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Montag, 30. April 2018

Battlefield Heroes 42 goes standalone to keep alive.

Finally "Apache Thunder" (dev) got around to uploaded the "standalone" version of Battlefield Heroes'42. (also my original mega account was nuked so any mega links I had to the last version no longer worked)

This will probably be the final build of the mod: Download

This merges BFH'42 into the bf1942 directory. I stripped out unused vanilla assets and modified the EXE to mount the rfa files from a different location as well as change the naming of a few commands. So as a result existings mods won't work properly on this build of bf1942. Though it's not recommend you attempt that anyways since I had stripped out unused assets.

Also note this build of BFH can NOT be used with the non standalone version of the game as I have not made this version available on it. I have also made the same EXE changes to bf1942_r and the dedicated server exe. Did not do the same to the linux exe though one could add my changes to that reletively easily. Just compare the differences to the vanilla Windows EXE and translate the changes to the Linux binary.

The "dev" files (Usefull for ex revive project members): Download

 This is the entire game unpacked and playable in bf1942_r. This is how I debug and build the rfs files for the mod. To this day I still don't use newer GUI tools to build the mod files. I still pack the RFAs old school with the debugger and command line stuff.


1. Merged Battlefield Heroes'42 into vanilla BF1942 and removed unused vanilla assets. This mod is now a fully independent version of Battlefield Heroes'42 and no longer requires a previous installation of Battlefield 1942. This can also exist along side BF1942 and won't interfere with it.

2. Various bug fixes here and there. There was a large time gap between me initially making this build and uploading it. So I have forgotten all the small tweaks I've done.

3. Redid lightmaps Alpine Assault and maybe one or 2 other maps I might have forgotten doing. Enabled sky shadows during lightmap render and makes lightmaps much higher quality. Also tweaked light settings in the level's init.con file. I did plan to redo the lightmaps for most of the maps but it was a time consuming task and I didn't have the time.

4. Coastal Clash Doomsday backported from my Halloween special for Battlefield Heroes Revive (which was used in a few other revival projects of BFH). This includes the skeleton death effect which is used exclusively on this map. Due to energy/time constraints I did not port all the Doomsday maps I did, but at least I finished this one. BF1942 handles the skeleton death effect a little better then BFH too. Parts go flying higher if soldier dies from explosion. The individual parts inherit the momentum the body had just before it died. This was not the case for BFH. One more thing BF1942 did better then BF2/BF2142.


Autor: Apache Thunder

Source: bfmods.com