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Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

Under Construction - BF4 '42 - A Battlefield 1942 Mod

Today we are happy to show you a new mod in the Battlefield 1942 Series. It is a mod about Modern Warfare.
Now we give the floor to the developer:

The development started from an idea that discocreeper101 had a couple weeks back.

Disclaimer: This mod is still being created. There will be no download until I can justify that enough has been done. (Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section.)

BF4 '42 is a mod where you can play on the BF4 multiplayer levels. My twist to the levels is that they will all be WW2 themed (Because he is horrid when it comes to weapon and vehicle modding).
Features include the standard multiplayer game modes and COOP (I hope).

Below is a rough design for Lancang Dam (Its nowhere near finished, Just he wanted to show some pics):

Start of the Project, early Landscape Picture:

The Dam (Ripped from BF4):

As well as the logo:

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
If do you want join and support the one men Team, please Contact discocreeper101: bfmods.com Forum

Also if you were wondering,  discocreeper101 is beeing recreating the levels by hand (no height maps he could import)

As you can see from the pic above, one building is missing. he will probably change this to make it look like it collapsed as he is not willing to spend another 3 hours searching through 600+ ripped models.

More stuff to come!
(Also thanks for the praise)

Original "Battlefield 4 '42" Mod Wallpaper :


Juni 2017: Actually news about the development of the BF 4'42 mod is, it stops for the moment. But maybe later the development would be start again.

Source: bfmods.com 

Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

Galactic Conquest 8.1: Invites you weekly to the Event!


After an overwhelmingly-positive response to our event held last Saturday, we have decided to start weekly events on our GC 8.1 server, similar to the ones held every weekend by other BF1942 mod servers. Join us every Saturday starting around 12 PM est / 5 PM cet on “1942mods.com GC 8.1”!
We will also be starting Custom Map Sundays in the near future; you can expect to see a unique map rotation consisting of converted vanilla BF1942 maps (Midway with cruisers, anyone?), additional gamemodes like CTF, and fan-made GC 8.1 maps.
We invite you to join our Community Discord here to stay up-to-date on everything-BF1942. Modders and server owners: we’d like to advertise YOUR events and information, too!


What do you need to play? 

1.) As a new player got the basic game: Download

 2.) Galactic Conquest 8.1: Download

Go to this Server to play:

Make this Star Wars Event successfull! Share it to your Community.

Source: 1942mods.com

Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

BF 1942: Hol dir die Carcassonne 2CV City Map!


Carcassonne eine von franzosen 2004 erstellte Map hat uns beim durchforsten des Battlefield 1942 Map Archives ins erstaunen gebracht. Deshalb haben wir uns dazu entschlossen darüber eine News zu schreiben. "Podi" als Federführender Entwickler der Carcassone Stadt Map ist heute bei der Moongamers.com Community zu Hause. Die vielen Veränderungen auf der Map erinnern einen, an eine eigenständige Mod. Hier entdeckt man Gebäude und Fassaden, die man sonst in keiner Mod findet. Die Map kommt im vertaut französisch gehaltenen Styl daher. Für Liebhaber des Citroën 2CV (Ente) ist diese Map ein muss. Der Spieler und 2CV Fan "e.tukker.rommel.nl" sollte bei der News hier ins schwärmen kommen, wenn er diese lesen sollte. Leider ist die Map nur im Conquest Modus ohne Bots spielbar. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr euch diese Map Downloadet und mit ein paar Freunden mal spielt? Oder wenn ihr die Map mal in der https://www.bf-league.eu/ vorstellt. Da lassen sich bestimmt tolle battles durchführen. Bleibt uns nur zu sagen, "aller aller aller"....

Carcassonne (für beta verängstigte): Download

Carcassonne 1.3 beta (empfohlen): Download

install guide:  ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels\













-1X Map: Carcassonne.rfa
Map "Carcassonne", pour Battlefield 1942, version : Bêta-1.3 Date: 2004
Auteur: Podi © (pas d'adresse e-mai, mais vous pouvez le contacter par le biais de battlefieldfrance: postmaster@battlefieldfrance.com)
Taille : 100 Mo env.
Compréssée: 46 Mo env.

décompréssez le fichier dans le dossier suivant: (C: par défaut): "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels"
Lancez le jeu...
Battlefieldfrance-TEAM Bêta test de Carcassonne:

Podi (créateur, auteur, propriètaire artistique),
Merci à tous pour leurs participation....
Merci à www.somua.com

Vous pouvez y retrouvez toutes les news de carcassonne...

Site officiel de Carcassonne : www.battlefieldfrance.com

Good War Soldier !


