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Samstag, 11. Juni 2016

Battlefield 1942 "Blood Patch" included test movie!

Today we want to present a "Blood Patch" for Battlefield 1942 Players and Fans. "ziba128" made a blood patch which is compatible with "pure" servers (with content check), so you won't get "Data differs from server" message. He present it on the "team-simple.org" Forum there: click
Today we have tested this Battlefield 1942 patch feature for you. "Watch the movie, and here we go"!

Without effect (est. January 2016) Server -=[aX]=-:

Included bloodpatch effect (est. 1-2pm CET, 11th June 2016)  Server: -=[aX]=-:

Part 2:

Installation: make a backup of your texture_001.rfa file in ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\ and place new one there
ATTENTION: Using this modification is not allowed in BF1942 Liga matches according to their rules, so don't use it, if you plan to play in BF1942 Liga.

Time to say, "have fun with your new Battlefield 1942 Blood Patch." Let it bloody.


Source: team-simple.org

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