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Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

Warfront 2.3 Release sighted soon #8


2.3 Update

Takiwa the developer of the Warfront Mod is actually in map-testing at the moment, so he hope to be able to release the patch this coming weekend. Until then, here are a few screens of a new addition to the 'Front...air power over Operation Aberdeen!





Warfront v2.0 (WW2) 07/2017: Download

Warfront v2.2 Patch 08/2017 (requesting): Download

Thats for now, the day of Warfront Mod Release is not also far away. So stay tuned.

Autor: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017

BF 1942 Custom Map Release: Invasion Of Britain, Batttle Zeppelins!

We are happy to present the release of the Battle Zeppelin Map for your Battlefield 1942 Game as special custom map. Now its possible to fight with a big battle Zeppelin in the BF 1942 Vanilla, you have only seen Zeppelins before on the BF 1942 Mod Battlefield 1918. This Map is create by "KingSquirrel" from the moongamers.com and some helping hands around the community which creating content for the BF 1942 Vanilla and Mods, you can see the credits in this news.

This is the second map in the Battle Zeppelin Map Series. This is an early release and is still technically in Beta (released early for the holidays). In Invasion of Britain the allies have stolen the plans for the BZ900 and now, with zeppelins of their own, must defend against the AXIS invasion. This is the first map to feature Battle Zeppelin to Battle Zeppelin combat!  

Manual Install (Beta Version)  

No other mods required to play. Currently intended for Multiplayer Conquest game mode only.  

1. Download the Invasion of Britain BETA.zip file  

2. Unzip and place Invasion of Britain BETA.rfa into your BF1942 maps folder. The path will look similar to this: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels  

Credits: Rotor Head, King of the Squirrels, Dnamro, Professor Smith, Christine and CoffeeAssassin. In addition to the BF1918 team.

 You may have seen or heard about the Battle Zeppelins.  Now finally, they are ready to play!  These two Custom Maps have been added to the traditional maps running in a Christmas rotation!

  Yes, BOTH of them, and they are available via map vote for those who download and join the backup Moongamers server! 

A Multi-Installer was crafted for your convenience.  It will Install

- Invasion of Britain - NEW
- Grand Theft Zeppelin - NEW
- Santaland - A complete mod
- Sheeperdeen - A custom map
- Stonehenge - A custom map

Moongamers 2017 Maps: Download

The first release in the Battle Zeppelin Map Series.In Grand Theft Zeppelin Axis forces are near completion of a new super weapon, the Battle Zeppelin 900!

Your aim on this map is:
ALLIES: Capture the secret axis base where the battle zeppelin is being built.  
AXIS: Defend the base at all costs! Edit: Currently intended for Multiplayer Conquest mode only.  

Manual Install (Version: 1.0)  

1. Download the Moongamers2017.exe file  

2. Unzip and place Grand Theft Zeppelin.rfa and Invasion of Britain.rfa into your BF1942 maps folder. The path will look similar to this: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels  

There you install the Santaland Mod (Christmas Fun Mod):
C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\
Credits: Rotor Head, King of the Squirrels, Dnamro, Professor Smith. In addition to the BF1918 team.

Grand Theft Zeppelin: Download

Were looking for people to help finished the Project by Christmas. 

Were looking for Ai support and people with coding. Anyone willing to help drop us a line here ot my direct modding email. Tssquirrel@gmail.com

Our previous news about the start of this secret moongamers project we link it here for you: click

Autor: KingSquirrel, Posi

Source: moddb.com, bfmods.com, moongamers.com

breaking news....... 

We will be hosting a Galactic Conquest event on December 16th, 2017 at 11pm PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET.
The server is already running Galactic Conquest version 8.2, so join in and get some practice before the event starts! You can download the files on our GC page.
Join us on our Discord (link on the right) to join on the voice-chat during the event.
Spread the word!


Date: Saturday, 16th December 2017

Time: 11am PST/ 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET

Server: GC.1942MODS.COM


Galactic Conquest 8.1 (Jan 2015): Download

Galactic Conquest 8.2 Level - Patch Aug 2017 (requesting GC 8.1): Download

Galactic Conquest Redux 0.96 (SP only) Sep 2015: Download

Galactic Conquest Redux Patch 0.96a Nov 2015: Download


Autor: Reegad

Source: 1942mods.com

Montag, 4. Dezember 2017

Warfront 2.3 Release sighted, Changelog #7


After along time of news the Release is not so far away from us, the players! The main developer takiwa will release the next Warfront 2.3 update soon.

