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Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2015

Wasteland 2042 COOP v1.96

I have got found a got news entry on the moongamers community. It is about the legendary almost forgotten Battlefield 1942 "Cyber Punk" Mod "Wasteland 2042". I was surprised when i have made the pictues and movie to this mod. This mod remember me on "Interstate 82" and on the "Siege" Mod. You will find here a own design of the browser menu and inside the game, you can got it the making of pictures. This mod runs fine i think Windows XP - 10 all between fine. There are no crashes by my test. All the pictures made in the Singleplayer COOP Mode. I have see, not all of the Maps having COOP Support, but enough to have fun. This mod play in the desert and it remember also on the "Desert Combat" Mod.

Ye'all should nab Wasteland 2042 v1.96 offa me Download , also bundled is the co-op minimod (plus I pasted the music .bik s from base mod into it way back so now it'll play the tunes)

I REPEAT do NOT "update" WL2042 mod to v2 . The vehicles idle / stall forever .. they're invincible even jus not destructible whatsoever                                     written: mistamontiel
Thanks to "mistamontiel", he show me in another community, what we have more in the BF 1942 Universe.

Movie about Wasteland 2042 v1.96 Map Lake Timmergolen made 01st.10oct 2015 for you:

They have made cool buildings, vehicles, weapons, and: i call the cool Soldier's "Bikers"! This mod transmission you a anarchie  end of the society feeling. The vehicles have also weapons onboard (Molotov, arc, pistol, machinegun, pump gun). Big planes, tanks, ships or Helicopter i havent found in my test. Only a small flying vehicle.In the game you have biside your weapon and action sound, some chillout music. You can get ammo there. It is hide. A medicine cabinet i havent found. But you can give heal and repair like in the basic game. I am really happy to test and install this small mod (~ 333MB). Another feature is that you can strike with the Gun. Also you can throw knifes.

Source: moongamers.com

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