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Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015

SoccerMOD ver.2015 New JPN BF1942 Release!


Today we want to present you the "Soccer Mod" update June 2015 for BF 1942! It is a Fun Mod for BF 1942 from Japan.

The crazy "Soccer Mod v2015" movie:

 Some pictures:

In football MOD, you can enjoy the football in a FPS BF1942.
How to play and rules basically unchanged from the sport of soccer, anyone I can to participate immediately.
In addition, such as soccer balls and Scoreboard is made by applying the most of the system of BF1942,
Showed the new direction of the MOD of BF1942, it can be said to be a novel MOD.
It supports multiplayer, you can expect success in sudden MOD festivals and various events.
Map you can play that currently "THE HIGHSCHOOL".
This is a map game in the middle, you can practice dribbling at the map northwest.
A team (Axis) side red bib, B team (Union) side Tsukemashou bib of blue.

Modder: hikonyan Message

Added vanishing spray for referee. Separated player seat and spectator seat of boardgames. etc
SoccerMOD ver.2015 (68 MB): Download

Source:  moddb.com 


Hirsch Romuald hat gesagt…

Vive La France ;-)

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Bonjour mon amie.:-) Die Japaner sind verrückt, das ist auch gut so.:)

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