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Dienstag, 30. August 2016

Battlefield 1942 Custom Map Series #3

This map pack consists of five maps, made by Basic of
the Internet Warzone.  We play these maps on our server
every Wednesday all night, and by special request.  Our server
is named "bf1942.internetwarzone.org".  Feel free to join up
and ask for one of them to be played!

The included maps are:

Canyon Fodder (CONQUEST/CTF) - British forces invade a small worker town at the beginning of a large
canyon that leads to the most secret of German bases.  There's only one way through the canyon, and a
lot of firepower to get them there, but the Germans are ready for them with firepower of their own. 
This is an incredibly fun map in either conquest or ctf mode, and features many vehicles not found
in most maps, such as the Kettenkrad or the Lynx..And, sorry pilots, no planes.  Prepare for some really
heavy tank battles, especially through the Axis tunnel.  I guarantee that you will enjoy this map as
I have yet to meet someone who has played it that didn't like it.

Canyon Fodder 2 (CONQUEST/CTF) - This map is exactly the same as Canyon Fodder 1, except it's at night,
has a few more pathways, AND, contains the experimental German Flettner single seater hellicopter.

Bottleneck (CTF ONLY)- The Americans have taken over a small farm and are using it as their base of operations
against the Germans.  This map features assault rafts and mobile APC spawn points for each team, as well
as various armor, vehicles and planes.  Capping the flag should be easy.. that is, if you can get over the bridge.

Shima Senjou (CTF ONLY)- This map is a very small and intense island ctf battle.  The thick, jush jungle provides
a lot of cover.  So much so, that people can be right next to each other in some cases, and never
know it!  The distance to get the flag back to your base is short, but can you really do it?  All you
have to help you is a jeep, an apc, a raft and each other.  Good luck soldier!

Durchlauf (CTF ONLY) - This map centers around a large hilltop that will be essential to winning the
game.  Not only do you have to capture the only airport to get a plane, but to get AA, you have to
capture the hilltop.  On top of all of this, you have flags to cap, soldier!  Get moving!

A lot of care and effort went into these maps to make them the best quality maps possible.  Our players
LOVE these maps, and always request to play them. I hope you find the same from your users.

If you want to play them, but can't find a server, come to the bf1942.internetwarzone.org server and
mention that you grabbed the maps here, and we'll throw them up for you!  There will almost always
be several people on that already have them, so come on by!  If you want to visit our website, and
get ahold of any other maps we release before we submit them elsewhere, feel free to stop by at


Installation is a snap.  The IWZMapPack.exe file will go through auto-installation for you, however, there is one thing to know. 
If you installed Battlefield into the default directory, then it is set to go, just accept the default
options.  If you installed it into a different folder, then you will have to change the install path
to the levels directory.  You can use the default path that it shows you to help you find the levels folder.


Freitag, 26. August 2016

Eve of Destruction: 9th Charlie don`t Surf Event!

Hi Freunde der Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, es ist Septembeeeeeeeer!

Nun leiten wir die Schlussphase des Sommers ein, Charlie ruft: "Charlie don't Surf Zeit"!
Runde 9 des Jahres, somit es geht schon in das Angekündigte letzte viertel der Schlacht 2016.
Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen dabei zu sein, egal ob Euer Betriebssystem Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 oder 10 heißt, "kommt zahlreich auf den hslan Server angereist"!

Movie appetizer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzEmrZ98Tqs

Freitag Abend, den 02.09.2016 um 20 Uhr geht es los, streicht es dick in Eurem Kalender oder Handy Oragnizer an.
Lasst uns das 9. Event in diesem Jahr gemeinsam auf dem HSLAN Server Feiern!


     Server Name: [hslan.de] EoD Classic 2.51


     Port: 14567

Darüber hinaus bemühen wir uns täglich abends ab 20 Uhr mit ein paar Mann.
Also bitte nicht nur starr ans Event halten, welches monatlich jeden ersten Freitag stattfindet, sondern einfach mal abends spontan dazu kommen.

Um dabei sein zu können, benötigt ihr..... oder wenn Ihr neu seid?!

