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Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Super DC feedback 2, new class, smoke test, flamethower uh yeah!

Today it is to report back to the time about SuperDC. Last week tested a clan the stability of Mod online to find out if any errors in it. There some bugs and crashes have been found to be fixed now. However, the focus will be online until the next patch on reality, so the developer. 
There will be admiring a new faction, they call the uprising rebels. Short Igil.

Heute ist es wieder an der Zeit über SuperDC zu berichten.
Vergangene Woche testete ein clan die stabilität der Mod Online, um herauszufinden ob fehler drin sind. Es wurden einige Fehler und abstürze gefunden, die jetzt behoben werden sollen. Allerdings wird der Online Fokus erst ab dem übernächsten Patch realität werden, so der Entwickler.
Es wird eine neue Fraktion zu bewundern geben, sie nennen sich die aufständischen rebellen. Kurz Igil.

There are three test movies by "bbfplayer", the first deal with the Smoke Grenade: 

Hier gibt es einen test von "bbfplayer" zur Rauchgranate:

Promotion Video auf der Map Operation Battleaxe (uprising rebells (Igil) : GB):

Unfortunately I do not know which map the Flamethrower test is.

Flammenwerfer Test (USA : TKM), leider weiß ich nicht welche Map:

There is the feedback here from the testers again at a glance:

"Chicagos Community CHG": 1) fix the server and client crashes (this is a "must have")

"bbfplayer": Not in next version )

"Chicagos Community CHG":  2) fix the bug that allows bots (and only bots) to spawn in vehicles and gun emplacements after their flag has been lost (this is a "nice to have")

"bbfplayer": not a problem. There are some ways to fix it.

"Chicagos Community CHG":  3) please make more maps that have at most one untakeable main base, that is, allow for fast ticket count down due to annihilation on more maps please. (this is a "feature request")

"bbfplayer": superdc mod has maps for any taste, with different flags. I will hope they start the next built (SuperDC v2.07) test again.I think to do mg"s not respawn after destroyed. Server crashes as i see with players. I tryed to test dedicated server with no players to see crash problems- practically no crashes, so problems with joining players.Next version will test more multiplayer.
Igil faction 80-90% complete. (molotov, galil scope, chikom, tech9, mac10s)
 Here some actually ingame pictures for you, its about the new class "uprising rebells" (Igil):

SuperDC v2.06 you can Download: here in our Download Pool, up to date for you.

Leave a feedback here if you like it? And share us? Better, see you on the server soon?.

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