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Dienstag, 23. September 2014

BF 1942: 21st century "Dis MAH" v1.0 Fun Mod release!

There is a new 21 century fun Mod release made by "Mirage521" for you. Find out what all the weapons done. One another game play experience awaits you. 21st Century Mod movie
moddb.com: Anarchy! Mayhem! Holy crap, look at the size of that turret! "What Even Is This Mod?" teaches a very old dog new tricks. Cars will fly, The Force will be used, and that thing with the really big head will get flung across the map with the slightest touch. Be crazy! Be creative! Be the dumbest Battlefield player you've ever seen!

You want to download that cool stuff?

Here is the Link to the WEITM v1.5 Mod, Hit it: Mod Download

Have lot of fun with this mod!

 Source: Moddb.com

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