Hier ist das Eve of Destruction Vietnam Fan Paket für Euch neue und etablierte Fans:

1.) Battlefield 1942

2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one: http://team-simple.org/download/bf1942-v1.61-retail-patched.zip

3.) Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod, got the 5 Parts + 2.51 Hotfix: http://www.bf-games.net/downloads/category/56/eve-of-destruction.html

Wie installiere ich eine Mod? Wohin installiere ich eine Mod? Hier ein Beispiel für euch, klickt das Bild an:

Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, it's Septembeeer!

Now it is summer happening again, Charlie calls: "Charlie don't surf time"!

Already for the 9th time this year.

Her since being invited in regardless of whether your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 means!

Friday night, the 02.09.2016 at 08:00pm CET o'clock we go, coat it on thick in your calendar or mobile Oragnizer.
For this year let's rock that 9th Friday mainevent on hslan.

Movie appetizer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzEmrZ98Tqs

In addition, we visit the server daily in the evening from 08:00pm CET! If do you want, you can meet us with some guys there.
So please not only hold the date on the event, which takes place every first Friday monthly, come one evening you can spontaneously.

What you need to play?

1.) Basic for the new Fans: http://sh.metrica.se/static/sh/bf1942sh.zip

2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one: http://team-simple.org/download/bf1942-v1.61-retail-patched.zip

3.) Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod, got the 5 Parts + 2.51 Hotfix (don`t forget this small one): http://www.bf-games.net/downloads/category/56/eve-of-destruction.html

How i install a mod? In which path of the folder i install a have mod? Click this picture:

So, this must then look at you.

Writes some comments, if it worked for you? And if You were be there? Your Comment or Feedback is always welcome on hg-clan.blogspot.com!

Come on, peak the visits on the Server up!

There we play:

Source: hslan.de

Montag, 22. August 2016

Mario Kart 42 v12f: Ein muss für jeden Nintendo Fan!

"Apache Thunder" ported several Mario Kart levels including one working vehicle from the Gamcube console game "Mario Kart Double Dash" to Battlefield 1942 game.

In this latest version he had finished, a host of new features are now available. To give you a perspective on this mod, he first created this mod back in 2006. This was before he knew all he know today. Only when he started working on the DC Unauthorized mod (was called PoE Comanche back when it was first created) was when he learned all he know today.

With that in mind, he began some "renovations" to this old mod he had collection digital dust.

The major improvement is the conversion of two famous Mario Kart weapons. The banana and Green Koopa Shell. Finally after all this time he managed to get these in. No you still can't play as Mario. But nonetheless the mod is much better then it used to.

Here's a outdated video to show you what the mod mostly looks like now:

Here's much newer videos "Apache Thunder" uploaded today that show what the mod looks like now:

And the new handweapons too!

So the mod has more to offer now. You can lay down bananas and shoot shells at your oppenants. Yes the rear seat also has Banana/Shell weapons

The kits have been replaced with the Banana/Shell counterparts as well. With most of the kits you get a knife, pistol, 3 Bananas, and 4 Shells.

The engineer kits have the same except with a wrench, and a medpack for the medic kits.

Item boxes (also converted from Mario Kart) have been placed in the maps for resupply when you run out of bananas and Shells. The way it works isn't perfect (if you drive too fast, the item boxes won't resupply you in time), but for the moment it's the best it will get.

Battlefield 1942 Mod Mario Kart 42 v12f! 

Mirror 1: Download  Mirror 2: Download

Change log:

1. Added sound effects for Koopa Shells and Bananas.
2. Added Dry Dry Ruins from Mario Kart Wii.
3. Added new skydome for use with Dry Dry Ruins.
4. Modified damage system. Shells and Bananas don't kill anymore. Now they cause explosion force to disrupt the kart's speed like in the real game.
5. New background music for Dry Dry Ruins. Ported from the Wii game.
6. Added Delfino Square. (ported from Wii game, but it's a port of the DS version, so the map name will have the DS title in it).
7. Added Delfino Square Background music.
8. Added new kart: The default wii Kart used by Mario and other medium class characters.
9. Fixed glitched trees in Luigi Circuit. Not sure if this bug was in the last version or not. I forgot to update the path for the skn file for the trees which caused numerious graphical weirdness throughout the map.
10. Redid driving physics for karts. Now uses damage system to provide proper traction and response. Driving off-road slows down karts now just like in the real game.

