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Donnerstag, 12. April 2018



Today we make a short news about the Grit Racing mod with a checkpoint system and 'reward' system. (Successive cars will unlock the next car when you complete the track without exploding), its similar to the Interstate 82 Mod. Its that feature what we missed in the Interstate 82 Mod, because everytime you failed by crash, you have go back to the start. Some players make it tired, to go everytime back to the start. We hope it find the way to the Interstate 82 Mod.

Grit Mod Trailer (by mistamontiel):

Features 8 Vehicles

and a mostly naked chick on a Yacht. (Similarities to Kate Middleton are purely coincidental)

Grit Mod:  Download


Autor: fo0k

Source: bfmods.com

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