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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2016

HTroop v1.0b8 Release

HTroop is a mini-mod for Battlefield 1942, 14 years in the making! For all those that have been waiting for HTroop v1.0b8's Dedicated Server to be up and running, NOW IS THE TIME! To download HTroop v1.0b8, goto: htroop.hootsclan.com
Register there, and have your account approved, to view the link for the Downloads page.
To connect to the dedicated server, goto your Battlefield 1942 multiplayer menu, click Add Server, and type in this IP Address: Port: 14567
As for the other mods required to run HTroop v1.0b8, here are their names and download links:
*Battlefield 1942 (Version 1.61)
*Battlefield: The Road to Rome (Version 1.6)
*Battlefield: Secret Weapons of World War II (Version 1.6)
All 3 of the above, may now be found and downloaded from this site:
*Forgotten Hope (Version 0.7)
You may download Forgotten Hope at one of these websites below:
*Eve of Destruction: The Indochina Vietnam Conflict (Version 1.50)
**Don't worry, you can still download and play EoD v2.51. The HTroop v1.0b8 installation file, installs both HTroop in the Mods folder, as well as EoD v1.50 in the Mods\HT_Data folder, allowing HTroop to read off of EoD v1.50 (which I have been given permission to do), with no problems. As of the current moment, HTroop does not work with EoD v2.51. So just install HTroop, and you will have EoD v1.50. I do recommend downloading and playing EoD v2.51; you may download it at the address given below:
The Great War (Version 0.14) I found a download site for this version of The Great War mod:
You may also find an updated version here, but I have not tested HTroop with v0.15:
Parallel World (Version 0.62) The download website is listed below:
Battlefield Pirates (Version 1.0) The download website is listed below:
Desert Combat (Version 0.7) The download website is listed below:
Desert Combat Final (Version 0.8) The download website is listed below:
Silent Heroes (Version 1.2) The download website is listed below:

In the following images we present the various mods, which includes this Htroop v1.0.8b. We start with the Htroop Pictures. This is the missing images in the news.


Here some good pictures about the World War 2 Forgotten Hope Mod.




Here some nice pictures about the Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod.



Here some amazing pictures about the Modern Warfare Silent Heroes Mod.








Here you can see one of the famous Battlefield Pirates Maps for the Htroop v1.0.8b Mod.

Here some nice pictures about the "The Great War Mod" for Battlefield 1942.

Its a forgotten Mod it plays in the World War 1. This mod was not long in developing. But you can see the nice created content they made.

It's unbelievable but true, this and much more offers the Htroop mod. You can not capture everything in pictures, without overwhelming the reader out there. Therefore we recommend you, test and download the mod. Fun is guaranteed. Most maps have COOP support.
We had lots of fun and will have lots of fun at the MOD, which mod provides a Habitat for the one or the other forgotten.
This is it for today from the Htroop v1.0.8b News. Thank you for reading.

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Professor Smith hat gesagt…

I thank Hermann for posting information about my mini-mod, HTroop, on his news blog. However, the download links above, are old, and I am not sure any of them work any longer. So, if you are interested in Downloading HTroop v1.0b8 & its Essential Update to v1.0b81, as well as all other mods required to run HTroop, please register For Free, at: htroop.mricesolutions.com, then wait for me to activate your account. After your account is activated, you may login, and click the downloads page. Please be sure to follow the instructions, installing HTroop v1.0b8, 2nd to last, and the Essential Update to v1.0b81, Absolutely Last. Below, I have placed a link to my newest promotional video for HTroop v1.0b81. Enjoy! - Professor Smith


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