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Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

SuperDC 2.1 is comming news update october!


On this beautiful cold atumn day we want to present you a news update about the development of the Battlefield 1942 Modification Super DC (Genre: Modern Warfare).

This Mod is actually the best Modern Warfare Mod in BF1942 you will find.
Because this Mod bring the best modding art together in the year 2016.
It is developed by an one russian guy "bbfplayer". Specially on this mod is, there is not only CONQUEST support, because it has full COOP support.

Be one of the part as tester:

You can help as player by the development of this mod.
If do you find any bugs or other bad bugs, please post it to this Topic: BFSP Forum.

Here are some community feedbacks from the test and other questions:
Most of the stuff you borrow from Who Dares Wins (WDW) mod is poorly textured, in particular the IMI Galil. It would be horrible to see this weapon like this in the final version, it needs to be reworked.

bbfplayer: I took galil from DCF mod.

I mean, that’s strange to have several AK-type weapons which all have too different textures. That’s the same for every weapon from WDW like the anti-materiel rifles, the PP-19 Bizon and the Saiga-12 with red sot sight (ugly and useless, I think you should replace it with the one without red dot sight: I saw a new Saiga-12 with an excellent model, did you borrowed it from Battlefield 2 or did you create it by yourself?).

bbfplayer: SDC 2 has 3 types of saiga- from desert combat, wdw(for russia) and tactical war (in your screen). I need many types of 1 weapon to make factions more different (number of bullets in mag , DevMod...)

What's wrong with pp bizon?) (I did not paid attention to this weapon)

- That’s a good idea to have a Serbian army, but as I see, you directly imported the entire skin from OPK mod… So I guess the face is not animated at all.

Serbian faction is for fun and do not finished yet. Its not my priority.

- For weapons with red dot sights, okay. But for weapons with just rear sights, I don’t know…

bbfplayer: Agree.

- Wtf, a SR-71 Blackbird? Come on guys, this thing is not used anymore ^^

bbfplayer: And f117 do not in use). I just like this model). It brings some fun. And i need more big strategic bombers (b2,b52,tu22m, sr71)

Sr-71 is (was) reconnaissance aircraft. But i make him bomber , just for fun. Russian army, for exaple do not have blackeagle tank but you can see it in game.

Here we are. I hope I have not been too long and some suggestions could be useful

bbfplayer: As always- any help and opinion is usefull.
PS: what faction is this on this picture?

bbfplayer: Its umbrella faction from resident evil. I tested strike at kardad with zombies and umbrella troopers( agan just for fun)
Bf1942 can not have better engine and better graphics then modern games but it can be fun ,aspecially playng with 254 bots.
I will hope you can put the officer and special kits from the "Blackmantis" Map to all maps too

bbfplayer: It depends on size of each map.

Its an usefull key weapon, more than like in another mods.Have you take a look in the "DC Realism" Mod?

bbfplayer: No i did not yet.

The LAV-III Coyote on the map "The Great Persuit" is driver/gunner seperated, rendering it utterly worthless (especially with AI)

bbfplayer: I"ll fix it.

If you could add the M1128 MGS somewhere in the game,

bbfplayer: I have already placed this afv in game but it is not in use for now. (model from wwa3 vietnam)

 SuperDC v2.07, request Desert Combat 0.7 for play: Download

Some facts of this mod:

included famous maps from bf2 , bf242. The mod contains 51 maps.
-  Playable Teams: Russia, USA, Euro Forces (FRA or GER), Great Britain, Afganistan, China, Turkmenistan, Serbian, Iraq







The next update of the mod will be a SuperDC 2.1 full version, but later)

Many objects and effects "bbfplayer" added.

For now he testing special kits.

He want to add some buildings to command center kit.

He hope to upload here some video tests.

Some information about changes in special kits:

Command kit
-now 2 types for different size levels simple (with command center only) and heavy (+ radar tower and nuke bunker)
- command centre has 2 types of uav: 1 with engine of slow plane and rocket weapon , 2 like satelite in bf2 has arti support(snakeys removed)
- radar tower has 1 weapon for now- guided tomohawk
- nuke bunker has 1 weapon-nuke launching uav.

All objects in command kit spawm just once and can be destroyed.

Squad Leader kits:
-ladder removed
-spawmpoint creator added

New type of kits. For some reason trying to add bomber support cases crash problem.So he have to remove it for now.
Kit has for each team ladder, pistol, main rifle, grenade, arti support (from general kit), and ammo bag (for additional ammo).

Commandos kit will be (ore not) in 2.2 version.

Little amazing video test about new burn/smoke effects v2.1:

The RAH-66 Commanche is a really ugly dark green & the gear/weapon bays open, but wiggle all over the damn place for some reason.

2 types of rah in superdc . This type fron nightf. mod. I think i ll replace this model.

Test bocage map with 255 bots (version 2.1).


 Source: Battlefieldsingleplayer.com

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