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Samstag, 6. August 2016

Forgotten Hope 0.7 custom map series 4

You make the difference!!!

In our previous news we have present you the custom maps "Caen Streets" and "Mechili", now we show you the next maps. We play the maps often online at the weekly different custom map days. Our aim is, we want to excite YOU and got more people on the Server to play online together. We have enough slots on the Server for all your friends or clan members, nobody must to stay outside. The maps have her own features what it makes unique. The next map, what we present is "Rheinmetall Panzer" it is edited and made by the -=PFC=- Mapping Team "Kampfsau & Gravedigger". 

This map play in the Alps and it deals with the invading USA troops, which have a mainbase. The deperate germans, what have no mainbase try to fight them back, they have only Artellery and Infantery power there. You have many hide opportunities in the bushes, woods or stones. The map has CONQUEST Support. The Rheinmetall company in Düsseldorf was a heavy weapons factory amour for the Wehrmacht, New weapon systems and the famous Panzer 4 were built in this factory. As the front came closer and British forces started their attack on this industrial site in 1945, the German Wehrmacht and a SS Division tried to defend this important part of the German armaments industry.

The second present Map is Todtenbruch 1944 (created 2006 by knoffhoff).  

The map deals with:
September 1944, after the Allied landing in Normandy, and after suffering heavy casualties, the German forces had to retreat. In a last attempt to prevent Allied forces from entering German soil, they manned the fortified positions of the Westwall. On September 20th, the Americans reached the north western edge of Todtenbruch (Deadman's Moor), and with it the border of the municipality Hürtgenwald. Now for the first time the Americans must lead a fight in dense forest woods against German troops that are fighting stubbornly with no indication of any collapse.

We believe you as a true fan will not be disappointed. What are you waiting for?

Source forgottenhope1.com of the Quote: click

Where you can Download the cool Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod and the special custom maps?

A.) Basic, for all the mods: Download

B.) Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download

1.) As new Member or new Fan Download the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Standalone: Download

2.) Got all the mappacks for the PFC Events there for lazy people: Download

C.) PFC Custom Maps Link, for selfmade people:

D.) Filefront Custom Maps Link, also for selfmade people too:

Choose your best way to have fun, we support you, if you need a halping Hand!!!

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

If it is too much work for you. Or you haven't an idea how to install? We recommend you the "toolbox"! If do you want to start Forgotten Hope 0.7? Do it with the Toolbox! It is in your language install and available. Because, if do you need a map, the toolbox download it for you automaticly. Choose your way to play?

Toolbox for Windows XP Veterans:

Toolbox for Windows 7/8/10 Veterans:


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