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Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Interstate 82 Deathrace 4 in progress + Ratchet 6 Release!


A few weeks have passed, as we show you the previous IS 82 news about event included the new summer Map "Swimming Shores"
Do you remember? 
Now we want to give you a view into the work from the "Interstate 82 Mod".
The people there have new ideas for made new custom maps for us the players. 
They called it "Deathrace 4 DTMRACER" and is made by "SIR Runaway".  
He made the update from the previous Custom map Series.
For the new map, he has create new cars and buildings.

 BMW M3 E46:

Audi Concept Car White:

BMW M3 E46 american style:

BMW M3 E46 from the top:

The actor's ingame:
 Toyota Supra GT:

 Dirt Race Jeep/Ketcar:

Formula 1 80's Design:

Formula 1 80's Design 2: 

 A home or Start Grid for your Vehicle:

 Rollout gate, looks like a Kingdom:

 Car Saloon:

Audi Concept Car red:

You don't know what the hell is Interstate 82?

Watch this "Sublime Crime Part 1+2 movie" uploaded by POSITRON, made by (Posi & Gooddaytodie!) the interstate82.com munity:  

For the moment, there are no Downloads, but if there something, we give you the link to got it.

Topic/conversation/Source and community of the IS 82 Mod: click


Interstate 82 complete 2014 Package: Download
Ninja Ratchet VI Map: Download 

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\IS82\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Sometimes it's not so important where the path leads you.
The fact that you took the journey is what matters.
Enjoy the ride. Grab the cookie.

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Super DC feedback 2, new class, smoke test, flamethower uh yeah!

Today it is to report back to the time about SuperDC. Last week tested a clan the stability of Mod online to find out if any errors in it. There some bugs and crashes have been found to be fixed now. However, the focus will be online until the next patch on reality, so the developer. 
There will be admiring a new faction, they call the uprising rebels. Short Igil.

Heute ist es wieder an der Zeit über SuperDC zu berichten.
Vergangene Woche testete ein clan die stabilität der Mod Online, um herauszufinden ob fehler drin sind. Es wurden einige Fehler und abstürze gefunden, die jetzt behoben werden sollen. Allerdings wird der Online Fokus erst ab dem übernächsten Patch realität werden, so der Entwickler.
Es wird eine neue Fraktion zu bewundern geben, sie nennen sich die aufständischen rebellen. Kurz Igil.

There are three test movies by "bbfplayer", the first deal with the Smoke Grenade: 

Hier gibt es einen test von "bbfplayer" zur Rauchgranate:

Promotion Video auf der Map Operation Battleaxe (uprising rebells (Igil) : GB):

Unfortunately I do not know which map the Flamethrower test is.

Flammenwerfer Test (USA : TKM), leider weiß ich nicht welche Map:

There is the feedback here from the testers again at a glance:

"Chicagos Community CHG": 1) fix the server and client crashes (this is a "must have")

"bbfplayer": Not in next version )

"Chicagos Community CHG":  2) fix the bug that allows bots (and only bots) to spawn in vehicles and gun emplacements after their flag has been lost (this is a "nice to have")

"bbfplayer": not a problem. There are some ways to fix it.

"Chicagos Community CHG":  3) please make more maps that have at most one untakeable main base, that is, allow for fast ticket count down due to annihilation on more maps please. (this is a "feature request")

"bbfplayer": superdc mod has maps for any taste, with different flags. I will hope they start the next built (SuperDC v2.07) test again.I think to do mg"s not respawn after destroyed. Server crashes as i see with players. I tryed to test dedicated server with no players to see crash problems- practically no crashes, so problems with joining players.Next version will test more multiplayer.
Igil faction 80-90% complete. (molotov, galil scope, chikom, tech9, mac10s)
 Here some actually ingame pictures for you, its about the new class "uprising rebells" (Igil):

SuperDC v2.06 you can Download: here in our Download Pool, up to date for you.

Leave a feedback here if you like it? And share us? Better, see you on the server soon?.

Montag, 19. Oktober 2015

Galactic Conquest Redux v0.96 Release! Celebrate good times!

The new "Batttlefield 1942" Mod "Galactic Conquest Redux v0.96" news is written by Django from the: bfmods.com munity!   

Created by [GCDev]Django

This is my final task on a nearly solo funproject I started 3 years ago.
I started as a GCDev in 2004 and I could never let my fingers from it till today.
Cause of the lack of players over the last years I started to implement Dnamro's GCX addon to original GC5.3 to make a standalone mod including the old modes plus full bot support.
A main reason was for me to have fun with my new Maps from the 2011 Mappack. But on that way I ended up doing and overworking the bot support on all Maps plus a few new ones.
But know I feel it is time to put an end to modding. One reason is the lack of freetime, the other is for sure the release of battlefront3 this november.
Maybe you have fun to give this baby a try!