Version 2.3 is getting closer to release! I'm in the process of checking maps, making sure everything works right, but I thought I would release the change log as it stands right now, as well as a few screens from WarFront's latest night map...

WarFront v2.3 Changelog
Bug Fixes:
Fixed Allied heavy tank spawn in Operation_Luttich
Fixed SinglePlayer neutral tank spawns in Operation_Luttich
Fixed Enterprise, Yorktown, Hornet collisions
Fixed wreck mesh for KV-2 (was using KV-1 wreck mesh)
Fixed Stationary_Dp iron sight
Removed No4Bayonet from US_Rifle_Assault class (replaced with KnifeAllies)
Fixed Sturmovik lower aileron texture
Fixed setInput AI error with BT7/BT7A
Fixed Gewehr43 AI code
General Changes:
Tweaked several textures
Tweaked AI for several land vehicles
Removed all Batteries from mod (Priest, Sexton, Wespe, Su76...for the time being)
Increased explodeNearEnemyDistance of Flak38 projectile
Jap_Officer gets Type100-40, loses Nambu pistol
Jap_Officer44 gets Type100-44, loses Nambu pistol
Re-modeled Sdkfz222 turret LODs (2 & 3) to prevent cage from disappearing
Re-modeled FW190-F bomb mounts
Re-modeled all Sherman and variant suspensions to correctly line up wheels
Adjusted heighth of ammoboxes on Prokhorovka map
Added campaign map list for Single Player
Adjusted minimum damage and minimum damage distance for all land vehicles¹
Adjusted spawn times for US planes on Oahu²
Vehicle/Weapon/Model Additions:
Added wfsandbag_c_m1 to mod
Added sandbunk_m1 to mod
Added sandbunk_net_m1 to mod
Added Type 100/40 to mod
Added Type 100/44 to mod
Added JS2 (IS2) to mod
Added 47mm Type1 AT Gun to mod
Added 6pdr AT Gun to mod
Added 57mm M1 AT Gun to mod
Added ZiS-2 to mod
Added Pak36 to mod
Added Crusader Mk.I to mod
Added Panzer II to mod
Added Marder II to mod
Added Matilda II to mod
Added T26 to mod
Added Mig-3 to mod
Added Panzer IV Ausf. G to mod
Added M4A1 to mod
Added M4A1(76)W to mod
Added M4A3(75)W to mod
Added M4A3(76)W to mod
Added M4A3(105) to mod
Added Panther Ausf. D to mod
Added Panther Ausf. G to mod
Replaced existing Panther (Ausf. A) mesh with new model
Replaced existing (vanilla) Tiger I mesh with new model
Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Hurtenwald (conversion of a map by an unknown author)
The Road to Paris (conversion and rename of French Hills, a map by an unknown author)
Rostov (conversion of a map by an unknown author, AI by Hamburger Hill)
Crossing the Merderet (conversion and rename of Merderet, a map by ReLo@d, with AI by GreenBud)

Sub Notes:
¹ This value was adjusted using the max/min penetration values of the gun. For example, the 5 cm KwK 38 L/42 (Panzer III Ausf. J) has a max penetration of 73mm @ 100m (rounded to 70mm) and a min penetration of 26mm @ 2000m (rounded to 25mm). The min penetration here is 1/3 of the max, so the MinDamage is calculated at 0.33*. The distances, like the shell velocities, have been cut in half to reflect map sizes, so the DistToStartLoseDamage is 51m, and the DistToMinDamage is 1000m. For the guns that I was unable to find both a min and max penetration value, these values were estimated based on guns of similar caliber and shell velocity.
* When a projectile hits a collision, the angle of the armor is not taken into account for the penetration, but rather for the damage. If you are aiming at a sloped armor profile in real life, the "effective thickness" of the armor would increase dramitically. In BF1942, however, a matId of 50mm (for example) will be 50mm no matter what angle the armor is presented. The angle the projectile hits the armor is used as a damage modifier, with a higher degree of angle doing less damage...but still penetrating, nonetheless. Conversely, I would not want to assign the "effective thickness" of the armor to the matId, because again, at any angle, this would be the thickness used to calculate penetration. This is why some guns pen armor that they would normally not be able to in real life, but I have tried to counter this effect by adjusting the damage values. Still, this system lends itself well to the strategy of getting closer to do more damage, and angling your tank to take less damage when shot. Also, knowing which parts of the tank are vunerable to which caliber of shells, and what gun the enemy is shooting, is also critical for survival in WarFront.
² The planes and soldier spawns on Oahu are linked to the ship/hangar objectives; when these are destroyed, you will lose the spawns points and planes. I have decreased the spawn time on the planes slightly to get more US planes in the air, although historically there were not many that got airborne that day. As far as the bots flying the planes, I did not code the AI for this map, and will not be changing that code. I believe the priority for the AI is to defend by manning AA guns in and around the bases, rather than flying.

