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Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018

Battlefield 1942: about Mod Tools 2018

Today we have a news about the favourite mod tool from the dev "duffman" used, and more some about the developing work in Battlefield 1942 for you. The following news content is created on the bfmods.com community:

I discovered this tool a couple of month back, and its really "bang on" and perfect for game development, and I use it for Battlefield map development.

This tool is awesome for anyone that is doing 3D models, textures, graphics and level/map building (pretty much everything except programming)! Anyway, the tool is a reference "thing", its a place holder for all images/photos that you would use as a reference to what you are trying to make!

In a nutshell its a keyboard shortcut pop-up with a screen where you can copy and paste any images, with endless size, zoom, position, and giant workbench size, and can be saved per project. It has no fancy gui, it was made with artist and reference in mind, but not as a primary tool but to support the tool you are already using (3D Max/Maya/Photoshop/Battlecraft etc).

Its free, got a tiny learning curve on the keyboard shortcuts. I used to copy and paste save images for inspiration into a seperate folder for that project, and look at that. But this thing is just another level above!!

Screenshot is copy and paste images from google image search of "related" stuff to my map idea, and screenshots from google earth for locations that I like, and the map I am working on.. basically the pureref screen helps me to reference the feel of things that I want, didnt mean to sound like an advertising poster, but I really like this tool..
Battlefield 1942  Mod Tool Download: https://www.pureref.com/about.php

Autor: duffman

Source: bfmods.com

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