmäßig rein bei battlegroup43.de !" Battlegroup 42 is in english also available too.;-) For you!
P.S. Wenn Ihr könnt schaut mal bei denen vorbei und bewertet die Orginal News und last einen Kommentar darüber? Das Battlegroup 42 Team würde sich darüber freuen, wenn sich ein paar Fans zu Wort melden?!