Should be another week or two, so sit tight!

Warfront v2.0 (WW2) 07/2017: Download

Warfront v2.2 Patch 08/2017 (requesting): Download

Author: Warfront Mod developer takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

Among the news features in the upcoming 3.2 update, Battlefield 1918 will offer Early War versions for more our factions.

Greetings everyone! Today the Battlefield 1918 development team is proud to announce that more work has been done on our existing factions. As many of our fans may know, some of the armies in Battlefield 1918 (namely France and Germany) have had early war versions for some time. With 3.2, players will have to opportunity to see more early war versions!  First up, we see here the early war uniforms of the Austria-Hungary. As players may note, the major change is the replacement of the stahlhelm with the Austro-Hungarian service cap. This uniform will, as expected, be available on maps set in the early stages of the war.

Of course Austria-Hungary is not the only nation to receive early war uniforms. Our next example is the early war uniform of the Ottoman Empire. This uniform replaces the headgear players are used to with a red bright fez. Don't be surprised when you see players with a new look roaming the battlefields on some of your favorite desert maps!

Naturally though, the best has been saved for last, as we our also proud to announce the early war Russian uniforms as well. Veterans of Battlefield 1918 will note that the uniform on display in this image is quite different from those they are used to seeing, as the tan uniform of the late war is replaced with a field green pattern. With new maps set in both the earlier and later stages of the war on the Eastern Front, players will have ample opportunity to note the differences.

With that we hope you all have a great day, and stay tuned as there will be more news on the way soon!

Autor: ACE1918

Source: moddb.com

Montag, 27. November 2017

Warfront next update comming #6


We have lot of more powerfull tanks in this news for you the fans, which will release at the next Warfront 2.3 update. The main developer of the Warfront Mod "takiwa" present the facts on the moddb.com plattform.

More Tanks!

Today I introduce two new variants of some old favorites to the 'Front.  First up, the M4A1 Sherman...

 The M4A1 Sherman was distinctive from the other Sherman models by being the only one with a cast hull, giving it those beautiful curves we've all grown to know and love.

Introduced in February of 1942, it was a welcome replacement to the M3 Grant in North Africa, due to it's rotating turret and it's upgraded armor profile, although it continued to mount the same 75mm gun.


In 1944, in preparation for Operation Cobra the M4A1 became the first Sherman model to be equipped with the 76mm gun, which gave birth to the M4A1(76)W.

The 76mm gun helped equalize the M4A1 in terms of firepower with it's German counter-parts, namely the Panzer IV and the StuG III.

Speaking of Panzer IVs, check out our new Panzer IV Ausf. G...


After the German invasion of Russia, the shock of encountering the T-34 and KV-1 meant that a much more powerful tank gun was needed.

The initial response was to add the 75mm KwK 40 L/43 to the Panzer IV, which resulted in a stop-gap conversion tank, the Panzer IV Ausf. F2 (the tanks retaining the 75mm KwK 37 L/24 were called Ausf. F1).

Three months after the conversions began, The Ausf. F2 was renamed the Ausf. G. Besides receiving the bigger gun, the most noticeable change was the increase in frontal armor to 80mm and the introduction of skirting on the hull and turret.

Both of these tanks will be available in patch 2.3 , so be sure to watch for the release, and give 'em a spin around the battlefield!