Main things added other then new driving physics was new sound effects for the Koopa Shell/Banana projectiles, two new maps ported from the Wii version of Mario Kart, and a new kart vehicle for the Wii tracks.


(as a comparison contrast, the first video shows how the karts currently drive and the second video shows how the karts drove with the old driving physics)

Donnerstag, 18. August 2016

Battlefield 1942 Windows 10 tutorial and solution!


We know some people get sometimes issus with their new operating systems like Windows 10. Thats why we want to present you the solution Windows 10 solution tutorial, created by Sgt_Garcia AK joeldecaroual . It works for some another old games too. Yes its true, you can play Battlefield 1942 and his mods actually online, like in your good old times via Gamespy Browser.
We are happy to meet you after the tutorial back on our 100 different Game Servers Online.

A.) I saw on some versions of Windows 10 (but also about Windows 8 and 8.1) you do (must) also run FH "as an administrator for all users"
For that do:
Click mouse's right button FH icon (shortcut)
Click "Compatibility"
Select "Run this program as an administrator"
Click "Change settings for all users"
Then you can see "Compatibility for all users"
Click (tick) "Run this program as an administrator"
Click "Apply" then click "OK"
Then restart (reboot) your computer.

B.) But if you want to install "Battlefield 1942" on a fresh install of Windows 10 or after a new upgrade of windows 10 (in reality a new version of Windows 10)
you do (must) activate "Direct Play". 

B1.) Navigate to:
Control Panel

B2.) In left part of the page click:
"Turn Windows features on or off"

B3.) You can see a window named (with name):
"Windows features"

B4.) Click "Legacy Components"

B5.) Then select "DirectPlay"

B6.) Then restart (reboot) your PC. 

Please look at these links:


2018-11-06 update - Because of some complains from the Players about Windows 10 there is an additional Solution for you:

Schmeiß das KB3086255 runter und blende das KB3086255 update danach aus, sodass es nicht beim nächten Windows Update wieder installiert wird.

Ausführliche Hilfe gibt es dazu hier: click here


Source: Pixel-Fighter.com - Sgt_Garcia AK joeldecaroual, winfuture-forum.de  Ler - Khun

Sonntag, 14. August 2016

Battlefield 1942 Custom Map Series #2

<-----------------------------------intro br="">This "Big-Pack 1" Mappack was created by |D|Andural69.  He take no credit for the maps and took no part in making them. He asked for changes on a few of them from the mapmaker, but that is it.  He created the idea of Custom Map Pugs. If needed, he go to the mapmakers and ask for changes. This will be the first in a series of Mappacks and hopefully a long line of them. He would like to thank all those that have supported the PUG and all those that help with it.

<-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the="">How does he found these maps? 

<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the="">He go through all the maps he can on planetbattlefield, bf1942files.com, and any other site he get his hands on. He go through each map and play it by himself for a few minutes to see if it looks any good. Those he like, we play, those he don't go in the trash.  He also have mapmakers coming up to him now and submittting maps.

<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the="">
<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the="">    <-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the="">"Big-Pack 1" Mappack: Download

<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the="">
<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the="">
<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the=""><-----------------------------------maplist br="">The mappack includes:
<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the=""><-----------------------------------maplist br="">
- Alamo Custom1
- Battle for Korsun
- Battle Mountain
- Canyon Combat
- Fall of Berlin
- Giza
- Heartbreak Island
- King of the Hill (original version)
- Russian Country
- Ural Foothills

<-----------------------------------installation br="">Extract all the rfa files to the levels directory in your bf folder.  The default path is
"C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels"

The screenshots and readmes don't have to be extracted to this directory.  If for some reason, it inserts folders into your "level" directory 

<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the=""><-----------------------------------maplist br=""><-----------------------------------installation br="">your bf won't start up.  Just copy and past the files back to your level folder and remove the new (Mappack) folders it created.