A stuntie..

Source: gamefront.online, nexusmods.com

Freitag, 7. Juli 2017

Interstate 82: New Map Release!


GoodDayToDie, developer from the Interstate 82 Mod deliver a new Custom Map at april 2017 for us.

Barrel Rolls in the dark. Where art thou Ratchet?
Deliver us from this uncanny level! by GoodDayToDie

The next Event they want to start at the end of may. Hope to see you guys there and before.;) Everday is a day to play.

1.) The Basic: Download

2.) Interstate 82 v1.81 Mod: Download  or 2b.) Interstate 82 Complete 2014 Package: Download

3.) "Black Ice" new Map: Download

 Extract the new Map to: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods/is82/Archives/bf1942/level

Montag, 3. Juli 2017

SuperDC v2.21: Neue Inhalte erfordern einen Zwischenschritt!


Alles Zeichen stehen auf einem zwischen Schritt bei SuperDC. Die neuen Änderungen in der Mod erfordern einen Beta Test. Sodass die Mod wieder in einen Demo Modus geht. Name der Testversion soll v2.21 sein. Der potentielle Vorbote, vor dem v2.30 Release. Aufgeschoben ist somit nicht aufgehoben.
Zum aufwärmen fangen wir mit einem kleinen paar Sekunden Trailer zum fertig gebastelten Test Wasser zum Testen an. Anlässlich der angespannten politischen Lage fühlten wir uns bei dem vorgestellten Map Szenarion an die Stationierung deutscher Truppen im Bündis der Nato (2017) welche nur 15 Minuten Fussmarsch entfernt zum russischen Boden stationiert sind erinnert. Wie damals als die Mod Desert Combat am 11 Sptember 2002 erschien, genau ein Jahr nach dem Terror Anschlag auf die zwillingstürme des World Trade Centers in Manhattan New York.

Hier gehts zum SuperDC Wassertest:

Developer (bbflplayer) Statement:
- SDC Cliffs of Insanty - this map crashed in Conquest and COOP Mode.
- SDC City Streets - only Conquest the mode works. The COOP crashed.
- SDC Battle of the Sky - On the Afghanistan Commando Kit in the Mainbase "Helmet Kit", if i throw the Box these pop not to AA or what they is.
- On the Box Commando Kit the 6th postion "Artellerie Gun" didnt shoot after pop up. Same error i found out on the SDC Brest Map by the Russians, the same kit. But the US and Euroforces "Artellerie Gun" (BF 2 ported one) works fine like usual in the previous SDC releases.
- The Commando Kit with the Paratroopers Branding didnt works too. I throw the grenade the signal effects works but the support not comming. I think this feature works on the previous SuperDC v2.07 or 2.1 before.
- SDC Beach Party - No Spawnpoint for the US paratroopers, because the mobile planes dont bet a start in the game. I saw only Thunderbolts in the air, that could be the mistake for this map? That why the Spawnpoint for the Paratroopers not work? I saw on the FH or FHSW Mod one seat planes stand up in the air without move or they circling move in the air and you can take the seat and fly after then the plane starts. But you can took Helicopters instead of the Thunderbolt for example or Transport Planes for the US Paratroopers against the Chinese Forces on the Ground?

I 'll check it a bit later.

-Is it possible to let the ladder tilt to the wall for can use it better?

Yes ladder can be sticky, but it will cause crash.

- PzH 2000 this weapon could be get a better spread effect after impact, like by the rockets. The sand spread more in the air like in the Battlefield 1918 Artellery impacts. Because the PzH 2000 is a powerful weapon.

Working on effects. Pz 2000, xm2001 , 2s19 will have the same explosion effect.Pz 2000 already most powerfull non-rocket artillery in sdc.

Thats my testing facts what i can found out. I will hope Brian Horrocks have the time to testing SuperDC v2.2 too?

Soon i will create sdc 2.21 demo with some levels to testers only, i hope.
But first of all i need to make eu faction and port some files to sdc.

Flags changed:


Making water will take more time then i thought. + i will try to add some interesting models (free 3ds) to mod. First of all it will be topol m. If the work will have sucssess i shall try some china , russian and eu tanks.

Topol m for example( for now its just a static mesh)

So next version will be delayed the developer bbfplayer said.

If do you cannot wait, you can...

SuperDC v2.2: Download

Here we have some water test movies for SuperDC created by bbfplayer:               

1.) https://yadi.sk/d/5IhpvMmb3JgBUE

2.) https://yadi.sk/d/s2aQAos73Jo7CR

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com