Warfront v2.0 (WW2) 07/2017: Download

Warfront v2.2 Patch 08/2017 (requesting): Download

Warfront movie 60 sec in the air: http://www.moddb.com/mods/warfront1/videos/mustang

Author: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Donnerstag, 23. November 2017

Battlefield 1918: Attack of the Armored Cars!

Greetings everyone. Today the Battlefield 1918 dev team has at last a news update for our followers and fans. Todays spotlight will be on the subject of Armored Cars!  The first new design for Battlefield 1918 is actually comes in two variants, the Peugeot Armored car.  This was a French design from the early stages of the war and will be featured on some of the French maps. Players will be interested to learn that while it is an open top design, the Peugeot Armored car has four seats, and comes equipped with either a MG or the same 37mm cannon as found on the Renault FT! This design was known to be used not only by France during the war, but also by the Kingdom of Serbia.



Another new vehicle that we will be adding is the brand new Russo-Balt Armored Car. This is a Russian design that actually dates to before the war. This vehicle offers 3 seats and 3 MG positions, covering the Front, Back, and Left side. This gives this machine a notable blind spot on the Right side, but this is also a notably smaller armored car, making it harder to hit.


Our last new Armored Car for today's news is famous Austin Armored Car. This is once again an early war design from 1914. Although a British design, this Armored Car was most famous for its use by the Imperial Russian Army. One of the most unique features of this vehicle is the twin turret design, allowing just 2 gunners to cover almost any angle. This vehicle would see use with several nations during the war.


 Please stay tuned for more news updates!

About the Battlefield 1918 mod:

The total conversion modification Battlefield 1918 (or BF1918 for short) takes Battlefield 1942 into a whole new scenario, the first world war. Next to historically correct equipments and vehicles, we recreated the atmosphere of these WW1 battlefields as close as we can, keeping in mind the game we are working with. To achieve this, we have drastically changed the gameplay from the original game like so that you must now rely on teamwork, artillery, trenches and slow vehicles.  Battlefield 1918 combines fun with historical correctness, gaming with history, the memory of one of the most terrifying wars mankind has ever known, with fun had by people over the internet. Next to the battles fought on the Western front between mostly the Germans, the British and the French, wealso cover other scenarios, such as the Turkish battlefields at Gallipoli, the Eastern front where Germany and Austria-Hungaria fought against Russia, the Italian front and lately the battles in Africa. Next to land- and airbattles using historic weapons and vehicles, we also included the naval aspect of WW1 in a broad spectrum, as this was the time in which the great battleships still were the absolute rulers of the seas.This mod focus on Multiplayer, but has also Singleplayersupport.  For a lot more detailed overview we're very proud to gratefully present a work of our former member Fritz_Kempf aka Sniper-Snoop who has put countless hours of efforts into a very detailed and informative wiki entry at forumeerstewereldoorlog.nl which contains a lot of additional informations about this modification and it's content. We recommend it very much to anybody who not only wants to know something about the mod itself but also it's historical background - though it's written in Dutch the linked translator will give you the possibilty to gain all of the knowledge included. Please note that it's currently in a pre 3.1 state as our former member sadly had to retire from developing due to a lack of time.

If do you cannot wait for the new BF 1918 version or wanted to find out what it is:

Battlefield 1918 3.1Download

Battlefield 1918 Christmas mini Mod kurz - XMas 2006Download    XMas 2008: Download

XMas 2017 (by vk1918 com): Download or Download

Soon its christmas, that why we present to you the download of these Xmas Mods based on Battlefield 1918.

Autor: ACE1918

Source: moddb.com

 What do barrel rolls, discos and naked chicks have in common? You'll find em all in our next event!


1.) Download Interstate 82 mod
2.) Download the map-pack for this event

For this event we will be running GoodDayToDie's latest masterpiece, Ninja Ratchet 8! 


3.)  Get it while it's hot!

Autor: Reegad

Source: is82.com

Sonntag, 19. November 2017

Warfront next update comming #5

After our powerfull last news about the both AT Guns from the axis and allies, we have got more new tanks for the germans and the red army in the Warfront Mod bag for you, which will release at the next Warfront 2.3 update.

Panzer II

Today I bring you the last of our weekend update spectacular! Keeping with the Invasion of Russia theme, I introduce the Panzer II...