<-----------------------------------fuck br="" maps="" off="">It also includes 2 maps meant to mess around on:

<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the=""><-----------------------------------maplist br=""><-----------------------------------installation br=""><-----------------------------------fuck br="" maps="" off="">- Pug Race (made for the pug specifically)
- Stunts

<-----------------------------------closing and="" br="" contact="">Once again, he claim no credit for the maps  He just try to get customs more popular in BF.  All the Readme's  and screenshots that came with the maps were included in this pack.  If you don't see a "Read.me.txt" or screenshots for a map, there wasn't one included when he downloaded it.

<-----------------------------------intro br=""><-----------------------------------where br="" do="" get="" i="" maps="" the=""><-----------------------------------maplist br=""><-----------------------------------installation br=""><-----------------------------------fuck br="" maps="" off=""><-----------------------------------closing and="" br="" contact="">At last resort, you mail email him at Andural69@yahoo.com.  If you find bugs in the maps, please report them, to him.  He have been in contact with many mapmakers and will handle them. He also deal with this to help get these in league play, so he can also talk to admins about it.  He hope you enjoy the maps.

Source: fileplanet.com

Donnerstag, 11. August 2016

Conflict in Somalia (CiS) Reminder

Heute gehen wir wieder 11 Jahre zurück zu den Battlefield 1942 wurzeln, als die Mods laufen lernten. Dabei dreht sich unser Thema um Conflict in Somalia (CiS) , welches von dem gleichnamigen Bürgerkrieg handelt. Optisch erinnert uns die Mod ein bisschen aus einem mix Project Reality (BF2) und Desert Combat. Bei den Maps stehen meist Jeeps mit Panzerfaust bewaffnung oder bewaffnete Helicopter zur Verfügung. Als perspektive gibt es leider nur das Cockpit zur Auswahl. Bei unserem Test konnten wir auf einer Map feststellen, dass man in der Halle wo man spawnt das Tor seitlich mit der "D" Taste aufschieben kann. In der Version 0.3 (bietet 5 Maps) gab es bei allen Waffenklassen die Möglichkeit über Kimme und Korn zu zielen, warum das beim letzten Release 1.0 wieder entfernt wurde bleibt uns ein Rätsel. Dieses Feature könnte für andere Modder da draussen von interesse sein? Bei den Maps wurde schon damals probiert sie möglichst gut zu Designen, man merkt die Jungs von CiS hatten damals Fantasie, welche wir in so manch WW2 abklatsch Mappack manchmal vermissen. Es gibt hier sogar eine Moschee, indem der Muezin sein Gebet trällert, leider hat die Moschee geschlossen. Jedoch kann man an der Seite auf eine Leiter klettern um auf ein Rondell und von da aus noch höher aufs Dach zu gelangen. Uns ist auch noch ein Jeep mit der Aufschrift "UN" aufgefallen. Natürlich hat die Mod auch so ein paar Bugs. Zum Beispiel wenn man stirbt wird das falsche kit am Boden optisch zurückgelassen. Oder wenn ihr auf Rheinmetall Panzer geht, habt ihr zwar die somalischen und  die USA Flaggen, doch an der Wand hängen die 2.Weltkriegsflaggen Original aus dem 2.Weltkrieg, wurde leider nicht verändert. Auch sonst vom Map Inhalt ist Rheinmetall Panzer unverändert geblieben, sowie man diese aus FH kennt. Mit dem unterschied, dass wir somalische und USA Soldaten mit ihren Waffen zu Gast haben. Die Kommando Sounds wurden von der Tonlage her verändert. Bei den Waffen klingen die Sounds etwas blechern, was aber den Spielspass nicht trübt. Unsere Helicopter im Test ließen sich erstaunlich einfach steuern, als im vergleich zu anderen Mods. Auch hier könnt ihr heilen, reparieren, vernebeln. Eine Sprengladung habe ich leider nicht gefunden, jedoch gab es Minen, Handgranaten und Molotov Coctails. An den Jeeps konnte man sich heilen und aufmunitionieren, kannten wir bisher nur von der Mod Eve of Destruction.