GC_Redux V0.96 a standalone GCmod with full bot support: Download

What you will get are new features like
-bot supported objective mode on a revised GC_Deathstar, GC_Taskforce, GC_Tanaab (beta)
-revised GC_Hoth with new features
-GC_YavinIV : a pure Jedi Map

Installation notes:

!!!Please move all versions of GC you got to a sav location in order to run this mod without errors !!!!!
(You may sav the original GC 5.3 and the GC 8.1 (worth to play! from Kurosaji and team))

-Place the GC_Redux folder within your mod folder

This Version of GC_Redux0.96 as a standalone mod isnt related to a (leaked) GC_Redux ( 1.0) version you might have found earlier around in the net.
If you meet anyone that calls himself an "Execute Producer" of Galactic Conquest please ignore him! Because as a original GCDev I should really know if my mod has a Leader!


-additional keys for cinematic feeling: NumBlock 2 enables freecam
NumBlock 1 Hud On/Off
Jedis: ( on YavinIV and who knows where else..)
1. Lightsaber, 2. Throwing Lightsaber, 3.Flash, 4.Use the force(Push), 5. Heal, 6.Repair
- the best I was able to get from the old bfengine
you can catapult others and yourself up in the air by the UseTheForceWeapon
-use the invisible parachute („9“) to land save
zoom in/out on the right mouse button at 2 and 4Use Button = boost sprint
-leave the uplifts near the LargeTurbolasers via Pos2
Alaris Prime: coop/conquest mode/objective mode without bots
-The Generator in the basement of the Building Complex is destroyable and powers the Ioncannon
Deathstar: objective mode with bots!
Taskforce: objective mode with bots!
Tanaab: objective mode with bots!
Podrace: sorry, only conquest mode (Press altfire for turbo and fire for repair)
Bonusrace: sorry, only conquest mode
Mini_Hoth: a very nice Map from Kurosaji ( Dev from GC8.1)
ExtremePrejudice: tuned
Swamps of Dagobah: revised (original Map by Dnamro)
infantry only
Jaksonia: a fun Map by Jackson (BF-games community)
Kessel: revised
Endor: revised, maybe you like to destroy the shield generator? First you will need R2D2x to open the bunkerdoor!

WIP Maps (conquest/coop):

Balmorra: new world, new statics
- Statics/Textures are beta
-Jedi infantry battle
BalmorraRace: Podrace!
-play in conquest mode! The CP's are moving targets. You will get the idea!
Mustafar: this thing is strange!
- testmap for the IASP Wip

plus an endless list of tweaks in all kind of files, Maps, Vehicles, including some new models, Textures, biks and sounds...
Impossible to list it here.
I am sure you will find and notice new features and gimmicks en masse!

PS:If you find any bugs or want to give a feedback please do it on bfmods.com
or If you are more familar with German (like me) post it on bf-games.net
Of course I like to do bug fixes and minor tweaks!


Thx to the community from:

Special Thx to:
- Dnamro for his original GCX and support
- ApacheThunder for his ragdoll animations and cloud system and other stuff and tips!
- Kurosaji for his GC_MiniHoth
- DerNachbar for his superb AlarisPrime Statics
- HC83 for his great textures on AlarisPrime
- the original GCDevs

have fun !


Please leave a comment here and share us in your community:  click

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Custom Map Series 1

In our comming news series we want to present you some cutom maps, which made lot of by the -=PFC=- Mapping Team. We are playing this maps often in the week on the custom map events. Yesterday we were 22 people in peak. Our aim is, we want to got more people on the Server to play online together. We have enough slots, for all your friends you bring? The maps have her own features what it makes unique. The first map, what we present is "Apennin" it is from the Mappack 5, last year released (made by: "-=PFC=- Psych Dad"). One of the features is the smoke fog in the alps. There is temporary rain and moving clouds. The Moving cloud feature is in all maps from the Mappack 5 included. New explow and wreck effects also made too. I have try to bring you this features in the pictures more near. This maps having CONQUEST Support.


The second present Map is "Brecourt Manor" map is about the US Paratroops landing in the Normandy. It is from the previous Mappack 4 Released 2013.The germans try to fight back the comming USA paratroops. The US Troops have to landing with the plans on the trenches. That brings history experience more near to touch it. This map has her own atmosphere. Make your self experience and play it.

Where you can Download the cool Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod and the special custom maps?

Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download

PFC Custom Maps:

Filefront Custom Maps:

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

If it is too much work for you. Or you haven't an idea how to install? We recommend you the "toolbox"! If do you want to start Forgotten Hope 0.7? Do it with the Toolbox! It is in your language install and available. Because, if do you need a map, the toolbox download it for you automaticly. Choose your way to play?

Toolbox for Windows XP Veterans:

Toolbox for Windows 7/8/10 Veterans:


Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

FHSW Korean War Addon Project is in work!

We are today happy to presnt you the actually work from the members of FHSW Japan. They create a Korean Addon included the chinese, north korean and south korean Forces. They get tanks, vehicles, rifles all we know from the other nations. We have got the news and picture's from the main Japanese FHSW - Community: click
At the moment we have no release date for now. But i see 17 new maps made and lot of vehicles and planes? It's time for a maybe release? We all hope for. The new animations, Maps and vehicles are absolutly amazing. The meaning of the pictures is signed in.

Find out, new nation's: 

New tank's:

Last but not least planes:

Are you horny of this cool FHSW mod? Got them actually FHSW 0.552 there and more: Download

Please leave a comment here and share us:  click