By late 1940, the Panzer II had been supplanted in the German armor corps by the Panzer III and Panzer IV, but was still one of the most numerous tanks in the German advance against Russia,

With only a 20mm autocannon and an 8mm machine gun, it was quickly found to be obsolete against Russian armor. However, it's speed and mobility made it a very good scouting vehicle.



On the opposite side of the battlefield was the T-26. By 1940 it was considered outdated, but at the time of the German invasion, it was the most numerous tank in the Russian army.


Its 45mm cannon could penetrate many of Germany's armored vehicles, but with armor ranging from 10-15mm, it was very vulnerable to their weapons as well.  Both of these tanks will make their debut on the 'Front in the 2.3 patch, so be sure to grab it!  takiwa

Warfront v2.0 (WW2) 07/2017: Download

Warfront v2.2 Patch 08/2017 (requesting): Download

Warfront movie 60 sec in the air: http://www.moddb.com/mods/warfront1/videos/mustang

Author: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

Mittwoch, 15. November 2017

BF 1918 Mod =DFL= Afterlife Website, created by Strauchdieb!

Heute möchten wir euch über die neue Webseite des langjährigen =DFL= Clan Leader's (dessen Leute wie, Lampo, Johanna v. Orleans, Sniper Snoop uvm ensprungen sind) und Server Hoster für Battlefield 1918 "Strauchdieb" berichten!

Battlefield 1942 Online 2017

Battlefield 1942 Installation Tutorial 2017 + Mods Download

Nachdem die EA Master Server und somit auch der Gamespy- und Punkbusterclient abgeschalten wurden, war es seitdem nicht mehr möglich über den Ingamebrowser von Battlefield 1942 nach Servern zu suchen.
Durch einen Communitypatch ist dies nun wieder möglich.
Durch den Patch wurden höhere und andere Auflösungen dem Spiel hinzugefügt.

Folgend findet Ihr eine Anleitung mit Links wie Ihr Battlefield 1942 im Jahre 2017 und zukünftig weiterhin online mit Euren Freunden und Feinden spielen könnt. Viel Spaß.

Diese Anleitung basiert auf Erfahrungswerten bei der Installation von Battlefield 1942 (CD Version) auf Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Unter dem jeweiligen Schritt findet Ihr einen Downloadlink für die benötigten Daten.


1. Installiert Battlefield 1942 incl. Road to Rome und Secret Weapons
- wichtig dabei ist, die Installations-Exen im Adminmodus und im Kompatibilitätsmodus Windows XPSP2 durchzuführen.

Alle Patches welche die Installationsprozedur von Battlefield 1942, Road to Rome und Secret Weapons mit sich bringt und vorschlägt müssen zwingend installiert werden.
Gamespy muss nicht mit installiert werden.

3. Punkbuster muss dringend installieren (Wenn die Abfrage kommt)


"Battlefield 1942 könnt Ihr von CD installieren (Insofern Ihr sie besitzt).
Alternativ gab es mal eine kostenlose Origin Version direkt von EA.
Wer nichts von dem Besitzt der findet sicherlich etwas bei Google."

4. Nun den Patch "Battlefield 1942 v1.6.19" (267 MB) installieren (Adminmode und Kompatibilitätsmodus XP SP2)

Downloadlink: Patch 1


5.  Nun den Patch "battlefield_1942_incremental_patch_v1.6_to_v1.61b" (6,4 MB) installieren (Adminmode und Kompatibilitätsmodus XP SP2)

Downloadlink: Patch 2


6.  Nun das Punkbusterupdate "PB_Update_BF1942" installieren. Danke an Flüstertüte für den Installer (Adminmode und kompatibilitätsmodus XP SP2)

Downloadlink: Punkbusterupdate


7.  Nun den letzten Patch "bf1942-v1.61-retail-patched.zip" "installieren"

Einfach den Inhalt des Zip´s (BF1942.exe und Ordner Mods) ins Hauptspielverzeichnis von Battlfield 1942 entpacken und die vorhandenen Dateien ersetzen.

Downloadlink: Patch 2017


8. Die BF1942.exe welche vom Spiel auf den Desktop gelegt wurde bzw. im Installationsverzeichnis liegt, nun rechtsklicken und auch immer als Admin und im Kompatibilitätsmodus XP SP2 ausführen lassen. (Rechtsklick Eigenschaften)
Das Spiel sollte jetzt gestartet werden können.

