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Montag, 22. August 2016

Mario Kart 42 v12f: Ein muss für jeden Nintendo Fan!

"Apache Thunder" ported several Mario Kart levels including one working vehicle from the Gamcube console game "Mario Kart Double Dash" to Battlefield 1942 game.

In this latest version he had finished, a host of new features are now available. To give you a perspective on this mod, he first created this mod back in 2006. This was before he knew all he know today. Only when he started working on the DC Unauthorized mod (was called PoE Comanche back when it was first created) was when he learned all he know today.

With that in mind, he began some "renovations" to this old mod he had collection digital dust.

The major improvement is the conversion of two famous Mario Kart weapons. The banana and Green Koopa Shell. Finally after all this time he managed to get these in. No you still can't play as Mario. But nonetheless the mod is much better then it used to.

Here's a outdated video to show you what the mod mostly looks like now:

Here's much newer videos "Apache Thunder" uploaded today that show what the mod looks like now:

And the new handweapons too!

So the mod has more to offer now. You can lay down bananas and shoot shells at your oppenants. Yes the rear seat also has Banana/Shell weapons

The kits have been replaced with the Banana/Shell counterparts as well. With most of the kits you get a knife, pistol, 3 Bananas, and 4 Shells.

The engineer kits have the same except with a wrench, and a medpack for the medic kits.

Item boxes (also converted from Mario Kart) have been placed in the maps for resupply when you run out of bananas and Shells. The way it works isn't perfect (if you drive too fast, the item boxes won't resupply you in time), but for the moment it's the best it will get.

Battlefield 1942 Mod Mario Kart 42 v12f! 

Mirror 1: Download  Mirror 2: Download

Change log:

1. Added sound effects for Koopa Shells and Bananas.
2. Added Dry Dry Ruins from Mario Kart Wii.
3. Added new skydome for use with Dry Dry Ruins.
4. Modified damage system. Shells and Bananas don't kill anymore. Now they cause explosion force to disrupt the kart's speed like in the real game.
5. New background music for Dry Dry Ruins. Ported from the Wii game.
6. Added Delfino Square. (ported from Wii game, but it's a port of the DS version, so the map name will have the DS title in it).
7. Added Delfino Square Background music.
8. Added new kart: The default wii Kart used by Mario and other medium class characters.
9. Fixed glitched trees in Luigi Circuit. Not sure if this bug was in the last version or not. I forgot to update the path for the skn file for the trees which caused numerious graphical weirdness throughout the map.
10. Redid driving physics for karts. Now uses damage system to provide proper traction and response. Driving off-road slows down karts now just like in the real game.

Main things added other then new driving physics was new sound effects for the Koopa Shell/Banana projectiles, two new maps ported from the Wii version of Mario Kart, and a new kart vehicle for the Wii tracks.


(as a comparison contrast, the first video shows how the karts currently drive and the second video shows how the karts drove with the old driving physics)

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