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Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017

Warfront v2.0 prepare to Release News!


WarFront v2.0

A Battlefield 1942 modification by


There are so many new features, additions, and changes to this version that a changelog would be useless. This is a complete re-work of the original WarFront mod. As such, it is a semi-realistic mod, but many concessions have been made for the sake of gameplay. He will, at some point in the next few days, attempt to make a user guide with content description and features, and will make it available here for download.


Singleplayer has been tested, and all maps work in SP mode, although the AI on some still needs more work. Sometimes you will still catch them standing around doing nothing, but that's nothing new :) Multiplayer mode has NOT been tested, as he was unable to host a server. So hosting a server and playing MP is a 50/50 thing...it will either work or it won't. He didn't change any of the old networking files, but some of the new vehicles may crash the network. As such, He have only made the client-side version available for download.


He used maps that either came in the Anthology HD version of Battlefield 1942, or maps from publicly downloaded mappacks that he found with a Google search. Most of them did not have the author listed. If anyone sees one of their maps in this mod and wishes to have themselves credited for it, please contact me and he will be more than happy to add your name to the credits.


There will inevitably be bugs, even if he had a team working with him...which he don't. For the last 4 months, this has been a solo project to get his original mod from 2005 up to the standard where it should've been when he first released it. He is pretty sure he've missed some things, so he welcome any contact concerning bugs or errors that you find as you play. He will attempt to fix those bugs and patch the mod in a timely manner.


We hope y'all enjoy playing WarFront. This mod still isn't where we want it to be, but it is much closer than the first release, and why we are happy that he was able to get it to this point. We can smile about that!

He now have random ordnance generators on several of the planes. Using the P-51 Mustang as an example, it can have a loadout of 2 500lb bombs, 4 250lb bombs, or 8 HVAR rockets. When the plane spawns on a map, the game will generate one of those loadouts for the plane, and it will spawn with it. The next time it spawns, it will randomly determine the loadout again. So each time it spawns on a map, it could possibly have any one of those 3 loadouts.
This keeps him from having to make 3-4 different versions of a plane (smaller mod files, quicker load times, etc), and the mapper from having to know what the difference is between each variant. Just place the "P51D" on a map, and let the game figure out the rest.

Source: moddb.com

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