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Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

Warfront 2.3 Release sighted soon #8


2.3 Update

Takiwa the developer of the Warfront Mod is actually in map-testing at the moment, so he hope to be able to release the patch this coming weekend. Until then, here are a few screens of a new addition to the 'Front...air power over Operation Aberdeen!





Warfront v2.0 (WW2) 07/2017: Download

Warfront v2.2 Patch 08/2017 (requesting): Download

Thats for now, the day of Warfront Mod Release is not also far away. So stay tuned.

Autor: takiwa

Source: moddb.com

breaking news...... 


We want to invite you to the eastern front theatre Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod

Christmas Stalingrad Event!

! Present and during by the Pixel Fighter Community!


Stalingrad XMass-Event
Downloadlinks for Custom-Maps:

Autor: -=PFC=- Kampfsau
Source: pixel.fighter.com

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