Unsere Bilder vom Test:

Abschließend können wir über die CiS v1.0 Black Hawk Down sagen, sie hat zwei neue schöne Wüsten Stadtmaps Maps "Moghadischu" und "Hornest Nest". Außerdem wurden noch eine Menge BF 1942 Standard Maps übernommen. Was schade ist, dass man soviele Gebäude nicht begehen kann, dafür wurde die Mod leider zu früh schon wieder eingestellt. Knuffig fanden wir den VW Bulli, den haben wir bisher noch in keiner anderen Mod erblickt, außer aden kleinen Bruder VW Käfer in der FH und Battlgroup42 Mod. Leider haben die Entwickler in der Version die Kimme und Korn vorichtung rausgenommen. Das Ladebild sieht auch nicht mehr so künstlerisch schön aus als vorher in der v0.3. Insgesamt kamen noch mal ein paar Fahrzeuge dazu. Aber der Fuhrpark bleibt alles in allem überschaubar. Wir hätten uns die Features aus der v0.3 zusammen in der v1.0 gewünscht.

Jetzt habt iht die Wahl, wollt ihr die ältere Version mit der Kimme und Korn Zielmöglichkeit?

"Conflict in Somalia" mit Kimme und Korn feature (Modern Warfare): 

v0.3 Download  v0.31 Patch: Download

Oder das letzte update ohne das Kimme und Korn Feature?

"Conflict in Somalia" ohne Kimme und Korn Feature (Modern Warfare) v1.0: Download

Wenn ihr alles als  complete Edition haben wollt, dann ladet euch das Komplett Paket herunter?

"Conflict in Somailia" (v0.3, v0.31 v1.0) complete Edition: Download

Wer auf Wüstenkonflikte in der Battlefield Welt steht, der ist bei der Mod Conflict in Somalia gut aufgehoben. Eine Webseite ist leider seit Jahren nicht mehr für die Mod geschaltet. Wie so oft bei den alten Projekten ist es schwierig geworden an Informationen zu kommen.

Doch bei bf-games.net konnten wir neben den Bildern auch noch zwei Stellungnahmen für euch seitens der Entwickler aus dem Archiv kramen:

Teil 1:
Well, it's been quite awhile since our announcement on November 29th of the Merger between Black Hawk Down Mod and Conflict in Somalia. We haven't shown you a single item of our progress since then, but that's not to say we have done nothing. An amazing amount of progress has been made over the past 60 Days, and we are approaching a release date. As for the details of that date, we have yet to set an official one, but as we say on our Forums, we'll be release "Soon". Both development teams have become one, and we are on our way to a solid Public Build.

For now, we're going to hold back on screenshots, but in a few days, we'll have plenty to show off. The work this Development team has been pulling off these past 2 Months has been astounding progress, more then we've made in quite awhile. Check back soon, for an update on CiSBHD, and we look forward to playing against you all on servers.

Teil 2:

Greetings CiS:BHD Fans :)

We have alot of good news concerning many different things. First off we would like to thank the fine people at bf2files.com for hosting our new site. With this new host we are now able to upload a final internal beta so we can phase out any other remaining bugs. Some of you must be wondering what this means for a release date.

Our mod will most likely be released in in early september, we wont have an official release date for a few weeks.

This means that we will be releasing promo videos and screenshots over the next weeks, to give you a taste of the mod.

Now as i said earlier, we have gotten a site up, thanks to bf1942files.com it can be found at : cisbhd.bf1942files.com

We ask that if you plan on downloading our mod that you register at the forums to show your support.If your a fan of this mod, registering at the forums may prove to be well worth it over the next few weeks. Lets just say a few members are going to get a special treat.

For now i will leave you with a few screens of the Battle of Mogadishu, our mapper Dingo has done an amaizing job with it. I just got done testing it out and i must say this map is like no other, i promise you this will be a whole new experience for you. Please note that these screens are without shadows or lightmaps, this map is still wip, but should be done by next week.

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more updates over the next weeks!

Bilder aus bf.games.net Archiv:









 Quelle: bf-games.net