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Montag, 14. Oktober 2019

SuperDC v2.4 Release!

The Modern Warfare Mod SuperDC v2.4 delivered!!!

A suprise for Modern Warfare fans in the early atumn, we want to keep your attention. Now its the time, eight month after the last Modern Warfare Mod Release, (thanks to bbfplayer (developer) we have a new SuperDC Release. Some new features waiting for you. Overworking maps, new effects, new weapons, new vehicles, new skins. This MW mod bet you war of all terrains (land, sea, air) with an imaging in game you would be love. Get with us into the adventure of SuperDC v2.4. We think, for one men developing, its a great work, whats make possible! Things what players dream before. Thank you bbfplayer you are of those greatest Artists in our Community!

Look at the some amazing pictures of the new release:
































If do you want to help/support as tester or developer (Mapping,Skinning,Coding) let us to know there: click here

1.) The Basic (For new Testers in our game!): Download

2.) SuperDC v2.4 mod full version Download: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/34859885

Battlefield 1942 SuperDC v2.4 mod  !!!Mod only.!!!  SuperDC v2.4   installation guide: 

1) unpack SuperDC v2.4
2) place file "mods" in  Battlefield 1942 main folder
3) start battlefield.
4) push "custom game"  , select SuperDC and activate


superDC - base mod

Other materials were taken from:

Battlefield 1942 mods







-Global Front


-Flashpoint Balkans 42




-Who Dares Wins



-action bf


Battlefield Vietnam







-Apache Thunder





-Apache Thunder






-Classical Modder





-Apache Thunder


-Apache Thunder


-Brian Horrocks

Autor: bbfplayer/hg-clan.blogspot.de

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

Montag, 7. Oktober 2019

BF1942 255 Bot Overhaul Mod

255 Bot Overhaul Mod Release

This mod will allow 255 bots with Extensive AI In all of Battlefield 1942 for Insane Intense Warfare Mayhem, Compatible with: Desert Combat DC_Final Eve of Destruction Forgotten Hope BF1942 Vanilla Xpack1 RTR Xpack2 SWW2 and pretty much any other Mod, get it here on ModDB Today, Thank You!!!

BF1942 - 255 Bot Overhaul Mod: Download

-=(High Definition Version)=- (For Extensive Monitor Resolutions & Refresh Rates) 

This will Allow you to Play BattleField 1942 and All Coordinating Mods with 255 Bots in Singleplayer Mayhem, all in One Easy Package! Compatible with All Mods for BF1942. Did a Bit of Touching up on the AI Profiles so Bots are a Bit Smarter than before!!! Enjoy!! Happy SP/LAN/CO-OP Gaming. -sw33tsp0t. Extract files to your BATTLEFIELD 1942 Main Root Folder then, G2G!!! type 255 or whatever number less you want in custom game CO-OP Mode. Ready to Pwn.

BF1942 - 255 Bot Overhaul Mod -=[HD]=-: Download

Autor/Dev: sw33tsp0t

Source: www.moddb.com

Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019

SuperDC: Dev Blog 09/19 Bundeswehr vs Russia on Omaha sighted!

Some small previews into the dev Blog from the SuperDC Mod for Battlefield 1942, creator bbfplayer. On the following news we want to show you the overworked "Omaha Beach"  basic Battlefield 1942 Map. It was made ready for the Modern Warfare theatre. The WW2 battleships was change the Huge Russian battle Hovercraft vehicle, what brings a lot of danger for the German Bundeswehr on the defending sunset. Tanks on the landing zone support the russian Hovercraft battleship. The Germans try to defend the sunset and fortress with some grenade pistol and AA fire.

Super DC v2.2 (requesting DC 0.7 to play update Mar 2017): Download or  Download

Come into the Modern Warfare world....

With the compact wheeler, you can do tactical switches between sunset and sea...

Here is a light russian tank for attack operations...

The German Bundeswehr defend the fortress with granade pistols and Anti Air weapons, you know from the Desert Combat Modern Warfare Aircraft Carrier...

Look at the beautiful German national flag...

Russian battle Hovercraft on rocketfire, germans take cover...

Leopard 2 a7 made new, included GP and MG seat...

Autor: bbfplayer