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Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

BF Pirates 1.0 Anniversary Reminder!

Today we want to alert you on the Battlefield 1942 fun mod pirates, which received its last updated about 11 years ago. However, has this mod deserves mention, a mod in which we have played 10vs10 clan matches. A mod that conquer on theft of flag and banner is trimmed. (short BF pirates)
Long was the pirates mod by GUN| Joekeo and his clan Supports. In doing so, enjoyed organised events and tinkered creative flyers to invite a couple of players. Some time ago we have had brand jointly cracked even 30 players. What is not bad for the modern era.

In Pirates it comes, as the name suggests, the Pirates of the Caribbean. The gameplay remains the same. Only the armament, the appearance and the vehicles have changed. The player can now decide between saber wielding pirate and then limping gunners. While the weapons are mostly fictional but also very effective. The vehicles have almost all turned into floating objects. One has the choice between a small mast, a slightly larger two-master, to the largest five-master. Of course, all with sufficient on-board weaponry. Of course, there are also rowing boats and floating barrels, with which the player can move. Even hot-air balloons are available in the game. The somewhat unspectacular companion are indeed difficult to control, but ideal for surprise attacks. All in all, a wonderful game Pirates for every lover of the late medieval battles. The gameplay Coop is only supported unofficially by a further specific Mod from the single player community. (Source: wiki.bf-games.net )

1.) BF Pirates 1.0

Mirror 1: Download    Mirror 2: Download   Mirror 3: Download

2.)  Pirates Anniversary Mappack  (recommended)

Mirror 1: Download     Mirror 2: Download

But the mappack. The anniversary mappack when you try to install it, and you click next after the default directory path. It will say "Directory doesn't exist". It is because the default directory has Program files, and not Program files (x86) folder set. (why cause the mod is very old, it was made before win7)

So what you need to do at the mappack is to select this directory path:

C: Program Files (x86)- EA GAMES - Battlefield 1942 - Mods - Pirates - archives - bf1942 - levels

3.)  BF Pirates 1.0 mini SP Mod (optional serperately recommended mod)

Mirror 1: Download   Mirror 2: Download   Mirror 3: Download

Here is a movie from the action of the Japanese people last year:

Around this time two years ago work on Battlefield Pirates (BFP) Final began culminating in its release in November 2005 and not a lot has changed since then in BFP for BFP1. That is until now! We have brought together some of the BFP Final mappers and some of our own mapmakers from within The Scurvy Dogs clan to produce this Mappack which we hope will further your enjoyment of BFP1 and help keep the pirates tradition going. A lot of hard work has been put in from some dedicated pirate mappers and testers, so thanks to all involved.

This pack contains 19 maps, we hope to see you on the battlefield!

Map list and creators.

Assault on Port Porpoise - Muad'Dib
Blasted Shores - Brutus
Bridge too far - Muad'Dib
Cave Raid - Brutus
Cliffhanger - Muad'Dib
Defender - Archimonde
Flushed Away - Muad'Dib
Isle Of Remore - Stealth
Isle of Woe - Brutus
Lolrus Creek - Cap'n Pugwash
Lost and Confused - Muad'Dib
Paradise Isles - The Fornicator
Pirates Playhouse - Brutus
Rum Runner Temples - Archimonde
The Crossing - Cap'n Pugwash
Timberment - Stealth
Trauma - Cap'n Pugwash
Two Castles - Muad'Dib
Visby Ruins - Cap'n Pugwash

Laste Version: 1.0 (23. Nov 2005)

At last special we have got two original Interviews about the BF Pirates Mod for you, please enjoy:

Battlefield Pirates is a mod for EA’s first person shooter, Battlefield 1942. We’re here today with the mastermind behind it all, Guy Smiley.

So tell us a bit about Battlefield Pirates.
Pirates is the mod with “Big Hats, Big Guns, and Big Ships”. It’s specifically aimed at those of us that played pirates as a kid and get a real rush out of layin a 30-cannon broadside into the enemy ship from half a mile away and yelling “Aaaarrrr!”

The original game is set in one of the bloodiest conflicts man has ever seen. What prompted you to swap the tanks and planes for galleons and cutlasses? 

I love playing battlefield and all the various mods. I just wanted to do something that was completely different and something that was funny instead of serious.

Were you influenced by games such as the Monkey Island series which also feature pirates in them?
Well, yes and no. I was never fortunate enough to play the Monkey Island series, even though I know they’re great games, and most of the “fighting sail” sims I’ve played have actually been pretty disappointing. I guess you could say that in itself influenced me because I’ve always wanted a decent pirate game. The first time I started playing around with modding Battlefield I thought, “you know, I may not be able to accurately simulate sailing, but I could sure make one heck of a fun pirate game with this.” And so that’s what I decided to do.

Many mods these days have teams of 10 to 15 people behind them. How do you manage with only 4? 

Well, that number of 4 is about to change. You have to realize that this mod actually started out as just a portfolio piece for me. I’m a game artist by profession and just wanted a way to show off my work. When I decided to turn it into a full mod, I adopted many of the same work processes that the companies I work for use.
We are still in what you would call “preproduction”, where ideas get kicked around and the basic workflow is figured out. What you’ve seen so far has been what would be considered a “prototype”: the basic code has been worked out, network bugs ironed out, and things like that. I’ve got a complete design doc ready to go, and pretty soon we’ll be switching into full production. I have a talented group of people that I work with locally that I’m going to be bringing on, but the team is still going to stay pretty small and mostly local. It’s just easier to work that way, at least for me.

Interview: Battlefield Pirates

Pirates is getting increasingly popular within the Battlefield 1942 community. What do you think sets your mod apart from the rest?

I made a conscious decision right from the start that this mod was NOT going to be at all historically accurate or serious. I think what sets Pirates apart is our efforts to make it funny and imaginative, like when you played “pirates” as a kid.

Pirates introduces animal warfare to Battlefield 1942 – a first – with the Komodo dragons. Will we be seeing more of this or is it just a treat for testers?
Oh, you’ll definitely be seeing more. We don’t want to turn this into an animal mod, but you will be seeing at least 3 other species introduced into the game at some point. It’s still a secret for now. I’ll just say that we have come up with some pretty interesting ways of dealing with the problems of land travel in an era before there were engines.

What can we expect to see in Pirates in the next few months?
Up to now I’ve been focusing mainly on getting the network code to work with all those cannonballs flying around. Pretty much everything else in the game has just been “placeholders” so that we could release something people could play. Starting with the next release you’re going to see a lot more finished (or mostly finished) art and more emphasis on interesting things to run around, hide behind, jump over, and shoot from. You’re also going to be seeing bigger ships: MUCH bigger ships. We also have some pretty unique maps in the works, each with a different strategy to it.

With all the development work, do you ever get time to play Pirates?
Hehe. I’m actually on for at least a little while just about every day. You may see me on as Captain Guy Smiley right after a release when I hop on as “me” just to say hi and to see how everything is going, but normally you won’t know it’s me because I’m incognito. I play just for fun and I also sometimes just watch what people are doing and take notes. That’s the best way to see what works and what needs fixing. My goal is to make the game as fun as possible.

Thank you for your time

Source: thunderboltgames.com


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