Pflichtteil Ende!

Optionaler Teil (Aber für vollen Genuss sehr empfehlenswert!!!)

9.  Im Spiel angekommen solltet Ihr nun folgende Einstellungen machen:

Profil und Audioeinstellungen

- legt Euch ein Profil an
- geht ins Multiplayermenue und aktiviert am unteren Rand die Schaltfläche bei Punkbuster (Einschalten)
- geht ins Optionsmenue unter Audio und wählt die maximale Anzahl an Kanälen aus (evlt. auf Seite Zwei umblättern)
- auf Seite Zwei könnt Ihr wenn Ihr eine "echte" Soundkarte habt, die Hardwarebeschleunigung aktivieren. (z.B. Creative X-Fi PCI Karte)
- ganz wichtig ist  das Ihr den Haken bei der Sprache (deutscher Dialog) nicht setzt! (Standardmäsig ist er auch nicht gesetzt)

Zum Ende gibts noch ein lustiges Nostalgie Video für euch, bitte nicht zu ernst nehmen: 


More you can get at the "Strauchdieb" Website, share it please: https://battlefield1942online.de.tl/

Mehr gibt es bei Straudieb's Website!
Das was wir brauchen sind, Unterstützer für das treue, bewährte online Spiel BF 1918!

Source: https://battlefield1942online.de.tl/

Samstag, 11. November 2017

Warfront next comming update #4


After the powerful red army IS-2 battle tank, we make a step back to the defend weapons of the World War two in the Warfront Mod. Today we want to show you the comming main Anti-Tank Gun ZiS-2 of the sowjets and the german PaK 36 (Panzerabwehrkanone) to this mod. 

We say, thank you for this some Warfront news updates of your work takiwa! We enjoy to present it here. And we hope there is sometimes a Server to play Online.

The anti-tank gun showdown is here!


Welcome to part 2 of our update weekend at the 'Front. This time, we concentrate on the invasion of Russia with 2 new entries to the battlefield. The first is the main anti-tank gun of the Russians at the time, the ZIS-2.


The ZIS-2, known officially as the 57-mm anti-tank gun model 1941, and had amazing penetration for it's caliber due to a very high muzzle velocity.


One of the reasons given for its withdrawal from production in late 1941 was that "its shells go right through weakly armored German tanks without doing much harm." By then, 371 pieces were built.



On the opposite side of the field from the Zis-2 sat the Panzerabwehrkanone 36, or 3.7 cm Pak 36.


During the initial phases of Operation Barbarossa it was able penetrate the armor of the majority of Soviet tanks at ranges up to 1000m. However, with the widespread introduction of the T-34 in mid 1941, the Pak36 became obsolete on the field.

These 2 anti-tank guns will square off against one another on several maps, so pick your side and give one a try :)  And stay tuned for part 3 of our weekend update spectacular!  takiwa

Warfront v2.0 (WW2) 07/2017: Download

Warfront v2.2 Patch 08/2017 (requesting): Download

Author: takiwa

Source: moddb.com 


For this FHSW 0.61 Event no Mappack required (Forgotten Hope 0.7 as basic Mod required only):

Alternative History of WW2
Sunday - 19 November 2017 - 7 PM

Wake Night
Operation Rattrap
Operation Coronet

1.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support, you have the choose between the only one installer or the old 3 Parts installer compatible to Win XP:  Download (Win7/8/10) or Download  (Win XP only)

2.) FHC Interface: Download

3.) BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP:  Download

Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

3.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download

4.) FHSW 0.61 + more: Download's

5.) FHSW 0.61 Mappack Part 1: Download

 Source: fhsw-europe.com


We will be hosting a Galactic Conquest event on November 18th, 2017 at 11pm PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET.
The server is already running Galactic Conquest version 8.2, so join in and get some practice before the event starts! You can download the files on our GC page.
Join us on our Discord (link on the right) to join on the voice-chat during the event.
Spread the word!

Galactic Conquest 8.1 (Jan 2015): Download

Galactic Conquest 8.2 Level - Patch Aug 2017 (requesting GC 8.1): Download

Galactic Conquest Redux 0.96 (SP only) Sep 2015: Download

Galactic Conquest Redux Patch 0.96a Nov 2015: Download

Source: 1942mods.com