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Montag, 6. Mai 2019

Warfront: This is a patch for the bot count issue with Singleplayer mode!

Bot Count Patch  

A patch is available which fixes the bot count in Single Player mode. The slider will now correctly control how many bots are spawned in the map.  When selecting a map, the thumbnails show the suggested max number of bots for that map, but all maps can spawn up to 255 bots with the slider at 1600%. On some maps, setting the bot count to 255 will cause severe lag, so it is recommended that the suggested bot max on the thumbnail be used.

Warfront v3.5 Full Version 04/19: Download

Warfront Bot Count Patch (for the Singleplayer needed) : Download

 Currently there is a Multiplayer COOP Server online for you:


This patch also adds the Flammpanzer III to a few maps...Check the Eastern European maps after Feb 1943 to play it ;)

Autor/Dev: takiwa

Source: moddb.com


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