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Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Super DC v2.066 be one of the part come on and test it.;-)

We as community hold together, we are proud to present you our supporter community BFSP (battlefieldsingleplayer.com)!
You will find an update of Super DC v2.066 there on battlefieldsingleplayer.com:

Those are awesome changes you(?) made in the mod!

As for these levels i took them from bf2 mod with editing some obj, ini.

100% mesh materials, 100% animations , sounds i took from bf42 and bfv mods.

Mostly i am editing objects.rfa, some textures.

Levels are not made by me. I just edit some stategic, areas, landingzones. ini files.

Most of your download links are no longer. I will add a note on the ones not working, okay?

Its ok.)

SuperDc v 2.066

-Replaced ladder from engener to squad leader.
-engener aa,at,mgs with no spawmpoints
- 1-s engener weapon- grenade paces spawmpoint
-marder tracks fix
-simple nightvision

test server woks not all time (+- from 4.30 -10 moscow time ) maybe not everyday. Server for test only.


SuperDC v2.066:  Download  

As for credits-

superDC - base mod

Other materials were taken from:

Battlefield 1942 mods

-Global Front
-Flashpoint Balkans 42
-Who Dares Wins
-action bf

Battlefield Vietnam



-Apache Thunder



-Apache Thunder
-Classical Modder


-Apache Thunder


-Apache Thunder


-Brian Horrocks

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

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