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Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

BF 1942 Origin: My way back to the front!

Dear Guys, I have find a way to play BF 1942 again. My BF 1942 CD problem was, i cannot join the server like before. My load times was too long 7 Minutes an more, i think my BF 1942 Mods freezed. But BF 1942 regular runs via CD fine. It doesnt help me the Host Patch or the Slovakia Patch, that wasnt a solution for me. I use BF 42 Origin for play my Mods. FH and FHSW works back again fine. My connect to the server time is now back fine. These are my steps: 1.) You have to got BF 1942 Origin as torrent (Copy and past the text into a new window): torrent 2.) I have download FH Origin: Download Area 3.) Then i have install the Patch: Download 4.) Tutorial for install the patch: Tutorial for the Patch After then it runs like the good old times.

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